The bloodsucker, the devastator, is a crazy cultist who may not be a man with the same success. The next leadership will show you how to put an end to the Gorswein in V Riding.

V Rising Goreswine location of the devastator

The bloodsucker is in an infected cemetery in the forests of Farbein. Think about riding a horse to cover more than the territory. Some players also managed to find a Gorswein next to the robbers camp. If the infected cemetery is empty, go to the robber camp.

Goreswine The Ravager Location V Rising

It would be better if you used an altar of blood to track bloody. You will only need to follow the smell of blood in the form of a red trace.

Recommended equipment to win over the Corsweight Elepenser in V Ringing

Bloodupan is a boss of the 27th level. You will achieve more success if the level of your equipment is near this threshold. Do not forget to have a lot of health potions for immediate healing.

You can increase the level of your equipment for this battle, taking with you a copper weapon (spear, mace, ax or sword).

You can also make an armor of a night hunter to install to increase your overall rating. In addition, the creation of a blood rose ring will further increase your chances of winning.

How to defeat the Gorswood of the devastator in V Riding

If you have already dealt with Kili, an ice rack, a bloodsucker will be a little familiar.

The bloodsucker primarily causes damage from the poison. If you get in, you will lose health over time. The boss can cause poisonous explosions to spread toxins in the region.

You must be quick because you will not have any other choice, except to move in poisonous areas in the arena. Veil of Blood is useful here.

Near-fight attacks are recommended to prefer distant attacks. An attempt to get closer is fraught with the risk of poisoning. Therefore, hold on a safe distance and launch your long attacks to kill it.

Also note that Gorsvin will have skeletons that you must kill first, otherwise they will become an obstacle during the battle.

To restore health, it is recommended to take ointment from parasites.

V Rising Goreswine The Ravager Boss Awards

After you defeat the Gorswein, you will be rewarded with the following objects:

  • Abilities: an explosion of a corpse, a bone curtain.
  • Recipes: grave, call and ghoul call