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LeBron James Out, Lakers Receive Third Defeat in a Row as Strong Schröder and Wagner Cannot Turn Off Bankruptcy

The Los Angeles Lakers received the third defeat in a row without their superstar and new NBA leading scorer LeBron James.

The Californians lost 106: 115 against the Milwaukee Bucks.
James, who could not play due to the fact that of pain on the left ankle, was present in the hall and was honored in advance with a video for his record set on Wednesday night.
Dennis Schröder, however, showed a strong performance.
The captain of the German national team scored 25 points and twelve helps.
The Lakers are in a frustrating 13th location after the 31st defeat of the season.


The playoff locations are far away.
The siblings Franz and Moritz Wagner meanwhile celebrated a sense of achievement once again.
After a defeat, the 2 German internationals with Orlando Magic won 115:10 and won the third victory from the last 4 games.
While Franz scored 10 points and six helps in around 35 minutes, Moritz scored twelve points in simply under 20 minutes and a help. Orlando is 13th place at the Eastern Conference after the 23rd win of the season and is an excellent piece of the play
Off-ranks away.

Summer break for LeBron: Lakers miss play

The Los Angeles Lakers have no chance on the playoffs. Without the injured superstar LeBron James lost the record champion on Tuesday evening (local time) 110: 121 at leader Phoenix Suns. Because the San Antonio Spurs had previously recovered 116: 97 among Denver Nuggets, the Lakers can no longer catch up with the residue in ten in the remaining three games of the main round.

Trainer Frank Vogel then showed “extremely disappointed,” but emphasized his again and again of injuries starred star ensemble have given everything to the end and not hound. “We put all the work into it,” said bird, “it just was not enough for us in an annexed season.” Routinier Carmelo Anthony supplemented: “Some things we could control, some not. There are no excuses, we just did not make it.”

The Spurs is now safe against the New Orleans Pelicans in the first round of mini qualification. It is about one of the last two playoff places in the Western Conference of the best basketball league in the world.

Utah make participation in the play-offs perfect

The Utah Jazz made with the 121: 115 against the Memphis Grizzlies the participation in the playoffs perfect. Open in the West, whether Denver can defend his direct playoff place or the Minnesota Timberwolves still pass past the sixth rank.

In the Eastern Conference, on the other hand, only placement questions are open without impact on participation in the qualification. The Chicago Bulls secured the last direct ticket to the playoffs despite the 106: 127 defeat against the Milwaukee Bucks.

The Cleveland Cavaliers must, on the other hand, due to the 115: 120 defeat against the Orlando Magic in the so-called play-in. Franz Wagner gave his comback for the Magic after his first missed NBA game this season, but stopped again after less than seven minutes because of his injury at the ankle. His brother Moritz Wagner came to 15 points.

The Miami Heat strengthened its top spot in the east by a 144: 115 against the Charlotte Hornets. Two rank it stay tight. The Boston Celtics, the Milwaukee Bucks and the Philadelphia 76ers are each at 49 wins and 30 defeats. At the 131: 122 of the 76ers against the Indiana Pacers Joel Embiid had an outstanding evening with 45 points and 13 rebounds again and advertising in our own thing for the award to the most valuable player.

GET UP | ‘Disaster’: LeBron James & LA Lakers miss playoffs in utter humiliation - Jalen Rose reacts

These teams are for the play-offs and the play-in tournament.

NBA voting to the Los Angeles Lakers: How should the franchise in the offseason react?

The Los Angeles Lakers have missed the NBA playoffs – a blam for superstar LeBron James and the glamor franchise, which could cheer the title two years ago. What consequences should this messed season be pulled down?

The regular season runs until Sunday, but already it is certain: The Los Angeles Lakers will not be able to create it in the playoffs. Not even the play-in was the team good enough – despite Lebron James, Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook.

Stephen A. leaves NBA Countdown crew SPEECHLESS after Lakers' front office rant ????????
Sure, the team had been fighting with injuries this season, but still the current balance sheet of 31 wins and 48 defeats after the defeat against Phoenix Suns in the night on Wednesday is a revealing 1. And: The Lakers Disaster is a failure with announcement.

We want to know of you: What should the Lakers in the offseason company? A new start with the current stars? Should one go about it – or every three? Or are the culprits to look rather in coaching? App users please here.

