To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Overwatch has brought a new screen experience for fans with a romantic dating simulator, Lover watch.
In Lover watch, you will participate in quotes with Genii or Mercy, with the help of Cupid Heinz, and you will gain exchanging articles for your Overwatch profile 2. You may be wondering what about Heinz?
Well, we have you covered.
Here is everything you need to know about whether you can have a romance with Heinz in Lover watch.

Can you fall in love with Heinz in Lover watch?

The short answer is No. While Heinz is present in the dating simulator, he is simply there to play the role of Cupid, and there is no Heinz route that you can follow.

However, there is a secret end that you can unlock to witness an additional scene and a conversation between Cupid Heinz and you inside their home in Nakamura, entitled The Realm of Love of our dear friend, Cupid.


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Cupid Heinz will admire your dedication to love and congratulate you for how you filled the hearts with others and himself.
Then he will give you with an arrow as a sample of his respect.
This concludes the secret end of Lover watch and will take you to the credits.
Once they have finished shooting (or you have finished displacing them impatiently until the end), you will receive the final lot of Lover watch rewards, all with the theme of Heinz.
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How to unlock the Secret End of Lover watch, explained

To unlock the secret final with Cupid Heinz in Lover watch, you must have completed two separate races from the game with Genii successfully falling in love with its route and the second for Mercy, complying with the same criteria.
Once you have accepted the love of Genii and Mercy’s love in separate games and won their respective rewards, I restart selecting new game again from the main menu of Lover watch.
This time you will automatically enter the secret end, and you will be received with Nakamura, a show for painful eyes.
If you remember this Overwatches 1 map, there will be a dialogue with Cupid Heinz about the map that will make you laugh.
Follow the conversation of Cupid Heinz and you will receive your gift arrow.
The credits will accumulate and receive their special rewards from Heinz, as indicated below.

Heinz Lover watch Rewards

  • Cupids Arrow: Player, title and outstanding Introduction Package (exchangeable for Overwatch 2)
  • Valentine’s card 17
  • Card Front 14
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    That is all you need to know about whether you can fall in love with Lover watch.
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