If you are trying to achieve a “addiction” in BitLife, you will need to start with attempts to become dependent on drugs, gambling and alcohol. This will lead to the fact that your character will complete the achievement of the “addiction”.

Start with fading to gambling, but you need to get some money in advance. The reason is that to play gambling will quickly empty your bank account, and you will need a lot of money to continue trying to become dependent. Nevertheless, we recommend first to get a job and create money supply .

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After you draw a bunch of money, start trying to add to gambling, go to casino and put a bunch of money. If you do not addate dependencies after the first bet, continue to return and play until the end is not dependent.

In the breaks between attempts to add to gambling, you will also want to go to nightclubs and acceptance of every substance suggested to you. This may lead to the fact that your character will be addicted to everything that you will be offered.

Because of this, we recommend visiting nightclubs until you dwell at least two substances . But, if you are not lucky with gambling, you can also try to add to the third substance through nightclubs.

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