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NBA – Season from: James misses chance on scoring

For basketball superstar LeBron James, a completely messed season ends with the Los Angeles Lakers in an additional disappointment. As the Lakers notified, the 37-year-old can not deny the last two season games in the NBA because of his ankle injury. Thus James loses the chance to his after 2007/08 second TopScorer title.

According to NBA regulations, a player must deny at least 58 of the 82 games of the regular season to go into the rating for the best point average.

James, who has been injured since the end of March, comes to 56 games. With 30.3 points on average, James achieved his second best career value after 2005/06 (31.4). Just better in the current season is only Joel Embiid (Philadelphia 76ers / 30.4).

The Lakers had missed the play-offs in the fourth season with James for the second time. In 2019/20, “Purple and Gold” had brought the title, 2020/21 lost in the first play-off round. Without James, there were last eight bankruptcies in series.

LeBron's Lakers officially miss the playoffs after a disaster of a season | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST
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NBA | Passing Purple Golden Ballet: Lakers have hoisted

With their superstar ensemble, the Los Angeles Lakers were considered the title candidate. After a bankruptcy series, even the play-offs are in danger.

Lebron James, Russell Westbrook and Anthony Davis. And even Carmelo Anthony and Dwight Howard. The Los Angeles Lakers have sent a superstar ensemble to the race for the hunt for the sole NBA record championship. And the team actually delivers records. 82 points conceded the Lakers last against the Dallas Mavericks – in a halftime, mind you. This is negative record since the franchise in 1960 is moved from Minneapolis to Los Angeles.

“My goodness, what are the Los Angeles Lakers for a bad basketball team,” USA told Today recently and suggested not to transfer the games of the 17-Palamous Master in national television.

The latest low point: After the 109: 122 in the night of Friday at Utah Jazz, the Lakers slipped in the Western Conference in eleven. Thus, the champion of 2020 would not even be with the play-in tournament.

In the last six games of the regular season, victories have to be, which also knows the championship coach Frank Vogel. “We have to fight and give ourselves a chance,” the 48-year-old said, “If we manage to get into play-in-game in full strength, we know that we have a chance.”

Of course, the Lakers have injury worries. Superstar James, TopScorer of the league with a cut of 30.1 points, lacked Utah because of an ankle injury. Anthony Davis, the second guarantee for the championship two years ago, has no longer played because of a blessur on the right center foot since mid-February.

The duo should stand before his return – and pick the chestnuts out of the fire. Star access is Westbrook (33), once valuable player and triple-double-king of the league, only a shadow of his own.

Westbrooks Trade has been extremely expensive. Around 44 million dollars, the Point Guard enters this season, James and Davis are not far behind. In view of this metropolitan, the Lakers had to make compromises for further contracts.

For the former Heroen Magic Johnson, Shaquille O’Neill and James Worthy is Westbrook’s face of the crisis. Johnson talked about the “worst trade of the Lakers story”, it should not even be enough for the play-in tournament, the pre-play-offs of the teams on the squares seven to ten.

The proud franchise pays plenty of college for its personnel policy. Without Davis and the meanwhile 37-year-old James, the team often has little to oppose homogeneously occupied teams.

The 37th starting formation was also used against Utah in the 76th season game. Some one says the team of the preseason – with national Dennis Schröder on the Westbrook position – had been better occupied.

NBA rumors: Trades the Los Angeles Lakers Anthony Davis in Offseason?

Lakers Anthony Davis Trade UPDATE! Los Angeles Lakers News, Rumors, & Updates
The Los Angeles Lakers run the risk of even missing the play-in tournament this season. There should be changes in summer, even a trade of Anthony Davis should no longer be excluded.

Like Brian Windhorst (espn) at _GET UP! _ Explained, the Lakers will make changes in their squad in summer and exploit numerous possibilities. Even a trade from Anthony Davis should not be excluded. “I think that’s something you are being discussed,” said the Lakers insider.

The Power Forward played a weighty role in the title win 2020 for the franchise and signed a five-year contract in the following offseason over almost $ 190 million. Since then, Ad graduated only 73 out of 147 possible games due to injuries.

Also this season, the 29-year-old so far, only 37 lots, after he injured himself in December at the knee and shortly before the All-Star Break a violation at the foot. Since then, the Lakers won only four of their 17 games and are now slipped in Elf in the west. According to Chris Haynes (yahoo Sports), Davis could give his comeback in the night on Saturday against New Orleans.

