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Xbox game pass subscribers cheer: Now Microsoft is truly switching on

** Microsoft goes right into the complete. In a main blog access, Xbox employer Phil Spencer reveals that you are intending to incorporate Call of Duty, Diablo as well as Overwatch right into the Game Pass in the future.

Call of Duty, Diablo & Overwatch land in the Xbox Game Pass


Given that the announcement of the requisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft, one concern has been in the room: land the firm’s large video game brands in the Xbox Game Pass? Currently we understand the answer. As component of an official blog entrance, Xbox manager Phil Spencer invested his say and also nearly delicately stated what the specific plan appears like:

The Xbox Game Pass video game directory will certainly be broadened to include Diablo, Call of Duty and also Overwatch in the future. Some time earlier, the business made it clear that Call of Duty will continue to be released on various other platforms in the very same version on the same day .

( Source: Microsoft Blog).

We intend to make the popular video game collection from Activision Blizzard-including Overwatch, Diablo as well as Call of Duty – in the game pass as well as enlarge them gaming areas.

_ End October appears the following CoD part: Modern War 2. The video currently has 8 mins gameplay: _.

Xbox Game Pass: What about Wow?

Xbox game pass subscribers enjoy regarding brand-new video games.

In the blog access, Phil Spencer additionally goes into that you intend to deal with mobile users with the Xbox Game Come on the future . Because Candy Crush developer King is also part of the bargain with Activision Snowstorm, you definitely have the right know-how in the team for this project. We are excited to see what Microsoft’s advancement of the mobile video gaming market will certainly look like in the future.

The users of the Xbox Game Pass are absolutely anticipating the combination of Call of Duty, Diablo and also Overwatch into the game registration. On Reddit, the equivalent statement thread has up until now over 550 upvotes and 90 comments .

However, a particularly huge blizzard game is missing out on in the list of Phil Spencer: Globe of Warcraft . The currently almost 18 year old MMORPG does not seem to be component of the game pass-at the very least not yet. Until now, whether this can transform in the future remains open.

Lots of players have already seen this action from Microsoft, a lot of subscribers seem to be particularly satisfied regarding Diablo-but the Game Pass currently has some intriguing video games that probably just understand really few of you:.

In a main blog site entrance, Xbox employer Phil Spencer announces that you are preparing to integrate Call of Duty, Diablo as well as Overwatch into the Game Pass in the future. Given that the announcement of the takeover of Activision Snowstorm by Microsoft, one question has been in the area: land the business’s big video game brands in the Xbox Game Pass? The Xbox Game Pass video game magazine will certainly be broadened to consist of Diablo, Call of Duty and also Overwatch in the future. A specifically huge snowstorm video game is missing in the checklist of Phil Spencer: World of Warcraft . In the blog entrance, Phil Spencer likewise goes into that you want to deal with mobile customers with the Xbox Game Pass in the future **.

PC Game Pass: After Fatality Beaching also comes Crawler

Just yesterday Microsoft announced what several gamers worldwide can not or did not want to believe: Death Stranding winds up in the PC Game Hand Down August 23, 2022.
And now there are other rumors that Microsoft has already gotten the next million coup: Spider-Man!
The factor for these wild reports and also conjectures is the image for the statement of Death Stranding in the Xbox Game Pass:
You can plainly see the spider coat of arms from Spider-Man if you take a closer look at the travel suitcase.
In collaboration with Sony, an additional game could quickly finish up in the PC Game Pass, which was formerly thought about impossible, such as Death Stranding-even if 505 games are the publisher right here.
A partnership with Sony may be a thrilling statement for the PC Game Pass and also Hideo Kojima is also recognized to provide one or the other surprise message to deliver.

Similar to PC room benefits, joining a game pass such as Riot roll and Valorant

Five Riot Games Games, including League of Legends (Loll), join the Xbox game pass. All of the games are partial paid titles, but in the Xbox game pass, you can use all the characters in Roll and Baloland without payment. This is similar to the benefits of Riot Games in a domestic PC room.


The news was released on the Xbox & Bethesda showcase on the 13th. Riot Games Title, which joins the XBOX game pass, is League of Legends, League of Legends: Wildlift, Balorant, League of Legends Strategic Team Battle, Legend of Runtera.

In this showcase, we can briefly look at the benefits of each game. First of all, the rolls can be enjoyed without purchasing 160 kinds of champions, and League of Legends: Wildlift and Valorant are also open in the game champions and agents. Not only the existing characters, but also the characters that are added in the future can be used without payment.

Legend of Runthera is then given one of the card packs, a foundation set, and League of Legends: Strategic Team Battle has some little legend. In addition, all five Riot Games games introduced earlier will be given additional experience bonuses in the game pass.

The five games will be added to the Xbox game pass within the next few months, and more information about the partnership between Xbox and Riot Games will be released. Following the acquisition of the Activity Blizzard, it is noteworthy how Xbox’s attempt to expand the base of the game pass through collaboration with Riot Games will produce.

PSN already works correctly in PS4 and PS5, services have been re-established

Cant Sign Into PSN Problem on PS4 & How to FIX
In the day on which PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 were updated with a new version of your operating system, some of the PlayStation Network central services suffered problems. Sony admitted that PS Store and Ps Now were experiencing anomalies, while promoted to investigate and find solutions PlayStation Network soon PlayStation Network possible. The work hPlayStation Network concluded and all services now work normally , PlayStation Network indicated by the official website.

The players gave the alarm voice when they met with some error messages. Since the Japanese company reported that until the problems are fixed, it wPlayStation Network possible that users have difficulties to start games , applications or to use online functions. On the other hand, they explained that acquiring products in PS Store could also cause mistakes, while the game streaming on PS Now could be interrupted.

