Slim is one of the first investigated places in High on Life and includes a variety of Lug lox chests that need to be found and opened.
But where are they all high on life chests in Slim City?
In this post we treat everybody where you can find it in the city yourself, and all equipment you may need to reach the chest in concern.
You need to have overcome the majority of the game in order to be able to access all of these.
There is likewise no card in High on Life, so we use instructions and orientation indicate lead them to the best place.

High on Life Slim City-Frohen

There are 15 High Up On Life Slim City chests that are scattered all over the city, and they can be discovered hidden behind doors that the Italians require, high up so that they can reach them with their jetpack and their magic boots, and
In general, they are some of the simplest to be discovered and to be reached in the game.
You can see the area of everyone below:
Place of the chest in Slim City
Right in front of your house, you will find a little open garage to the right of some traffic spokes and trash buckets.
There is the chest you can open.
Area of the chest in Slim City
Straight to the left of the last chest you will find another Lug lox chest at the red barrier that leads around the city.
It rests on a bench and is simply to the right of the location where you have discovered originally gene area in High up on Life.
Place of the chest in Slim City
Follow the city and keep the last chest on the right.
They walk along a dark alley and see a main grandstand.
There is a chest around this stand next to the actions.
Open it to get a benefit.
Place of the chest in Slim City
Increase the staircase at the main stand from the last chest and you can see a wall with an arrow pointing upwards.
To get ahead, you must have received GUS by beating Kris in High on Life.
Use GUS technique hole to shoot the saw blades into the wall and create platforms on which you can leap with Knife.
Do this duplicated to go up the wall with the three sections.
As soon as you can leap on the 3rd piece, examine the actions you increased to discover a chest on the roofing system of the building.
Area of the chest in Slim City
Leap up from the previous chest and walk along the roofing.
On the other side of the square you can see another wall where you can use GUS ‘technique hole.
Fire in the saw blade and climb.
Up here you will discover the next chest.
Place of the chest in Slim City
Jump down from there and stroll past the Pandas.
Get on the lower street level, below the actions, and you remain in a large street.
On your right, with a pink light, you will discover the chest.
It is beside the telephone connection.
Location of the chest in Slim City
Turn around and return to the big dome you can see opposite your home.
Between the street in which they were, and this dome you will discover a chest with some trash cans.
When you have actually opened it and discovered out what to do with Warp crystals in High on Life, it is behind Blurts.
Location of the chest in Slim City
Now go to the dome and look on the ideal side of the seating location, right beside the two goals that cause the run-down neighborhoods.
Here you will find a chest to open.


Location of the chest in Slim City
You can see some beetles over the large main dairy where you can stick to Knife.
Swing yourself on it and after that get on the roof with your jetpack.
Up here you will find the chest that you can open with a stab.

Area of the chest in Slim City
Compared to this chest you can see a large building in the corner of the square, crust Lord, it is opposite the two objectives to enter the shanty towns.
There is a chest in this structure, but you have to get to the roofing system to gain access to it.
You should Dr.
Defeat Giblet in High on Life to get it due to the fact that they will have the MAG boots.
Grab the rope slide and then the wall beside the building.
Look behind you, and you will discover a little overhang that you can leap into, so you can get on the roof of the structure.
From there, usage Sweeps Technique Hole to decrease the fan in the middle and jump down the shaft.
Utilize your technique hole a second time to decrease the second fan, and you will discover the chest in the dining establishment.
You can get out with the switch at the window.
Place of the chest in Film City 11

Make the very same thing off the last chest and swing yourself on the rope slide and then on the wall.
This time they walk around the building with the Mag boots.
Dive over to the other wall on which you can run and follow it.
Grab after the beetle and swing over to find another piece of the wall on which you can run.
Use it.
Make a last swing and jump to the face sculpture to find the chest.
Place of the chest in Slim City
From there, go back to the home and jump on the roofing system you get with your jetpack when you strike Kris and after defeating Douglas in High on Life.
Take a look at the city in the background, and you will see a chest on the small structure.
Dive and fly over to open the chest and get some high up on life money (pesos).
The places are covered for the time being.
We are currently discovering the last couple and will upgrade this guide as soon as we have actually found them.
If you have actually discovered the places of the High up on Life Slim chests, you can even more improve your character, check out the planets and do the High up on Life bosses.
Further guidelines and suggestions for playing can be discovered in our guidelines in our walkthrough center High on Life.