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Monhanrise: Sunbrake Fight monsters whose strength fluctuates! The largest additional element Puppy Discussion Quest is further powered up

Capcom has announced a new element, Puppy Discussion, which appears in the Nintendo Switch/PC’s hunting action Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbrake on the distribution program held on August 9.

In the first free title update (Ver.11), which will be held on August 10, new monsters will appear, and puppet quests will be even more powerful. In addition, a puppet-related research quest that is deeply involved with the puppet quest will be implemented.

■ Power-up puppet quest and puppet study quest to fight stronger opponents

[Extension of puppet quests]

In the previous version, we were able to play puppet quest up to EX ★ 4, but EX ★ 5 has been newly introduced. You can fight new puppetization monsters such as Luna Gallon and Oromidro subspecies.

It is said that the monster of EX ★ 5 will be released by promoting the puppet study quest.

[Publishing Discussion Quest]

This Puppy Discussing Quest was introduced as the most exciting element in this update. The level is set in the Publishing Quest, and the monster is enhanced according to the level. The rewards that can be obtained also change.

In addition, the play conditions such as target monsters, fields, and number of participants are randomly combined, so we will fight in various situations. Flexible response may be the key to victory.

In this puppet-based research quest, you can get special materials to enhance weapons and armor, so that hunters’ weapons are even more powerful.

[Puppet-creation: Enhancement of weapons]

Weapons enhanced to rare 10 can be puppet adaptation. A special slot is given to the puppet adaptation weapon, selecting enhancement items such as attack power and critical rate, and combined to customize it.

[Puppet-creation: strengthening armor]

You can use Public Quest Reward or Materials obtained from puppy monsters to puppet adaptation. Furthermore, by using the Publishing Quest Reward, it is also possible to enhance puppet that randomly grants defense, resistance, and skill points.

In addition, although the material is consumed, it can be seen off without looking at the random results, so it is possible to repeatedly seek equipment skills that match your style.

[Opening of a puppet research institute]

Researcher Bahari has opened a new puppet research institute. Here, you can exchange dedicated items obtained by rewards for the Publishing Quest as items that are useful for puppet-creation.

In addition, if you clear the puppet’s research quest, you can get research points, and if you accumulate a certain number, the research level will rise. This research level affects the level of the obtained puppet study quest.

Publish quests related to the implementation of Publishing Quest and strengthening further weapons have been further digged. The ranks of the puppet quests, the types of monsters that can be challenged, and the upper limit of the puppet-based quests will be updated at any time with the title updates scheduled in the future. While fighting a new strong enemy, please wait for further reports.

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Fortnite: How to close all Star Wars

Fortnite celebrates the Star Wars Day with a lot of new Star Wars content and cosmetics, and a new series of quests is now available to remind you of the new event. By completing these challenges, a free empire banner is activated, and former non-battle-pass star Wars-Skins such as Kylo Ren and Boba Fett also return to the item shop. In addition, StormTroopers have arrived on the island and players can receive the E-11 blaster rifle from them in exchange for gold bars.

There are a lot of new things to try out, but the new quests are the center of experience. How to complete all Star Wars Day Quests in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2.

All Star Wars quests in Fortnite

There are 6 quests that have to be completed for the Star Wars Day in Fortnite, and each of them is listed together with their XP rewards.

S survive storm phases while you wear a lightsaber (5): 30,000 EP
Add opponents within 30 meters with the E-11 Blaster Rifle (1000) damage: 30,000 EP
* Complete a bounty from a Stormtrooper (2): 30,000 EP

Drive a vehicle from Chonker’s Speedway or Logjam Lumberyard to a Stormtrooper Checkpoint (1): * 30,000 EP
land on a stormtrooper checkpoint and then place the top 25 (2) -30,000 EP
Block hits with a lightsaber (10): 30,000 EP

These quests are now in the game and will be available for two weeks before they disappear ** Tuesday, May 17th at 00:00 a.m. All Star Wars content in the game will also be available during this two-week period, including the Stormtrooper checkpoint, the E-11 blaster rifle and recurring Star Wars-Skins in the item shop. If you are a Star Wars fan, it is now a great time to get into Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2.

How to get the empire banner

While the reward of 30,000 XP is more than enough for each quest to complete it, the end of all challenges is unlocked a free empire. It is not the first free Star Wars cosmetics to give away Epic Games, and although it may not be as exciting as something like the X-Wing glider, it is at least something.