Jake Fischer from the blacher Report, however, contradicted the report by Windhorst. “You will not trade him,” Fischer said to the rumors around the brow. “They have given up so much to get him from New Orleans. They have gone all-in to put Davis to the side of LeBron and it would be a shock for me if they would give this in the offseason.”

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The Lakers attributed to Davis in the offseason 2019 and sent Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart, the No.4-Pick 2019 and three more rounds of finish to New Orleans. In 135 games for the Lakers, Davis had average 24.1 points, 9.1 rebounds and 2.1 blocks in a throw rate of 51 percent from the field and 28.6 percent from the distance.

NBA: Lebron James is injured by Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers lost at the New Orleans Pelicans not only an important game, there was also abundance of Lebron James again at the ankle. Whether the superstar fails in the season end spurt is still unclear.

James injured him early in the second quarter when he wanted to go down to the rebound and rose on the foot of Pelicans-Big Jaxson Hayes. The 37-year-old went to the ground and stayed a while. Despite obvious pain, James continued and played at the 108: 116 defeat in New Orleans’s whopping 42 minutes in which he was 39 points, 9 rebounds and 5 assists.

LeBron James gives Lakers fans a massive injury scare with ankle tweak
“I have no idea how I managed to finish this game,” Lebron said after the game with a thick bandaged ankle. “The ankle feels terrible at the moment.” The superstar of the Lakers stated that he only continued because this game was so important for a possible participation in the play-in-tournament.

Nevertheless, it used nothing, the Lakers achieved only 14 counters in the fourth neighborhood and thus played a 23-point lead from the first half. Although James himself posted 14 points after the break, but hit only three of his seven trials in the zone.

Due to the bankruptcy, the Lakers fall back in ten of the Western Conference, the lead on the Spurs, which are at the moment eleventh, is only a game. Whether James will fail, is unclear, the team has so far known nothing to the injury. Lebron himself stated that he did not want to miss games. The Lakers guests at night on Wednesday at Dallas Mavericks.

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The remaining program of the Lakers, Pelicans and Spurs

Pelicans (32-43) Lakers (31-43) Spurs (30-44)
Blazers (A) Mavericks (A) Rockets (A)
Lakers (A) Jazz (A) Grizzlies (h)
Clippers (A) Pelicans (H) Blazers (H)

Kings (A) | Nuggets (H) | Blazers (H)
Blazers (H) | Suns (A) | Nuggets (A)
Grizzlies (A) | Warriors (A) | Timberwolves (A)
Warriors (H) | Thunder (H) | Warriors (H)
| Nuggets (A) | Mavericks (A)

NBA News: Los Angeles Lakers Banden Around Anthony Davis

With the impressive comeback victory of the Los Angeles Lakers against Utah, a bitter wedding drop was accompanied. Anthony Davis has raised an ankle injury and could not continue. After all, a first examination fell positively.

“It was very sobering to see how AD has gone to the ground,” Lakers coach was Frank Vogel after the 106: 101 victory of his team against Utah Jazz raised to the Davis injury frustrated. After a strong start, Davis was bent in the second quarter in a fight for an offensive rebound evil with his right ankle.

The 28-year-old went to the ground with a loud cry and pounded in pain on the court. Davis remained a while and was finally able to leave the parquet based on his teammates, without burdening his right leg. Then it was not going on for the Big.

After all, an X-ray investigation revealed a first all-clear, the Lakers did not detect any bone break, but “only” a sprained ankle. However, on Thursday, a MRI examination will follow, which will enable accurate diagnosis.

Los Angeles Lakers vs Utah Jazz Full Game Highlights | Lakers upset Jazz after losing Anthony Davis
According to the Lakers, Davis will undergo further treatments during the All-Star Breaks, after the weekend he should be examined again. Whether or how long AD will fail, is currently unknown.

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Until his injury Davis had scored 17 points against the jazz 17 minutes. On average, he puts on average 23.3 points, 9.9 rebounds and 2.3 blocks, but he already missed 21 lots due to a knee injury.

NBA News: Carmelo Anthony device with Lakers bankruptcy with Sixers

Carmelo Anthony delivered a fan of the Philadelphia 76ers at the Game of Los Angeles Lakers with a fan of the home team, after this had exceeded a border according to Anthony with his statements.

