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Dying Light 2 Stay Human: Fotomodus and New Game + allegedly in work

Techland still seems to work hard on Dying Light 2. After new parkour challenges, hotfixes and performance improvements have already been published, the team seems to work on a new photo and new game plus mode.

In an interview with Gameinformer Tymon Smektała said that the greatest surprise for Techland was how quickly some players 100, 200 and even 300 hours could invest in the game. Maybe just as surprising were the requests for new content from those who have played so much of Dying Light 2 so fast. Some of the greatest wishes that the team has heard are a new game plus mode, a photom mode and additional difficulty levels.

Dying Light 2 - Stay Human - Try Yourself With The New Parkour Challenges!

“These are definitely things that are currently lying on the table and worked on,” he says. “I do not want to go into detail here… but very soon people will see that these things are installed in one or the other form in the game.”

Techland launches more content with Dying Light Viking DLC

Techland Reveals HUGE DETAILS About The New DLC For Dying Light 2, New Content Drops & More

The zombies will never die, both in the biological nature and in the thematic direction. Dying Light is an excellent example of the longevity of the Zombie plague. Six years after his exit, we are waiting for the launch of his suite and now Techland sends more content. Holy Moly. The only thing I can think is the last DLC Borderlands 2 that will come out 8 years after the main game. The zombies are always there, but the Vikings are another thing that seems to be a trend. It may be a coincidence, but we have games like God of War, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Valheim, who all have a strong presence of Nordic mythology and viking imaging. Why not have a DLC Dying Light Viking?

Yes, it seems that the path to the future is in the past. The previous DLC Dying Light Hellraid Previous was an adventure of knights and skeletons and now the Vikings have a ride. In a strange turn of events, Harran is visited by real vikings. They bring “new” weapons; The ax with two hands Ragnarok, the ax with one hand The Aesir, as well as a shield Asgard’s Protector. A new variant of Buggy Viking called Reinen will also be added.

Players will be able to add fire damage to these new weapons, shields and buggy included. Those who purchase this DLC will also receive two outfits Bjorn The Warrior and Bjorn The Berserker. Dying Light – Viking: Raiders of Harran is now available. Dying Light is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Will you play at DLC Viking? Let us know in the comments below.

Dying Light 2 developer talks about 1. Story

Update: Techlands Lead Designer Tymon Smektała has much more to say to the Dying Light 2-DLCs. In an interview with Game Informer, he betrayed, among other things, that the team has plans to deliver even more content than originally announced. He also mentions New Game Plus, a photomodus and new difficulty levels that are “added in one or the other form”.

For the first story DLC, which should appear in June, there is also an announcement. Smektała has followed many speculation on the internet, which after his statement after “not nearly correct”. Nevertheless, he gives us a clue where the journey will go in the first story DLC:

Everyone who played through Dying Light 2 knows that the story concludes with some final decisions. Of course, these decisions are left to the player, but they bring the protagonist Aiden and his allies and enemies to some interesting points, especially if you consider where the story DLC should lead. The team deviates this challenge for the time being by developing narrative content that will take place “next to the main events”.

So we get a DLC whose story content “next to the main events” take place instead of finishing the end. However, Techland wants to tackle that sometime. First ideas already exist.

Live now!

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Original message: Techland has made clear before the Dying Light Light 2 release in February that we can expect DLCs for a few years – free of charge as well as chargeable. The beginning had new equipment and parkour challenges.

In the future, however, far more content should expect us to accept a similar extent as that from Part 1. How exactly what is meant is not revealing Lead Designer Tymon Smektała on the Game Developers Conference (GDC), but after all, gave a little outlook. (via pcgamesn)

“Expected the unexpected”

Smektała and the other developers persecute a clear goal: they want to provide us with content that are fresh. The plan is not to make the content too formalized, he explains and sets a now:

And I think you should also expect – maybe that’s a stupid sentence – but the unexpected expect.

Sounds like it as if to push our expectations a bit in height. However, he also realizes that he speaks of content, “but also work within the formula of Dying Light 2”.

Dying Light 2 Next Big Story DLC & Future Update | 2022

Little teaser on new environments: But as always the future DLCs will look like, on one thing we can definitely set ourselves according to Smektała: new environments with their own parkour challenges. The acrobats among you should come even further at their expense.

However, that sounds a little surprising again, as a piece of land can be seen from a distance in the northeast of Villedor, which is already traded by the community as a DLC area. With new environments not automatically meant new areas. Smektała speaks of “Environments”, which could mean as well that only parts of the city of Villedor could change.

