SEGA has published a brief fragment of gameplay of Sonic Frontiers . The video lasts only 38 seconds, and is part of Ign First, so it will precede a series of novelties that the American medium will bring from June 1 at 18:00 peninsular time. During these pieces of information, they explain that they will bring us from new revelations of gameplay exclusive to the first impressions, interviews with the creators of the game and more.

In the video we can see in action the vast of the environments of the world so that Sonic can run at full speed, and it seems that we can activate a kind of giant wheels (to the wheel of hamster) to recognize the orography of the map, although we will see What exactly will this go. As for the fighting, the trailer points to that, in addition to attacking directly, we can also inflict damage to enemies forming a trail around them, although we will also find great opponents for which we will have to go up to end them.

Sonic Frontiers appeared a year ago through a trailer that gave few clues, and it was not until the Game Awards when they announced the title officially. As indicated by IGN, the original idea of SEGA was to publish Frontiers during the past year to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the hedgehog, although the times of development did not give for it, so now it will leave with Sonic Origins.

Takashi Iizuka, producer, designer and director at the Sonic Team , declared shortly after the first teaser that he wanted to create a historical title in the franchise that will lay the foundations for the future deliveries. « Sonic Adventure sat the foundations for 20 years of Sonic titles after its launch, so in the same way I hope that this new title that will be launched in 2022 feels the foundations for the following Sonic titles: that is The challenge behind the idea for the team ». In addition, he pointed out that his plan was to do something new and challenging.

Sonic Frontiers It will be at some point in this year for Xbox One , Xbox Series X and S , PS4 , PS5 , Switch and *PC .