“PSN (Included PlayStation Store) may not be available at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience caused to our customers. We are carrying out an investigation and performing Restoration tPlayStation Networkks , so plePlayStation Networke, wait a while, “they explained in the statement. The service hPlayStation Network been re-established after a few hours of zozobra.

The services, increPlayStation Networkingly important

Both Microsoft and PlayStation are betting strong by services PlayStation Network a business model no longer of the future, but of present. Xbox takes years to mold Xbox Game PPlayStation Networks, a service that allows access to hundreds of games and that hPlayStation Network a philosophy by flag: that can be played practically anywhere. Although those of Redmond consider that the sale of traditional games remains important, the bet by Game PPlayStation Networks is solid.

Sony, on the other hand, hPlayStation Network PS Plus and PS Now , two services that according to leaks will be merged in the future, although the company hPlayStation Network not confirmed it officially.

PS4 and PS5 have been updated with new features, while later, in the new generation console, ADD VRR is provided PlayStation Network an option . All the information in this link.

Xbox Store – over 500 offers: Games like Assassins Creed Valhalla, FIFA 22 & more radically reduced [Display]

In the Microsoft Store, or in the Xbox Store, you will get a lot of games for Xbox One and Xbox Series this week. There are 512 deals in total. Among them are next to the games from the Electronic Arts Sale , above which we have already reported last week, many Ubisoft titles such as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and also some indie insider tips. Here is a small selection:

  • Assassin’s Creed Valhalla instead 69.99 € for € 27.99
  • Assassin’s Creed Odyssey instead 69,99 € for € 17.49
  • Assassin’s Creed Origins instead of 69,99 € for € 13.99
  • Far Cry 5 Gold + Far Cry New Dawn Deluxe instead of € 119.99 for € 29.99
  • Watch Dogs Legion instead of 69,99 € for 20,99 €
  • Metro Exodus instead of 29,99 € for 7,49 €
  • FIFA 22 for 27,99 € (Xbox Series) or 17,49 € (Xbox One)

Xbox Series S | Assassin's Creed Valhalla Dawn of Ragnarok | Graphics test/First Look
* Star Wars Jedi: Fall Order instead of 49,99 € for 9,99 € (also in EA PLAY)
* Dragon Age: Inquisition Game of the Year Edition instead of € 29.99 for € 4.49
* Mass Effect Legendary Edition instead 69.99 € for € 27.99 (also in EA PLAY)
* Need for Speed ​​Heat instead 69,99 € for 13,99 € (also in EA PLAY)
* Red Dead Redemption 2 instead of 39,99 € for € 19.99
* Wasteland 3 Colorado Collection instead of 49,99 € for € 19.99
* Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Season Pass Edition instead of 39,99 € for 7,99 €
* Slime Rancher instead of 19.99 € for 5.99 € (also in Xbox Game Pass)
* Back 4 Blood instead 69,99 € for € 34.99 (also in Xbox Game Pass)
* Subnautica: Below Zero instead of 29,99 € for 19,49 € (also in Xbox Game Pass)
* Outlast 2 instead of 29,98 € for 5,99 € (also in Xbox Game Pass)

The offers are largely still valid until the morning of the 15th of March, some deals continue to run a little longer. Here you will find the overview of all reduced games for Xbox One and Xbox Series:

Xbox Store: 512 Offers for Xbox Series & Xbox One

Xbox Game Pass: First month for 1 Euro

Some of the games that are cheaper in the Xbox Store are also included in the Xbox Game Pass or In EA Play . The first month in the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate , which contains both the Xbox Game Pass for Console and PC as well as EA Play and Xbox Live Gold, you can currently get a single Euro. So possibly that could be the better deal.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: 1st month for 1 €

The offers listed here are provided with so-called affiliate links. With a purchase via one of these links your Assassin Creed supports: without the effect on the price we get a small commission from the provider.

Xbox Game Pass February 2022 Free Games

Xbox Game Pass continues its advance to 2022 with some great games to be published on the service. The Xbox Game Pass February 2022 line-up even contains a voltage expected PC version for subscribers from Game Pass for PC.

At the moment, the month does not look very busy, since Total was: Warhammer 3 adorns the service for PC players. However, console players can grab the highly praised RPG, EDGE of Eternity ‘. But both PC and Xbox owners will experience indie-delight, shredders’, which is expected to come to the market in 2022 and bring back a flickering of the SIX spark.

Of course, however, other games are announced when the month is approaching. So keep this page in mind when we update them. For a complete view of the Xbox Game pass February 2022 free games as it is now on PC, console and cloud, read on.

Take a look at the confirmed free games for game passport in February 2022.

Xbox Game Pass February 2022 confirms free games

Leaving GAME PASS January 2022! How Long To Beat? PUBG Going Free To Play! Game Pass 2022
These games were now confirmed for the Xbox Game Pass in February 2022:

edge of eternity — February 10 (console)
Total was: Warhammer 3 — February 17 (PC)
Shredder — February TBA (Console, PC, Cloud)

Take over again to get the first drop of games in early February and the second drop in the middle of the month. Just look for surprising supplements!

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (1 month) Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (1 month) Microsoft $14.99 $1.00 Buy Now Network N receives commissions from qualified purchases via Microsoft and other programs.

Xbox Game Pass February 2022 Remote Games

Microsoft announced none of the games removed in February. However, we should know more about February.

This covers everything you need to know about the free Xbox Game Pass February 2022 games. While you wait, look at what is currently available in the service.

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