The first part of the Dying Light 2-roadmap stands

Since the release on February 4, Techland has published two packs with weapons and outfits as well as new parkour challenges. To the latter you can see the trailer here:

Thus we stand at the DLCs to Dying Light 2 but only at the beginning. The game should be expanded for five years – somehow the promised 500 game hours have to be achieved. With a roadmap, Techland already gives an outlook for the next few months. Accordingly, the first big DLC ​​expects us with new story in June. Let’s see how surprising and fresh will then feel.

What do you expect from the upcoming Dying Light 2-DLCs?

The developer of Dying Light 2 confirms that the Favorite Function of the Fans will arrive

Luxury dying 2 was released last month without some characteristics that the players were disconcerted to see that they were missing. While the game is full of content like all open world role games, you lack some features that players expect from modern AAA games. Unfortunately, for these players, this type of characteristics are increasingly pushed into the post-launch for a variety of reasons. One of these characteristics is a way of photography, which is almost never included in the launch, but is saved for a post-launch pop-up window. Luxury dying 2 is the last example of this practice. If he retained intentionally or was promoted so that Techland could concentrate on other things, we do not know. What we do know is that it is a function that was missing in the launch, still lack, but it is working on it.

Techland (through the main game designer Tymon Smektal) confirmed that the function, along with New Game Plus, is in process, but did not say anything about when it will be added. What is mocked from Smektal is that these characteristics and more will come “very soon”.

“Definitely those are things that are on the table currently and in which you are working. I do not want to enter too many details here… but very soon, people will begin to see that those things are added in one way or another. ” In the game, “Smektal said when asked about the photo and more mode.

Of course, “very soon” is not only subjective but vague. That said, when more information is provided, we will make sure to update it over everything you need to know.

Luxury dying 2 is available through PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. For more information about the popular zombie game, click here.

İnceleme: Dying Light 2

«Luxury dying 2 has a slow start, and some can even see it as a hard work, but if you hold it a little more, you will discover a trip full of tension through the zombie apocalypse that rewards players who are intrepid and jump to the adventure. DANGER », says a fragment of our game review. “Soon you will be sliding, jumping and sliding around the world and cutting the infected more lethal with precision and absolute brutality. This is not an easy world to live and, sometimes, darkness can almost overwhelm you, but most of the time the rich characters, the convincing narrative and exciting combat create a mix that simply can not resist, and it is a world I hope to return ».

Dying Light 2 brings big update today – solutions blunders that can damage the entire game

** Dying Light 2 jobs after launching the renovation of the game. In enhancement, the developers on a brand-new game mode.

What is in the upgrade? According to the main Tweet of Dying Light 2, numerous issues must be addressed. 3 of them are particularly discussed:

Dying Light 2 brings large web content to release – the roadmap and DLCs in the summary.

When is the update? There is not yet a concrete day for the publication of the update.

The question of an individual on Twitter addresses the authorities network of Dying Light 2 that the designers “seriously believe concerning it”. You can not promise anything yet, yet consider the option.

The topic is just one of the largest neighborhood. In the initial part, zombies can still be upgraded, as seen in a clip. In the 2nd component, this is not possible anymore, yet need to now be submitted.

Concerning New Game + is “seriously thought”.

The “Deathloop” is a mistake that can totally ruin your game. If you die in an objective with an unique goal location, you might be revived away from any conditions. After that you pass away once again – and also will be revitalized.

The Ragdolls are something that fans currently wish to launch. Behind it is physics with which zombies relocate. At a Ragdoll, the goal blows up and breaks down as if the threads of a creature are topped.

Dying Light 2 - Secret GAME CHANGING Items & Features That Still Remain Undiscovered

In addition to the upgrade, the programmers once more speak regarding a setting, which fans of the very first component have likewise been waiting given that the launch of Dying Light 2.

This includes you into a limitless dying cycle in which you neither play the game neither restart. A similar blunder Meinmmo writer had Tarek while testing Dying Light 2, but he was nearly faxed quickly later.

As a policy, you are stronger after that the opponents but also what a brand-new challenge brings with him. Specifically the spirits borne games are known for this. Considering that some players assume, Dying Light 2 is too light, they want brand-new game + as well as brand-new problems for more enjoyment.

  • A repair for the “Deathloop”.
  • Ragdoll animations.
  • Solutions for the user interface.

