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Sandbox Network, total prize money of 12 million won Loblocks Contest

The Sandbox Network will conspire a Lobloc Creative Map for a total of 12 million won in a total of 12 million won to revitalize the meta bus creator ecosystem.

Sandbox Network (CEO Lee Pil-sung) announced on the 27th that it will hold the 2022 Sandbox Network Robblock Competition. Roblocks is a global meta bus game platform that allows users to produce game content.


This contest can be played by young people (middle and high school students) and adults who can produce Robloc Maps. The topic of the application is freedom, and all of them are the subjects of content that can maximize the competence and originality of the participants.

The application period is from June 27 to August 28, and the winning work is September 19th. Awarded to a total of 17 teams, ▲ Grand Prize 5 million won ▲ Best Award 1.5 million won ▲ Excellence Award 500,000 won ▲ Encouragement Award 200,000 won. In addition, excellent participants will be given additional points when supporting the hiring of the Sandbox Network Methods area later.

Sandbox has also actively promoted new businesses that provide marketing solutions by using methus platforms such as Minecraft and Roblocks, while planning the competition to encourage anyone to become creators..

Hwang Ho-chan, a Sandbox Meta Bus Studio, said, The web 3.0-based game market, which is blurred by creators and consumers, is gradually expanding in Korea. We plan to cultivate next-generation creators.

Details of the Sandbox Roblocks Contest can be found on the official site.

Sandbox Network, NFT/Blockchain Game Conference Lecture

Sandbox Network will give a lecture on the theme of ‘Meta Toy Dragons: NFT to Meta Bus’ at the Korea NFT/Blockchain Game Conference, which will be held at the International Chairman of the Gyeonggi-do Pangyo Gyeonggi Creative Innovation Center on the 23rd.


In this lecture, Sandbox Network is a general vice president of web 3 business. Han Jang-gyeom analyzes the current global NFT market trend and introduces the case of entering the Meta Toy Dragons NFT market. He also predicts how the NFT market will change in the future as the blockchain ecosystem expands.

Sandbox Network said, Sandbox Network is a meta-toidraggons, and we are working on the NFT market. I hope this experience will help the domestic NFT and blockchain game market development.

The Korea NFT/Blockchain Game Conference is a conference hosted by the Korea Game Media Association. Lectures by various companies that are undergoing blockchain and NFT-related businesses will be held under the theme of ‘The new world held by Korean game companies’.

Grampus, Sandbox with NFT-Meta Ecosystem Official Partnership

The Grampus (CEO Kim Ji -in), who developed ‘My Little Chef’ and ‘Cooking Adventure’ and is directly serviced as a global market, signed an official partnership with Sandbox Network (CEO Lee Pil -sung) for the NFT and Meta ecosystem. )

Gram Perth is a company that produces great achievements in the casual cooking simulation game market, including 25 million downloads worldwide.The recently, Sandbox Network and NFT (NON-FUNGIBLE TOKEN) project joint development and creator-based meta platform By adding a gaming partnership to build an ecosystem, we have been able to expand to expand the ecosystem.

Sandbox Network is a representative digital entertainment company in the MCN industry, and more than 450 teams have been recognized for their influence in various fields such as Dotty, Yoo Byung -jae, Jonathan, Choi Hee, Schuka Is a media group belonging. Recently, based on the creator network, the company has expanded its own production capabilities and various related businesses to Web3 (Web3, Decentralized/Decentralized next -generation network). The company is focusing on creating and distributing original content that satisfies various tastes as much as various viewers, and is carrying out related businesses based on foundation technology.

How to make Sandbox NFT'S (NO CODING REQUIRED) #sandbox
Gram Perth, which has partnered with the Sandbox Network, will unveil the ecosystem through various NFT projects and contents based on creators through its own IP (Intellectual Property Rights) and new works to be released. In addition, the cooperative relationship between the sandbox network and the grampus is expanded, and the platform ecosystem is built together through the contact point in the common area of the game, and then creators -based commerce, in -game NFT content and self -game meta platform service It will be introduced sequentially from a quarter.

“This partnership with the creators is based on the intellectual property of the creators,” said Han Jang and Web 3 Business Executive Vice President of Sandbox Network, which is more powerful to the game, NFT, and methus ecosystem through partnerships with Gram Perth. “We will do our best to build a virtuous cycle ecosystem based on the influence of creators in Web3, as an opportunity to expand the scope of the game.” Kim Ji -in, CEO of Grampus, said, “We will work closely and develop with Sandbox Network to create a virtuous cycle between the methus environment including the game and the creator based on the development and operation of the gramus.”

Beginning with this partnership, the two companies plan to maximize the added value of creator intellectual property rights in the link between the creator and the game. Gram Perth will continue to discover partnerships that can strengthen their breathing with casual gamers in the future, and continue to establish connections with various projects to develop into a new media meta -media platform company.

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