This year has been a nightmare for the LA Lakers. They’ve lost Alonzo Ball, Ramon Rondo and Brandon Ingram to injury. With no Kyrie Irving or Kawhi Leonard in sight, it’s time for them to brace themselves for a tough season.

They include Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn Webs, Damian Lillard of the Portland Trail Blazers and Bradley Deal of the Washington Wizards. Nevertheless, the Lakers are not likely to make any deals in the next 2-4 weeks.

The LA Lakers have been related to numerous players this season. Nevertheless, they’re waiting on the ideal deal before pulling the trigger. The most recent rumors suggest that the Lakers could be interested in a number of prominent stars.

On that note, here’s the current LA Lakers rumors roundup for December 17 gave you by.

LA Lakers interested in Kevin Durant, Damian Lillard and Bradley Deal

BHA likewise pointed out other big names who could enter the trade market, consisting of Kyrie Irving, Dear German, Kyle Burma and Myles Turner. The most surprising details was the Lakers’ interest in top stars such as Kevin Durant, Damian Lillard and Bradley Deal.

Jovan BHA of The Athletic just recently noted the gamers the LA Lakers have actually shown interest this season. BHA mentioned conversations with the Detroit Pistons relating to Bajan Bogdanović, as well as a potential handle the New York city Knicks for Evan Fournier and Camera Reddish.


There are no current indications that their respective teams will make Durant, Lillard and Deal offered. The Brooklyn Nets and Portland Trail Sports jackets are having fantastic projects, while Deal recently signed a max agreement with the Washington Wizards.

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LA Lakers not likely to make trade in next 2-4 weeks

Despite listing gamers the Lakers might pursue, Jovan BHA of The Athletic said that the team might not make any trades in the next two to four weeks. BHA described that individuals in the company prefer to take a client method for the next move.

The LA Lakers have been playing well in the last few weeks. They’re still a couple of games below.500, but have improved under coach Darwin Ham. The Lakers still require a shooter to improve their opportunities of making the postseason.

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The injury to Anthony Davis will test the Lakers before the end of the year. That could affect their strategies prior to the trade due date on February 9 if they can continue to win without Davis.

Russell Westbrook played himself out of potential trade

If the Lakers do not wish to trade Westbrook, they could still deal Patrick Beverley and Kendrick Nun. They could package the two veteran guards with among their unguarded first-round choices for a reliable function gamer.

The LA Lakers have been playing well in the last few weeks. The Lakers still require a shooter to enhance their chances of making the postseason.

Russell Westbrook is prospering as the Lakers’ sixth guy this season.

Russell Westbrook is prospering as the Lakers’ sixth man this season. He’s averaging 15.2 points, 6.0 rebounds and 8.0 assists off the bench. He has actually also tape-recorded 2 triple-doubles off the bench, which is an NBA record.

According to Sam Mick of The Athletic, Westbrook may have played his escape of a possible trade. Mick reported that it has ended up being progressively unlikely that the Lakers would deal the previous MVP prior to the February 9 deadline.

The LA Lakers have actually been linked with several players this season. The most current reports suggest that the Lakers could be interested in several prominent stars.

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