What else is? Constantly ask fans after a “New Game +” setting for Dying Light 2. This is a brand-new game, which plays you with your existing personality.

Dying Light 2 works after launching the improvement of the game. In addition, the designers on a new game setting. The “Deathloop” is a mistake that can totally ruin your game. Constantly ask followers after a “New Game +” setting for Dying Light 2. Because some gamers think, Dying Light 2 is too light, they want brand-new game + and brand-new problems for more amusement.

Formerly, there were similar, scattered declarations. There is not a concrete date for the brand-new mode. At least we know concerning some new material, which must come:.

How to download free the Authority Pack of Dying Light 2 full and what includes every part of the Pacifier Lot

Techland mimicled the content of Dying Light for many years with infinity of free DLC . And this tonic will continue with Dying Light 2: Stay Human, no matter how much I will have any expansion of payment as it happened with the first.

In fact, today it has just been completed The first free batch: Authority Pack . And we say “Complete” because it was launched into three parts that we detail below with the relevant links for download on consoles and PC.

Where to get the free DLC from Dying Light 2

Both Xbox Series and Xbox One are the latest systems being the first to receive all of this free batch for Dying Light 2 . And as you can see in the two images that accompany the article, it is a complete set for Aiden with a pacifier aspect . Specifically, this is all that includes:

First part of the batch

  • Intimidant jacket
  • Intimidating cargo pants
  • Tennis intimidating

Second part of the lot

  • Intimidant Gauntlets
  • Intimidant winder helmet
  • Intimidating leather protectors

Third and last part of the lot

  • Authoritarian hammer

And quiet, that this set will not change your relationship with the survivors. It will simply give you a more “intimidating” aspect, as if you were a “paci”.

On the other hand, we leave you links for download in each system .

Xbox Series | Xbox One

  • Download first part
  • Download second part
  • Download third part

PS5 | PS4.

  • Download first part
  • Download second part
  • (Third part not yet available)


  • Download first part
  • Download second part
  • (Third part not yet available)


  • Download first part
  • Download second part
  • (Third part not yet available)

And how is it accessed after this content? Any store of all safe zone that you have unlocked ** that contains a backpack to access your computer, ultimately, so you will not have problems having many.

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Dying Light 2 Stay Human - Dying 2 Know: Episode 2
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Dying Light 2: Where you can find poppies

If you have problems to survive encounters with infected or anomalies in Dying Light 2, you probably have made booster to get an advantage. Several booster lists a common key ingredient in their blueprints, and that’s the poppy . Inspired by the healing properties of poppies in medicine, these can be processed into muscle, toughness and regeneration boosters, but first they have to find a reliable place to harvest them. Continue reading for our guide Where to find poppies in Dying Light 2!

Dying Light 2: where you can find poppies

Dying Light 2: ALL 4 SECRETS IN DOOM EASTER EGG CHALLENGE - Blueprints, Dev Letter & My Precious

Although poppies may be found Haine on the roof as with honey, chamomile and resin, these are rare ingredients and appear in lower quantities. They are among the supplies that appear when they find them, barely overlook, with distinctive red petals in stains that are similar to the chamomile. The most reliable way to find many poppies at a consistent spawn site is in the southwestern area of ​​Old Villedor’s quarry end area. Whether you are guided by a quest called “the rose garden” in this way or just find it on your travels while browsing houses after inventories, this place will be an enrichment and is very early in the game.

Instead of satisfying with occasional poppies on the roofs, you will find a greenhouse with normally 4 spots of poppies usually in the house shown on the map. Integrate this into your travels, including the nearby roofs to get supplies on the go, and they will never have too little poppies. Fortunately, many recipes that you use do not need many, with the boosters needing a maximum of 2. In this way, you can hoard them and always be ready to use with buffs when it matters.

This closes our guide where you can find poppies in Dying Light 2! If you want to get to know more tips and tricks for survival in Villedor, you definitely read our other guides.

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Dying Light 2 So claim authority DLC

Dying light 2 has published the first part of the Authority Gear DLC. Veterans of the franchise are reminiscent of the large number of cosmetic DLCs published for the original game, and it seems that Dying Light 2 follows this example. While future story enhancements were promised, we have no publication date in sight. Instead, we got a free cosmetics package. It seems that you do not need a seasonal pass to get the package as long as you have the game, you can get this free prey. Let’s talk about how you can get it for yourself.

