How about there was actually Pokémon in our real world? That is not always a sugar-sweet dream, Pokémon artist The.Revival has already demonstrated on his Tikok channel in the past. There he shows with various videos how creepy and dark the meeting with some Pokémon would actually be.

Since we reported on the user, some new videos have been added on his channel. Below is one of the most clicked horror videos, the star of which is a rather harmless Pokémon.

Dangerous Pokémon on the Siegesstraße

In his new video, The.Revival shows how it would be to contest the road road in real life. The victory road is the last major challenge for all coaches who make their way to the Pokémon League and the top four.

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** What can be seen? There is a liver in the Pokéball, which the character can probably use, as you can see.

Because suddenly a huge onix appears out of the cave. At the end of the video you can see how Onix builds up and suddenly falls on the person. We are particularly fascinated by the video that the atmosphere is relatively dark and that onix looks like a great threat, although the rock/floor Pokémon otherwise looks rather peaceful.

But how creepy are the videos in which even ghost-Pokémon are awakened to life? You can read this in the following news:

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horror-Pokémon in the real world

In another current video, the user shows how it would be to meet Gengar in a supermarket. In the clip you can see how a person lively shops poké balls until a gengar suddenly intercepts with its spookball attack.

But not only The.Revival, other artists also imagine the otherwise cute in the real world more creepy than cuddly. User J. R Coffron also brought some Pokémon to life, including peace -loving Pokémon such as Pikachu, Schlurp or Quapsel. When it comes to representations, we are happy that these beings do not exist in our real world.

How do you imagine living together with Pokémon in the real world?