Genshin Impact seems to have directly modeled the character on the model of some of his student fans.
Leila, a sleepy student of the Academy to a pile, in practice is a powerful Syria shield.
Here’s how to build Leila in Genshin Impact.

Leila Assembly Guide to Gen shin Impact-Leila’s play style

The personal damage to Leila is almost insignificant in comparison with her abilities of the shield and cryoaclitor.


She uses the shield as part of her elemental skill, a night of formal attention, which depends on the maximum HP Leila.
While its shield is active, it will create night stars that will become falling stars after four night stars are produced.
Falling stars are homing shells that apply a cry dime.
Although you can create it to try to inflict damage, we cannot recommend it because of its capabilities as a support unit.

The best weapon for Leila in Genshin Impact

Any sword that can increase HP is a good choice for Leila.
Nile’s corporate weapon, the Hajj-Nisut Key, is the best weapon of Leila in the slot, although instead you can save weapons for the Nile.
You can also use the initial jade cutter if you are lucky enough to pull it out of the standard banner.
Otherwise, some good options for a lower level for use include a sword of fallowing or a harbinger of dawn.

The best artifacts for Leila in Genshin Impact

Layla shines by four to the resistance of the millets installed.
If you do not have enough details to make a good set for her, you can use a set of four items.
The nobility obliges is configured for the general support of the party, but this fades compared to the first option.
Its artifacts should greatly increase its HP and the ideal assembly will have HP as the main characteristic on sands, a cup and part of the diadem.
Energy reloading can be useful an auxiliary statistics, which can be found on these items.

The best teammates for Leila Genshin Impact

Leila is often used to support other cry characters, such as Gansu or Kayak.
Add Hence to the mixture with an AEMO or HYDRO support unit, and everything is done.
You can also replace Leila with Thinly in some of his frequently found command compositions, for example, as support for comic.
In some situations, Leila can also be connected to the Superconductor team supporting characters with physical damage, such as Eula or Razor.
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