In Hogwarts Tradition you require coal for potions, brooms or recipes.
That you make money rapidly, you open your chests with your eyes at Hogwarts Castle.
You will discover a sign in the middle that indicates the required spell if you take a closer look at the chests.
You need to have covertly examined the library in the primary objectives.
Together with Sebastien, she goes to the forbidden department.
In the run-up to this mission, she discovered the magic disillusionment.
If you compare the symbol of magic with the symbol on the chest, you concern the option.
You will get a massive 500 bile if you open such an eye-free eye.
In addition to Hogwarts Castle, you will also find a great deal of such chests in Hogsmeade.

disillusionment to open the eye chests

To open the eye chests, you put the disillusionment spell on the fast choice.
To open the chest, you go out of sight and make yourself invisible by disillusionment.


You run down to the chest and open it like any other chest.
Then you go home 500 gold pieces.
You can also use a REPEL to display chests in your instant area if you check out Hogsmeade or other locations.

Get the coal out of the eye chests so that you can also get pricey items.
The symbol under the eye gives you the indication of the proper spell.
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