Octavian, the captain of the militia, is a boss of the 58th level and a strong close combat fighter. The next leadership will help you track down and destroy Octavian, the captain of the militia in V Rising.

V ascending Octavian, captain of the militia location

Octavian can be found in the Danly bastion, north of the Danley farm. Like other bloody bosses, you can track Octavian through the blood altar, and the trace will lead you directly to his whereabouts.

There are groups of mobs throughout the Bastion, as well as inside the room with the boss. You can easily kill this mob without activating the boss.

There is a minimum shadow in the boss room, so it is recommended to deal with it at night.

Recommended equipment to win the captain of the Octavian militia in V Riding

There are two things that you need to have if you have good chances to defeat Octavian.

  • You need to have several therapeutic objects to meet him face to face.
  • You will need a couple of healing and protective spells to protect yourself from its strong attacks and heal the chance that you have.

How to defeat the police captain of Octavian in V Riding

For this, the distance is recommended, but it can rush at you if you are not careful. In total, Octavian uses five types of attacks.

As soon as you fight him, in the beginning he will mainly use two basic attacks, one of which on top which affects the enemies in front of him and shoots a shell of a rolling sword. If this shell amazes you, you will be stunned.

The second basic attack that he uses is horizontal oblique feature which hits him, throwing back and releases four rotating swords that cause damage and discard.

When the boss loses a little HP, he will begin to call militia long archer what will be a problem later, so it is first recommended to deal with them.

Octavian The Militia Captain | V Rising Basic Boss Guides (#22)
He also shouts which causes casting damage, and then commits the subsequent attack, attacking you. If he gets into you, he will inflict significant damage.

Finally, Octavian has ultimate ability in which he will begin to rotate and throw rotating swords in all directions, causing huge damage. It is best to run around than engage in battle with him. It will use this ability several times, so you must be careful with this.

V Rising Octavian the Militation Captain Boss Rewards

After you defeat Octavian, the captain of the militia, the next booty will fall out of it.

  • Mirror blow, vampire power
  • The structure of the anvil
  • Recipe for creating a pick of dark silver
  • Recipe for regalia of a dawn spike
  • Recipe for creating weapons from dark silver