While you travel the different areas of Hogwarts Legacy, you may find all kinds of secrets and mysteries through the castle halls, in their rooms, for forests, etc.
Something that will cause you more than one headache is to try to open the chests of a single eye that you will find on more than one occasion, so in this guide we will explain how you can open them.

How to open single-eye chests

These mysterious large chests are hidden mainly everywhere in Hogwarts, although you can also run into some around Hogs made stores or other parts of the immense magical world.
Every time you approach them they will notice your presence and remain sealed to lime and song, so you cannot open them, but it is not impossible.


When you advance enough in the main plot they will deliver a mission in which you will touch you in the forbidden section of the library.
However, to get there you have to go unnoticed and that is possible only with the disappointing spell, which gives a kind of invisibility to our character so that no one detects us.
Nor is it infallible, because if we stick too much to a student or an enemy they will notice our presence and take away the spell instantly.
The same applies to these chests, since if we use magic in front of them they will remain closed and there will be no way to open them.
Therefore, the only way for this is to place ourselves well away from the chest of one eye, either far from them or simply in a place where they do not have us in sight, use this spell and approach them quietly
To open them.
Inside each one you will find 500 coins that will come very well for your purchases in the different store stores.

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