With Street Fighter 6, the collection of boxers will go back to the Xbox next year, as Capcom announced a couple of hours ago.
The initial boxers from the roster were received the trailer, yet a leakage already notes more numbers unofficially.

In Street Fighter 6, the well-known personalities Cammy, Dee Jay, Juri, Rashid, Ken, Zangief, Akuma and also Ed are claimed to return.
Along with the old ones, the roster might likewise be supplemented by brand-new blood.

According to the leak, Lily, a Mexican fighter, Kimberley, an US fighter with Dreadlocks and also A.K.I
. A mysterious Chinese claw hunter.
In the coming months, Capcom, as the accountable developer, will disclose a lot more regarding the competitors offered in the game.
After that it will be shown whether the above exist.