At the end, the Sixers defeated the Lakers with 105: 87, but after the game, the scene caused the scene between Anthony and the viewer for conversation. “A few things were said that are unacceptable,” Anthony explained following the game. “It does not bother me when fans Trash Tellen, cheer your team or give up buoy calls towards the other team. But if you pass a certain limit, then what you have just seen.”

With just seven minutes to play in the last quarter, the Lakers Forward confronted a Sixer’s fan, which sat a series behind the courtside places. The game was then interrupted for several minutes and the security personnel in the Wells Fargo Center tried to clarify the situation.

After the game, Anthony explained that the viewer designed him as a “boy”, which is racist in the US. In addition, a further spectator is to be offended in the meantime.

Sixers Center Joel Embiid tried to clarify the situation and jumped to Anthony aside. “I tried to smooth out the waves because that went back and forth and I just wanted to finish the game,” said the Big one after the game.

UNDISPUTED - 76ers fans ejected after yelling at Lakers' Carmelo Anthony | Skip & Shannon react

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A responsible for the Sixers confirmed ESPN that there are further disciplinary measures on the fan referred to from the arena. Even Lakers Head Coach Frank Vogel and Point Guard Russell Westbrook voted Anthony after the game that the incident was exceeded a border. “That was an unacceptable behavior of the fans,” bird explained. “I hope the incident is handled appropriately.”

NBA: Anthony Davis takes on! Los Angeles Lakers tremble to victory against Portland Trail Blazers

The Los Angeles Lakers finally retracted the first victory in the fourth game without the injured LeBron James. In a high-level game, the Lakers against the Portland Trail Blazers with 99:94 sat down.

Los Angeles Lakers (25-27) – Portland Trail Blazers (21-31) 99:94 (Boxscore)

It was not nice, it will not be interested in Lala-Land. There was little play flow, many ball losses, a surprisingly weak throwing rate from the two sector, but what was the victory. Anthony Davis (30, 10/18 FG, 10/14 FT, 15 rebounds, 3 blocks) finally delivered as it was needed. The Big One achieved after the compensation of Norman Powell three minutes before the end of the next 6 meters of the game, with three fouls and turned four free throws.

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Portland Trail Blazers Full Highlights 4th QTR | 2021-22 NBA Season

Support got the “Brief” by Carmelo Anthony (24, 8/12 FG, 5/6 threesome), who was the only Laker the threesome. Two-digit scores otherwise Dwight Howard (10, 7 Boards) and Avery Bradley (11). Russell Westbrook (9, 3/12, 10 rebounds, 13 assists) missed a triple double because of the points, but more critical was his matador defense.

Portland was completely dependent on the threesome, from the two sector, the Blazers met icy 41 percent. Except for this were Topscorer Powell (30, 10/20 FG) and also Jusuf Nurkic (16, 13 rebounds). C.J. McCollum (15, 5/17) and Starting Simons (19, 7/18) were changeable, Robert Covington (0, 0/8 FG, 13 rebounds, 9 assists, 4 steals) put this “interesting” StatLine.

The Lakers quickly played a double-digit lead, Davis looked good again, but also Anthony helped the Lakers-open with four transformed throws in a piece. By contrast, guests met at all (0/8 3fg), but that changed in the second quarter. Led by Simons, the Blazers equipped eight of their 13 triples, even Nurkic sinked two attempts in a bit because Davis gave him the open throw.

Norman Powell leaves Los Angeles Lakers Zitts

In conjunction with a significant superiority of the boards (Nurkic!) The game was openly designed in the episode, Powell made with the siren for Portland had only a point behind the pause (54:53). The Blazers also took the momentum, while the Lakers continued to carry the ball too often and suddenly did not meet anything because they did not come in a basket of basket (only 3 FGA on the ring in the third quarter!).

So Portland took a small lead in the final section, although she himself did not meet 35 percent out of the field. He was used up quickly because the Blazers had a ball loss after the other. Powell’s threesome three minutes before the end brought the guests at least back to -2, slightly later succeeded by the same place of compensation. The dominant Davis minutes followed for the decision of the Lakers in this peculiar game, although Malik Monk, Anthony and Davis had missed free throws, formerly to provide clear conditions.

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And still an amazing statistic to conclude this peculiar game. From the first 12 ball losses of the Blazers, the Lakers could not generate a single point. It succeeded in the 13th attempt by a Davis free throw. We can not prove it, but that must be a negative record.

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