In the past, the discussion of broadcasting and communication convergence with IPTV legislation is in full swing. This question came from the briefing of journalists at the time. “SO is raised” cable TV, that is, SO, which refers to a comprehensive wire broadcaster (SO). It was a question that asked for the protection and development policy of cable TV operators who became Old Media with the advent of IPTV.

But an unexpected answer came out. The question of asking ‘so’ was a real cow and gave a wrong answer. It was a witty query, but for a moment, silence flowed.

More than a decade later, this scene is overlapped these days when Yoon Seok -yeol, who envisions a new government. According to the President’s Acquisition Committee, I wonder if I know the meaning of “digital” and “digital transition.”

Recently, Ahn’s response to the proposal that the chairman of the acquisition of the President’s Office needs “science education chief” is confused even if the science of science education is literally science or talking about science and ICT. So even Bianan says, “Is the transition committee can’t distinguish between science and ICT?”

It is difficult to convince it considering that the digital platform government has made a pledge, and it is a government to achieve digital innovation until the private sector.

In particular, it is the presidential office. The new government has introduced the two -room (secretary’s office, national security office) and five chiefs (political affairs, economic, social, civil society, and public relations). ICT and science were excluded. There is no objection to the cause of the president’s office slim, but the human passage to envision, advice, and concrete future food has been blocked.

In the meantime, the ICT industry has criticized the Moon Jae -in administration that it has been a submersive factor in promoting related industries by eliminating the chief secretary in charge of ICT in the president’s office and making it a system that manages it. In this context, the digital innovation secretary was created in the president’s office last year.

As a result, the new government was expected to have a senior secretary in charge of ICT and science.

In the presidential election, Ahn, who was unifying with Yoon -in Yoon, has announced plans to organize a dedicated organization with the National Future Strategy Committee and the Presidential National Future Strategy Committee under the Presidential Secretary of Science and Technology and the President of the Presidential National Future Strategy Committee.

In addition, Mr. Yoon has made a pledge of 1 million digital talents along with the importance of information technology, and the exclusion of ICT and Science Senior Secretary has returned to the ICT industry. In particular, the news that the science and technology advisory in the current government was reduced to the scientific secretary and the digital innovation secretary would disappear at all.

The digital platform government, which the new government will complete and export in the next three years, is a intensive intensive for digital innovation. Artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud computing, which are the core elements of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, should be harmonized with AI and cloud computing, and the creation, management and utilization of data is very important.

In particular, it is not easy to realize the current horizontal department structure to complete the establishment of the digital platform government. This is why the necessity of data governance to integrate the ministry is raised. This is why it was argued that the chief secretary was needed as a control tower to upgrade the Ministry of Science and Technology Information and Communication to the deputy prime minister and to manage it in the president’s office.

Recently, the Lee Migration Committee has planned to promote a digital national strategy based on 6G mobile communication and AI. He also presented a specific goal to demonstrate the world’s first 6G communications by 2026.

However, considering the new government’s position or move revealed through the acquisition committee, it is feared that the digital platform government or digital national strategy will end in a fire.

Digital painting and digital conversion, which countries around the world are running with a response strategy, are not as easy as changing analog into digital.

This is because we have to use big data and clouds that have AI to the world’s best network infrastructure to maximize digital utilization capabilities, apply them to all industries, and strengthen their national competitiveness.

It is time for a new government to understand the digital and to execute it as president of the president.