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Lost Ark: Farm the best ways to farm silver

Lost Ark has a variety of different currencies . The most important here are gold and silver, which are needed for different things in the game. For example, both currencies are used to upgrade equipment, and in particular silver is also required for the new cubes of skills on the gemstones.
Especially in the later course of the game, players who have only one character go out the silver supplies. If you also only play a single character, it is definitely recommended to create at least another hero, as it can help generate silver. The more additional characters you have, the easier it is to get to a bunch of silver. How you can best get the coveted currency and how your second characters can help, we have listed for you in the Lost Ark silver guide.

earn silver with chaos dungeons

Fortunately, many of the silver -like activities overlap with those that you should complete every day anyway. For example, by completing your daily chaos dungeon, you will receive a fairly viewed sum of silver, and at the end of the second stage you even have the chance to get one of two special portals. which also reward you with a certain amount of silver.

If you have already completed your two daily chaos dungeons, so exhausted your aura of the response, you will only receive silver for completing another dungeon instead of the drop of the different opponents. It is therefore recommended to complete further chaos dungeons with your second characters.

silver rewards of the report system

Furthermore, NPCs as part of the relationship system from time to time reward you with a few silver coins. These can only be redeemed once per account, but also give an impressive amount of silver.

purchase silver in the guild shop

In the guild shop you can exchange your deserved blood stones for silver. Source: Smilegate should be part of a guild, you can buy up to six silver boxes every week through Sylmael. You will receive the blood stones to complete certain guild tasks and donate certain resources. Overall, the stay in a guild offers some advantages, which is why you shouldn’t be absolutely solo in the world of Arkesia.

silver as a reward for adventure islands


The various adventure islands, which are active on certain days, also reward players for their conclusion with a certain amount of silver. You can find out exactly which islands are active via Procyons compass. Its icon is located in the bar under your minimap.

Silver Silver Superate for Gold

In emergencies you can exchange your gold for a little silver. Source: Smilegate If you swim in gold, but silver is in short supply, you can also exchange your deserved gold for silver at the gold dealer in any of the larger cities. However, this method is absolutely not recommended because you only get 100,000 silver for 1,000 gold. Gold becomes a rather important resource, especially in the later course of the game, which is why you should prefer to fall back on the rest of the tips.

Unas weekly tasks and the cubes

Last but not least, we still have the best way for you to generate silver in Lost Ark (buy € 19.99 now). Some determined by Una’s tasks, both weekly and daily, are a pretty good way to get a constant silver inflow. The cube is particularly interesting for the weekly quests. Depending on the subject level of your character, you will receive a fairly stately sum from the quest alone, and the cube itself also rewards you with a few silver coins.

So if you have the necessary tickets for the cube, you should at least complete this every week. Furthermore, the weekly quests for chaos dungeons and the various collecting professions are also a good way to get silver.

Unas daily tasks on the island of Lopang

The Lopang quests are the best way to get silver. Source: Smilegate is also very interesting, the daily unas tasks are. Not only grant you some quests for each end with silver coins, but you also get an additional amount in stages. You can get the best quests to get silver well from the island of Lopang.

This is located west of Anikka and can be easily found via the search function of the card. As soon as you have completed a fairly short quest series on the island, you will have access to the UNAS tasks.

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There are a total of six quests for which you have to talk to certain NPCs on one of the larger continents. The tasks with the best silver rewards are arthetine, vern and shushire. To do this, you first have to interact with some machines on Lopang and then address the different NPCs. The BiFrost is particularly suitable for this, since you can easily teleport yourself every day directly to Lopang and the required NPCs.

It should be noted that the silver reward scales with your item level. A character with object level 1340, for example, receives 25,000 silver on average. If you do the quests on your second characters, you can also wait a few days until you have accumulated 60 relaxation. This gives you the double rewards per finishes. So you don’t have to complete Lopang every day to build up a decent stock of silver coins.

As you can see, your daily silver gain can of course be increased by a lot if you play more than just one character. Even if you are not really interested in playing more characters, it can still be worthwhile to conclude the Lopang tasks with them. You may also have a second character, which, however, does not give you much pleasure afterwards. This is of course perfect for completing the different quests. The recently published Feiton-Powerpass can also support you in this undertaking.

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How to unlock the Super Express missions in Lost Ark

In Lost Ark a huge amount of content that can be experienced and a new one is added periodically. This includes new Super Express missions that have been added to the game. It can make you wonder how to unlock the SUPER Express missions in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark - Super Express Mission Event - Everything you Need to Know! Don't Mess this Up!

To unlock the SUPER Express missions in Lost Ark, you just need to have the level of the 50th level and not exceeded the level of force 1000 . You automatically unlock the superexpress mission if you complete these two requirements.

How to Start Missing Super Express in Lost Ark

To start the Super Express missions in Lost Ark, you just need log in as a level of level 50 and less than 1000 strength level . After logging into the system, the Super Express Missions pop-up window will welcome, and you offered to choose a character make them. It is worth noting that only one character in the list can perform superexpress missions, so think carefully what of whom you choose!

The Super Express missions are divided into four sets of tasks. This includes North Verne, Roendel, Yorn and Feiton. Superxpress missions are available until June 30, 2022.

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