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The best stadium in the world 2021 will debut in FIFA 23 among the novelties of this seStadium Databaseon

FIFA 23 hStadium Database confirmed some of the novelties at the level of licenses that will be releStadium Databaseed Stadium Database of September 30. In Spain the novelties focus on the stadiums. OsStadium Databaseuna and Real Valladolid will be able to play in their official enclosures within the virtual football of EA Sports. The Sadar wStadium Database chosen by the specialized portal Stadium DatabStadium Databasee Stadium Database the best stadium in the world of 2021, while the José Zorrilla Stadium is the temple of Pucela fans, who live with intensity their return to LaLiga Santander


What news at the license level includes FIFA 23?

The new Stadium Databasesociations at the Club level stand out for the presence of some Stadium Database emblematic such Stadium Database Celtic, Rangers and Mamelodi Sundowns , which add to Turin Juventus in all its splendor: goodbye Piemonte Calcio and the pijamStadium Database Stadium Database clothing. Now we can wear the white and black stripes of the Italian giant. They have also extended their agreement with Tottenham Hotspur. Stadium Database for leagues, the incorporation of the BKT series, the second Italian division, and the renewal with the MLS, the Argentine LFP and the Saudi Pro-League stands out.

Boca Juniors fans can finally play games at La Bombonera , one of the world football icons. The Europe-Park Stadion (SC Freiburg), the Ban of California Stadium (Los Angeles FC), the Allianz Stadium (Juventus), the Philips Sport Vereniging Eindhoven Stadion (PSV), and Manchester City Womens Academy Stadium (Manchester City female), in addition to the two Spaniards mentioned at the beginning of this news.

These novelties accompany others already known during their presentation, such Stadium Database the possibility of playing official matches of women’s football clubs . The Women’s Super League Barclays (England) and Division 1 Arkema (France), which in total offer 24 playable teams in competitions with the same treatment Stadium Database the official legers with the official license of male football.

The study explains in a press releStadium Databasee that all Stadium Databasesociations carried out so far in the FIFA franchise will extend without sissures to EA Sports FC , its new stage from 2023. This translates into more than 19,000 players, 700 teams, 100 stadiums and 30 leagues from the entire football planet.

Remember that FIFA 23 will go on sale from September 30 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PC, Google Stadia and Nintendo Switch (Legacy).

EA believes that players love FIFA envelopes: Ultimate Team

For some time, the possibility of extinguishing the loot boxes in different games, large companies such as Blizzard have already started with this practice in Overwatch. However, there are some who want to continue with the plan, being Electronic Arts a company that will continue to offer the model in its football games.

FIFA: Ultimate Team is a fairly profitable business for EA , since it generates millionaire profits year after year, this is due to users who necessarily want specific players in their cards. And if they fail to obtain them, they continue to spend money almost endlessly until randomly appear, but leaving many dollars along the way.


This is what they commented on the monitoring of including loot boxes:

We believe with all my heart that Ultimate Team and Fut Packs, which have been part of the game for more than a decade, are a FIFA part that players love: fans love that the game reflects the emotion and strategy of the world real to build and manage a squad. Giving players the option to spend if you want is fair.

It is worth saying, that spending is completely optional in our game, and we do not encourage spending instead of winning rewards through the game. Fut packages work in the same way, whether they are paid or won, and most players do not spend at all. For example, nine out of 10 opened FUT packages were won in FIFA 22.

Remember that FIFA 23 launches on September 26 on consoles and PC .

FC Bayern: Comes ex-Schalke

Articles as well as video clips on the topic
* Played with you at FIFA Bayern departure Richards via Lewy and Co.
* Commend for Brazzo: Not always on the visa

  • Register the Bundesliga on Fridays as well as Sundays solely survive DAZN-now!


Ex-Schalke keeper Martin Fraisl can apparently join FC Bayern Munich. As thebildrecords and with images, the 29-year-old educated on Thursday with the junior varsity of Munich.

It is currently open whether Fraisl can envision a dedication to the junior varsity of Bayern. You are presently playing in the regional organization Bavaria as well as striving to promo to the 3rd organization.

In the previous second department season, Martin Fraisl had risen with FC Schalke 04 and also was on the pitch in 26 games. Later on, nonetheless, the Austrian agreement was not prolonged, ever since it has actually been without a club.

Bayern beginners currently have big troubles in the goalkeeper position after four options failed. According to the report, Fraisl ought to consequently be evaluated and also an obligation needs to be checked out.

FIFA 22, metamorphosed, date and also list of gamers

Discover the new event of the period was with metamorphosed, which we currently understand the release day and the listing of players onfifa 22 _. Below, we get to the end of the period with the return of routine occasions.

Update: TO DAY OF Thursday June 16 at 6 p.m. The initial Leaks of Group 1 cards are released.