How to claim the Authority Pack Gear for Dying Light 2

Even if the package is free for all, you still need to download the DLC for your articles to be displayed. This means that you need to go to the respective store of your system and looking for Dying Light 2 DLC. Since this is the first DLC for the game, it should be easy to find. Get that out of business and make sure it is downloaded. Then you should be good to get your prey in the game. Just go to any hiding place and you should find it on the “Extras” tab.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human - Authority Pack Free DLCs Trailer
The DLC gives you three parts of a six-part set called Authority Set. The parts are a mask, a shirt and a pair of pants. All of this equipment has arms 6, so if you are in the early game, this will mean a big boost for your statistics. As soon as the complete set is available, you can claim the six-part set bonus. It is currently unknown how high the bonus is.

This DLC package is the first of three, so we can assume that the next package will contain the remainder of the armor and the following packet contains the weapon from the DLC image. Once the weapon is outside, you should enchant Korek to make sure you do not break. Because if the weapon is broken, there is no way to get you back

The other two DLC packages have no release date, so you have to stay alert if you want the full set. Nevertheless, this armor is certainly an enrichment for those who are not in the final of Dying Light 2. If you have more problems with Dying Light 2, you definitely look at our other instructions.

Dying light 2 is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. A Nintendo Switch version of the game will be released later in 2022.

Dying Light 2: Alle Nightrunner

Nightrunners are largely a proposed group of people who have helped the survivors in Harran despite their affiliation and faith. They went through the darkest depths themselves and brought themselves to the well-being of others in danger. Of course, they had a reliable tool set with which they could cross the world in Dying Light. You, Aiden Caldwell, get these tools that help you. So you will receive all Nightrunner tools in Dying Light 2.

How to get all Nightrunner tools in Dying Light 2

There are a total of six tools in the game, which will help you find useful objects such as GRE containers or in finding needed craft materials. These are the tools together with where and how to get them:

GRE data key : This is deserved after the meeting with the informant in the story quest “Pilgrad”. It is the subject that helps you to get access to gre-quarantine zones and open the GRE containers that give them more immunity.

Binoculars : After you have gone with Hakon in the Quest Markers of Plague Story by the Saint Joseph Hospital to get your biomarker, he will give you binoculars. This is used to explore attractions in the areas of Old Villedor and Central Loop from afar. They will notice a crack on the lenses, but they can not be repaired or upgraded in any way.

Paraglider : After they are attacked on them and the PKS in the tunnel leading to the Central Loop, a woman named Lawan will help you. When you come through the car factory and the loop, you will give you an old paraglider. This item can be upgraded by the craftsmanship with Old World Money and Military Tech.

UV flashlight : You will receive this from Meyer in the story quest “Welcome on board”. The UV flashlight is ideal for infected temporarily to stun. It can also be upgraded to have a more durable battery from the Craftmaster for Old World Money and Military Tech.

Enterhaken : During the Broadcast Mission, Frank will tell you about the hook of a deceased Nightrunner, who was left behind. Conveniently, it is on the same floor of the VNC Towers where Lieutenant Rowes is killed overall squad from the explosions. This can be retrofitted.

Gre-detector : Even during the broadcast mission, you get this tool to make the finding of inhibitors much easier. What this does is actually where you are on the map if you have satellite signals in the areas!

Dying light 2 is now available for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X / S and PC. A Nintendo Switch Port will be published later this year in 2022.

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Dying Light 2 DLC starts with the authority pack

Last update there is February 15, 2022

Over the last 3 years, whenever the first Dying Light game published a new content, we joking that Techland should take the same commitments as followed. Now that Dying Light 2 came out, they start getting out. After all, they plan to support it for at least five years.

Free DLC For Dying Light 2: Authority Pack
Today, Techland has published the first part of the authority pack. There are three games in this pack, which are all free. The first part contains “intimidating jacket”, “intimidating cargo trousers” and “high high intimidants”. We do not know exactly when the next two parts will be available.

Yesterday, a short trailer has been published for the authority pack. This set is inspired by the Peacekeepers faction, which can be reached in Dying Light 2. The second part contains a facial mask, cuffs and gloves. The third part is a hammer weapon with both hands.

Blue helmets follow strict rules and inflict severe penalties to offenders. They consider themselves the leaders to a law and order out of a fallen world of chaos and anarchy. The player can choose to join them or the survivors, the rival faction of Peacekeepers.

There will be more weapons and equipment out, as well as more important History and Gameplay DLCs in the future. Dying Light 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Nintendo Switch.

What faction do you join in Dying Light 2? Let us know in the comments below.

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