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EA believes that players love FIFA envelopes: Ultimate Team

For some time, the possibility of extinguishing the loot boxes in different games, large companies such as Blizzard have already started with this practice in Overwatch. However, there are some who want to continue with the plan, being Electronic Arts a company that will continue to offer the model in its football games.

FIFA: Ultimate Team is a fairly profitable business for EA , since it generates millionaire profits year after year, this is due to users who necessarily want specific players in their cards. And if they fail to obtain them, they continue to spend money almost endlessly until randomly appear, but leaving many dollars along the way.


This is what they commented on the monitoring of including loot boxes:

We believe with all my heart that Ultimate Team and Fut Packs, which have been part of the game for more than a decade, are a FIFA part that players love: fans love that the game reflects the emotion and strategy of the world real to build and manage a squad. Giving players the option to spend if you want is fair.

It is worth saying, that spending is completely optional in our game, and we do not encourage spending instead of winning rewards through the game. Fut packages work in the same way, whether they are paid or won, and most players do not spend at all. For example, nine out of 10 opened FUT packages were won in FIFA 22.

Remember that FIFA 23 launches on September 26 on consoles and PC .

Is Overwatch 2 a free game?

Overwatch 2 is the long-awaited continuation of the popular hero-player from Blizzard Entertainment. Overwatch 2 plans to expand what has made the initial release remarkable by adding new characters, changes in balance and even a user history mode to test them in the world of Overwatch, but is this the second game in this Blizzard franchise, a free game?

How to Get Overwatch 2 Beta: FREE-TO-PLAY & GUARANTEED
In Overwatch 2, as in Overwatch, you can not play for free. , **** and players should buy a Blizzard shooter to take part in this version of the game. Those who have Overwatch can play with users who have Overwatch 2, thanks to the combined servers from Activision-Blizzard, but only those who purchased Overwatch 2 can take part in new modes and additions, such as the joint history regime.

The original Overwatch debuted at a price of $ 39.99 for PC and Nintendo Switch, and versions for PS4 and Xbox One were sold at a price of $ 59.99. We can assume that Overwatch 2 will accept a similar price model when it comes out, although Blizzard has not yet confirmed or has not refuted this assumption.

Heroes and villains can boast of a new appearance, changes and evolution to adapt to the transition to Overwatch 2, which Blizzard demonstrates on the official website of the game, promoting the characters on the eve of Overwatch 2 launch.

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