Mango editor Benedict Schliemann grumbles that mostly all keyboards have the very same weak point.
Which actually wouldn’t have to be anymore in 2023.
If you create a lot routinely or wager on the computer system, eventually you acquire an excellent gaming keyboard.
For exclusive and also specialist reasons, I have actually now gotten over a load such keyboards and on a regular basis change the versions.
Since this provides you a much finer sensation for the differences.
(practically) all manufacturers make the exact same bothersome mistake in their keyboards.

Whether ROC CAT, RACER or LOGITECH: All the ABS button caps, despite expensive keyboards.
It was made particularly fascinated my G915 from Logitech or likewise with the Rocket Vulcan II Max, which I tested.

abdominal switches look awful after just a couple of days

Many definitely understand the problem: eventually the secrets come to be illegible, the vital caps get a greasy, shabby look and simply do not feel good any longer.
The reason for these hinges on the production of the crucial caps, due to the fact that many makers still count on ABS vital caps in 2023.
This usage and also the indicators of wear can no more be neglected.
As well as abdominal muscle button caps truly drive me insane.
After simply a couple of hours, the crucial caps look smeared and oily.
As well as the natural fat of my fingers suffices.
For a person like me that appreciates a clean desk, this is truly an absurdity, additionally since the pollution can not be prevented-unless you utilize the keyboard or if so, then only with hardware covers.
Why practically every person?
There is really one or the other ray of hope:
Racer is now installing Double shot ABS vital caps on some models that really feel much better in the feel
The Danish maker Steel series utilizes a variety of keyboards on PBT-Doubleshot crucial caps
Corsair mounts at the very least PBT key caps in the costly sector (such as the Corsair K100).

In the meanwhile you can buy PBT crucial caps, yet are rarely economical

Some producers, such as Corsair as well as Steel series, now supply PBT-Doubleshot kayaks for keyboards for retrofitting.
You can likewise read an experience report on such key caps from me on Mango.
After months there are now additionally for the German keyboard design.
Corsair PBT Double-Shot Pro Kappenkappen-Mod-Kit, lower row in the common format, structured surface, 1.5 mm wall density, O-ring dampers consisted of) Onyx black .
29.99 EUR.
Steel series Prismcaps-Double-Shot crucial set with pudding look-compatibility with all usual mechanical keyboards-MX-Stößel-Black (German keyboard layout)
34.99 EUR.
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However, I locate it irritating if I currently spend 200 euros for a keyboard and after that have to spend one more 30 euros for brand-new vital caps.
As well as with some keyboards, such an exchange is not even possible.
The Logitech G915 relies on unique, flat switches for which you just do not obtain PBT-Doubleshot crucial caps or substitute caps.
So I need to be pleased with the reality that my 200 euro keyboard looks dreadful after a couple of days as well as also feels like that.
2023 no longer up to date: I just can’t find ABS vital caps in 2023 approximately day.


No, I don’t anticipate that I will get such attributes in the UN-50 euro location.
But if I am ready to spend 150 to 200 euros on a gaming keyboard, the keyboard ought to still look great after 1 week.
Specifically since keyboards make certain to wear the toughest along with mice, I consider Doubleshot-PBT key caps on pc gaming keyboards to make sense and also see (except in the cheap price sector) absolutely no much longer a factor for ABS caps.
After 15 years with wire computer mouse and keyboard-how great is Wireless Pc gaming 2023?