azil will have 3 teams in the grand final of PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2022 (PMC 2022), PUBG Mobile World Malaysian and Indonesia.

The decision of the championship, which will be played on January 8, in the city of Jakarta (Indonesia) will have azilian influences, which passed second in the Red Group, Alpha7 Esports and Inure Gaming, who advanced to the grand final after passing through Survival
Stage and Last Chance.
Already Vito Had Stars was also eliminated at Survival Stage, the first of two recaps of the World Cup, and said goodbye to the competition in 30th place, earning a prize of $35 thousand ($182.7 thousand) for the campaign.


PUBG Mobile Global Championship began to be played on November 10, when the first group stage matches took place, with the participation of 50 teams and has a total prize of US $4 million (R $20.88 million in
current dollar quotation).

The campaign of azilians towards the final

Influence Che min

First azilian team to guarantee in the PMGC 2022 final, the influence Che min survived the red group, considered the death group of the Battle Royale World Cup.
With 4 Chicken Dinners (when the team is the last survivor of a match), the azilian team totaled 282 points in 24 rounds and was only behind Burial Esports United, Thailand, and with the result guaranteed one of the three direct vacancies
From the red group to the grand final of the PUBG Mobile World Cup.

Alpha7 ESports

Owl (Technician)
Unlike influence Che min, Alpha7 had to go through two keys of recap to secure themselves in the World Cup final.
After finishing the green group only in 7th place, with 182 points, azilian Equal recovered with good campaigns at Survival Stage and Last Chance.
At Survival Stage, Alpha7 got 1 Chicken Dinner, totaled 119 points in 12 rounds played and was in 6th place, securing one of the 16 vacancies for the Last Chance.
Already in the decisive recap, the azilian team was dominant, added 163 points, 44 more than the second place, in 12 rounds, got 3 Chicken Dinners and finished the overall Last Chance classification in 1st place.


Night (Technician)
Like Alpha7, INCA GAMETE also had to go through two recaps to advance to the grand final of the PMGC 2022. Drawn in the Green Group, the same as Alpha7, the azilian team narrowly escaped being eliminated in the first stage of the competition, ending
In 11th place, with 142 points, only 2 more than One Million Esports, and filled the last seat of the key for Survival Stage.
In the first recap to the final, Into recovered with good performances, got 1 Chicken Dinner and ended in the 5th overall place, with 120 points in 12 rounds, and was only 1 point ahead of compatriot Alpha7.
In the Last Chance, Inure Gaming once again lived a drama to qualify, and secured the place in the PMGC 2022 final in the last round only.
With a chicken dinner and impressive 11 eliminations, the largest number among the 16 participating teams, the azilian team surpassed Russia’s HVVP and Kazakhstan Titan, finishing the 5th place, with 105 points, and ensuring the ensuring
Last vacancy for the decision of the PUBG Mobile World Cup with just 1 point more than the 104 HVVP and Titans.