Commemorphosed in a couple of points:

  • An event that will begin on Friday June 17 and which will certainly last 2 weeks
  • Cards getting an important boost, with most of all a modification of setting
  • Possibly an increase in technical gestures as well as weak foot
  • Many DCEs, potentially icons on top of that


List of metamorphosed cards

Find our leaks listed below to uncover the cards before their official release. The cards will certainly be officially revealed from Friday, June 17 at 7 p.m.

Drip around metamorphosed

Here you will locate all our leaks around unique cards and also DCE for the metamorphosed event. On top of that, our leaks are also published on our articulated committed to all Leaks around FIFA 22.

Leaks of metamorphosed cards

This promo event is anticipated to last two weeks during which the discount cards metamorphosed are readily available in the packs. The beginning of the event is put on Friday, June 17 at 7 p.m

. A lot for the information concerning the start day as well as the listing of players for the Event the metamorphosed for the mode was FIFA 22.

  • Alphonso Davies, Bayern (in a BU setting).
  • Lionel Messi, PSG (in BU position).
  • Felipe Anderson, Lazio (in advertisement placement).
  • Aubameyang, FC Barcelona.
  • Eden Hazard, Real Madrid.
  • Kid, Tottenham.
  • Atal, OGC Nice.
  • Gerhardt, Wolfsburg.

Discover the brand-new event of the season was with metamorphosed, which we already understand the launch day as well as the listing of gamers onfifa 22 _. Right here, we reach the end of the period with the return of normal events. This promo event is expected to last two weeks during which the coupon cards metamorphosed are available in the packs. The beginning of the event is put on Friday, June 17 at 7 p.m

. A lot for the information worrying the beginning date and also the listing of gamers for the Event the metamorphosed for the mode was FIFA 22. You can locate all the information and our FIFA 22 overviews on metamorphosed event.

Date for the metamorphosed event.

FIFA 22 adds new retro equipment from historical clubs such as Real Madrid or AC Milan

FIFA 22 has just launched an ideal kit for the most nostalgic soccer. EA Sports has announced a series of equipments that are incorporated into the soccer game , who seek to pay tribute to the most remembered clothing of some of the best clubs in the world.

Available from now, now you can dress your favorite teams with the retro t-shirts, in some cases, several decades ago. Among them, is that of Real Madrid of the year 2006.

new FIFA retro t-shirts 22

FIFA 22 - Real Madrid CF vs AC Milan - UEFA Champions League Gameplay (PS5 UHD) [4K60FPS]

Manchester City -> 1969
* Inter Milan -> 2007
* Real Madrid -> 2006
* Catholic University -> 60s
* SELECTION Portugal -> 1921
* Tottenham Hotspurs -> 1961
* Leeds United -> 1992
* AC Milan -> 1995/96
* Borussia Dortmund -> 1975/76
* Psg -> 1989/90

The retro t-shirts are very currently in the world of soccer, and even they also suppose a very precious garment in terms of fashion, combining a style at the forefront with that classic touch that usually sets so well.

FIFA 22 continues to include novelties to the game, even after having had to communicate bad news, such as the elimination of Maradona of the game due to a legal battle for the rights of the “fluff”.

While the legal problems are resolved with the use of Maradona’s name, we remind you that in our FIFA content section 22 you will find the entire current of the EA SPORTS football game. From tutorials to guides and advice, going through SBC challenges solutions, as well as all the news that comes every week to the different events of Ultimate Team.

FIFA 22 adds retro t-shirts from the main teams: Real Madrid, PSG …

FIFA 22 PS5 | PSG Vs Real Madrid | UEFA Champions League
FIFA 22 Celebrate the history of football with a selection of retro t-shirts. A total of 12 clothing and a typho are available for acquisition in Ultimate Team. You will find them in the store until next April 29 at an individual price of 25,000 coins (except for the typho, which costs 15,000 coins).

