Collectors will spend the day, playing the Hogwarts Heritage, searching for a castle and territory in search of many collection items.
Some of these items are collectible chests, which stores unique awards, such as witchcraft spells, rods or features for your equipment.
If you need little help to find all the chests with collections in the area of the Hogwarts Castle Bell tower, we can help.
This is where to find them all in Hogwarts’s Heritage.

All six chests of bell tower in the Hogwarts Heritage

To find all six chests, you need to unlock at least the second level of alochomora and perform the side quest Halls of the Heroin.

chest with the first bell tower in the Hogwarts Heritage

Starting from the fireplace of the bell tower, climb the southern staircase as far as possible, through the rafters and to the choir room.
Go up the stairs in the eastern corner of the room through the bell tower.
As soon as you get to the balcony outside, go around the corner next to the frog statue to find this chest.

chests of the second and third collections of the bell tower at Hogwarts Legacy

Turn around and interact with the Frog pillar to teleport to the balcony of the opposite bell tower.
This chest with collections will be right in front of you.
If you go to the opposite side of this balcony, you will find your third chest with collections.
Easy, right?
Do not worry, the latter will not be.

chest with the fourth bell tower in the Hogwarts Heritage

The chest with collections number four is located on the territory of Hogwarts.
Start with the fireplace flame of the northern exit from Hogwarts, turn around, then pass by the stable and around the tower.
You will find a locked second-level door on the south side of this tower.
Open the lock and look towards the back of the room.


The chest with collections stands on a wooden table by the fireplace.

chest with a fifth bell tower in the Hogwarts Heritage

The fifth chest with collections will be outside the arithmetic door in the Northern Hall to get to it, start with a fireplace flame in the transfiguration class.
Turn and go through the first door to the left of you to enter the Northern Hall.
You need to climb the stairs to the right of you, where you led the treasure map in the cache in the castle.
Continue to climb the stairs until you reach the locked door of the first level.
The door of the arithmetic that you are looking for is in the back of an abandoned room.
If you still have not opened the door, the decision is the symbol of the lizard (6) for?
And the symbol of the three-headed hydra (3) for ??.

chest with the sixth bell tower in the Hogwarts Heritage

The last chest with collections can be found at the end of Repulse Puzzle Room Two.
This puzzle will become available only after the completion of the side quest Halls of the Heroin, and you will also need to open the door of the first level.
It took us forty-five minutes to pass Repulse Puzzle Room Two, as this is a difficult task, so do not hesitate to use our leadership for this.
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