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Fortnite: Hacke an IO server at the Command Cavern location

In addition to all the new Star Wars content, a new Fortnite update was also published, so there is a lot of new things to see. The latest series of Resistance Quests is now live and asks players to chop IO servers in Command Cavern and more. There are also new omni chips for collecting and a new crew package is available for Fortnite crew members.

Fortnite is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

Attack of the fanboy / captain / Fortnite: How to complete all Star Wars quests from May 4th

Lost Ark: Farm the best ways to farm silver

Lost Ark has a variety of different currencies . The most important here are gold and silver, which are needed for different things in the game. For example, both currencies are used to upgrade equipment, and in particular silver is also required for the new cubes of skills on the gemstones.
Especially in the later course of the game, players who have only one character go out the silver supplies. If you also only play a single character, it is definitely recommended to create at least another hero, as it can help generate silver. The more additional characters you have, the easier it is to get to a bunch of silver. How you can best get the coveted currency and how your second characters can help, we have listed for you in the Lost Ark silver guide.

earn silver with chaos dungeons

Fortunately, many of the silver -like activities overlap with those that you should complete every day anyway. For example, by completing your daily chaos dungeon, you will receive a fairly viewed sum of silver, and at the end of the second stage you even have the chance to get one of two special portals. which also reward you with a certain amount of silver.

If you have already completed your two daily chaos dungeons, so exhausted your aura of the response, you will only receive silver for completing another dungeon instead of the drop of the different opponents. It is therefore recommended to complete further chaos dungeons with your second characters.

silver rewards of the report system

Furthermore, NPCs as part of the relationship system from time to time reward you with a few silver coins. These can only be redeemed once per account, but also give an impressive amount of silver.

purchase silver in the guild shop

In the guild shop you can exchange your deserved blood stones for silver. Source: Smilegate should be part of a guild, you can buy up to six silver boxes every week through Sylmael. You will receive the blood stones to complete certain guild tasks and donate certain resources. Overall, the stay in a guild offers some advantages, which is why you shouldn’t be absolutely solo in the world of Arkesia.

silver as a reward for adventure islands


The various adventure islands, which are active on certain days, also reward players for their conclusion with a certain amount of silver. You can find out exactly which islands are active via Procyons compass. Its icon is located in the bar under your minimap.

Silver Silver Superate for Gold

In emergencies you can exchange your gold for a little silver. Source: Smilegate If you swim in gold, but silver is in short supply, you can also exchange your deserved gold for silver at the gold dealer in any of the larger cities. However, this method is absolutely not recommended because you only get 100,000 silver for 1,000 gold. Gold becomes a rather important resource, especially in the later course of the game, which is why you should prefer to fall back on the rest of the tips.

Unas weekly tasks and the cubes

Last but not least, we still have the best way for you to generate silver in Lost Ark (buy € 19.99 now). Some determined by Una’s tasks, both weekly and daily, are a pretty good way to get a constant silver inflow. The cube is particularly interesting for the weekly quests. Depending on the subject level of your character, you will receive a fairly stately sum from the quest alone, and the cube itself also rewards you with a few silver coins.

So if you have the necessary tickets for the cube, you should at least complete this every week. Furthermore, the weekly quests for chaos dungeons and the various collecting professions are also a good way to get silver.

Unas daily tasks on the island of Lopang

The Lopang quests are the best way to get silver. Source: Smilegate is also very interesting, the daily unas tasks are. Not only grant you some quests for each end with silver coins, but you also get an additional amount in stages. You can get the best quests to get silver well from the island of Lopang.

This is located west of Anikka and can be easily found via the search function of the card. As soon as you have completed a fairly short quest series on the island, you will have access to the UNAS tasks.

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There are a total of six quests for which you have to talk to certain NPCs on one of the larger continents. The tasks with the best silver rewards are arthetine, vern and shushire. To do this, you first have to interact with some machines on Lopang and then address the different NPCs. The BiFrost is particularly suitable for this, since you can easily teleport yourself every day directly to Lopang and the required NPCs.

It should be noted that the silver reward scales with your item level. A character with object level 1340, for example, receives 25,000 silver on average. If you do the quests on your second characters, you can also wait a few days until you have accumulated 60 relaxation. This gives you the double rewards per finishes. So you don’t have to complete Lopang every day to build up a decent stock of silver coins.

As you can see, your daily silver gain can of course be increased by a lot if you play more than just one character. Even if you are not really interested in playing more characters, it can still be worthwhile to conclude the Lopang tasks with them. You may also have a second character, which, however, does not give you much pleasure afterwards. This is of course perfect for completing the different quests. The recently published Feiton-Powerpass can also support you in this undertaking.

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