All retro t-shirts added to FIFA 22

  • Tifo Dortmund ’76 – Celebrate Huber and Bertram, two stars from Borussia Dortmund on the retro t-shirtscent to the Bundesliga in the 1975/76 seretro t-shirtson
  • Real Madrid ’06 – “Inspired by the Real Madrid 2006/07, the Real Madrid Retro shirt returns 15 years later with a design adapted to the present.”
  • Liverpool ’82 – “The emblematic 482/83 Liverpool Equipment allowed the Reds to get the historic double of the League Cup and the League Title”.
  • Manchester City ’69 – “The legendary team of Manchester City of 1969/70, used by the first team that won a UEFA and other Cup at the same seretro t-shirtson.”
  • AC Milan ’96 – “The Fourth Equipment of AC Milan in the 1995/96 seretro t-shirtson, carried by EA SPORTS FIFA icons such retro t-shirts Baggio, Maldini and Baresi when the club won its 15th series title”.
  • Tottenham HotSpur ’61 – “The local Tottenham Hotspur t-shirt of the 60/61 seretro t-shirtson allowed the club to win the FA CUP and the First Division in seretro t-shirtson 1960/61”.
  • Leeds ’92 – “returns to 1992 with the Retro Leeds equipment, which celebrates the title of the First Division of the Club”.
  • Inter Centenary – “To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Inter, the centennial equipment wretro t-shirts used by EA Sports FIFA icons such retro t-shirts Zanetti, Crespo and Vieira when the club won its 16th series A”.
  • Borussia Dortmund ’76 – “An iconic equipment for a historic seretro t-shirtson, since the 1975/76 BVB team finally achieved the retro t-shirtscent to the Bundesliga.”
    Universidad Católica ’49 ** – “Inspired by the equipment of the Catholic University used by the club in the 60s, this impressive shirt celebrates one of the most glorious decades of the club”.
  • Portugal 1921 – “Celebrating the 100 years of the male selection of Portugal, the centennial shirt recalls the first official party of the nation in 1921”.
  • psg ’89 – “Take the Parisian style to the field with the Retro ’89 team of the French football giant”.
  • S.L. Benfica ’61 – “Celebrates the historic 1960/61 seretro t-shirtson of SL Benfica with the equipment with which it won the second consecutive league title and the first European Cup of its history.”

FIFA 22. Totw: Team of week 24, from March 2 to 9, 2022

Did you want an excuse to go crazy, opening all those FIFA 22 envelopes that you have been accumulating lately? We give it to you: MBappé premieres new letter in Form with the newly released of the oven Team of week 24 . And eye, which comes from the hand of improved letters of dembelé, diaby or sime1.

An offensive trident that rounds a very dangerous combination , and despite the fact that the general average can not be measured with that of the most powerful thematic formations of this season, when even reservations and alternates deserve a place on any main team you know That the time has come to bid for no faces not so well known with very convenient skills.

As every Wednesday, at DFC We have gathered all the cards of the initial eleven of the Totw and, already positions, we have disaggregated its corresponding attributes to detail. So you will know who to bid at a fixed shot and how to get out a good extra at the Transfers Market.

Keep in mind that these letters will appear on envelopes for limited time: you have until March 9 to trust in luck. All in all, we remind you that Friday 4 of Marza starts Fut Birthday , the next great event of FIFA Ultimate Team.

MBAPPÉ (DC) Totw with rating of 93

Simeone (DC) Totw with 86 rating

Dembéééé (Ed) Totw with 85 rating

Insigne (MI) Totw with 87 rating


Renan Lodi (MI) Totw with 84 rating

Soucek (MCD) Totw with 84 rating

Diaby (MD) Totw with 87 rating

Traoré (LD) Totw with 84 rating

Süle (DFC) Totw with 84 rating

Gabriel Paulista (DFC) Totw with rating of 84

CASTEELS (Por) Totw with 87 rating

All the letters of the team of week 24, including substitutes and reservations

FIFA 22, MOTP cards, match man

Here is the list of players who make up the new MOTP team, man of the match for the mode was on FIFA 22. As usual, the selection is performed by EA based on the results of the last week’s matches. As a reminder, the different cards will be Loofables in the packs from Saturday 19h until next Wednesday.

FIFA 22 - Liverpool Vs. Manchester United - PS5 Next Gen Gameplay - Premier League Full Match | 4K

MOTP card list, matchman

You can find the full team of MOTP on Futhead (in English).

Among the selected players to get new Motem Cards on FIFA 22 we find players from all walks of life. Among the best cards this week we will distinguish in particular Dybala, Lukaku, Jota or Romero among the players selected by EA. As a reminder, MOTP cards count for boost on live cards like OTW and Headliners.

As a reminder, MOTP cards on FIFA 22 will be unveiled on Saturday at 19h.

How to get MOTP cards?

Motm cards are rarely interesting high level because they will rarely fall on META cards. However, it is possible to get interesting cards, so it is necessary to know how to get these MOTM cards on FIFA 22.

The first source is obviously the market for transfers , where you can find the MOTP cards of a player in the special versions of his cards. Attention against against because IF cards are selling much more expensive than the basic version.

A second source remains the gold packs of the game , which have these special cards for a few days (from Saturday to the following Wednesday at 19h). Attention so because once this period has elapsed, it will be impossible for the drop in pack.

Finally, MOTM specific packs could be present during the season in DCE, although they are often unprofitable because totally random.

This is our list of the MOTP team, match man, up-to-date for FIFA 22. You can find all the news, solutions to the DCE and our advice on the FIFA portal of MOTP cards.

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