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Apex Legends The aim sensitivity you are using may be slightly different. Verify the difference between in-game notation and internal data [Special feature]

Battle Royale FPS Apex Legends serviced by Electronic Arts.

The brilliant play of professional players and influencers attracts many gamers and motivates them to jump from the dropship many times, but the brilliant aim of experts is one of the synonymous elements. Probably. The sight of the aim sticking to the enemy and taking the opponent’s down in an instant does not seem to be playing the same game.

Thankfully, many of the players above the clouds have published their in-game settings. I think there are many players who imitate the settings or use them as standards. The operation settings are different for each person, and even if you imitate a famous player, you will not always improve, and on the contrary, it may be too peaky and your grades may drop. However, gamers should know that the spiritual pillar is big. Identification with the player you admire can wipe out anxiety and sometimes give you confidence.

The introduction has become long, but I will get into the main subject. Detailed sensitivity adjustment that has become commonplace in FPS games these days is also implemented in Apex Legends, and sensitivity (hipfire sensitivity) and aim sensitivity magnification (sensitivity during ADS) are Adjustable. In the latter case, the individual sensitivity when various scopes are attached can also be changed, and it seems that there are many players who set each in detail.

For many FPS players, aim sensitivity adjustment is a swamp, each finding an easy-to-use sensitivity after a struggle. However, Apex Legends may have subtle problems in such sensitivity adjustments.

In addition, from the next section, the investigation contents after browsing the setting file of the PC version Apex Legends via Explorer will be included. Please note that the Game * Spark editorial department does not take any responsibility for any damages based on the contents of this article. Also, all information in the article is based on the version at the time of writing and is subject to change in the future.

In this paper, we verify the behavior of Aim setting in the following environment. All images in the article are for Steam without annotations.

  • OS: 64-bit version of Windows 10 Pro

  • Windows Mouse Sensitivity (WPS): Default (6/11)

  • Improve pointer accuracy: (mouse acceleration) off

  • Control software: Logitech G HUB (version: 2022.6.271036)

  • Apex Legends (Origin version, Steam version, PS4 version)

  • Logitech G502 ( Firmware version: 103.2.12 / Report rate setting: 1000Hz)

  • Logitech G302 ( Firmware version: 91.0.7 / Report rate setting: 1000Hz)

  • Logitech G640 Mouse Pad

* PS4 PRO ( Dual Shock 4)

In order not to say goodbye to favorite sensitivity for a lifetime

Let’s start with the PC version of keyboard & mouse environment. There are multiple setting files of this work, including settings.cfg that exists in C: \ Users \ \ Saved Games \ Respawn \ Apex \ local, and bind and mouse and video respectively. It is responsible for saving settings such as Settings and In-game settings. By reading this setting file when the game starts, various settings are reflected in the game.

Currently, the setting file can be viewed and edited only on the PC version (using files common to Origin and Steam), and it cannot be confirmed on PS5, Xbox Series S | X, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch version. Please keep in mind.

Hereinafter, these setting files are referred to as internal setting data for convenience.

The internal setting data to be checked this time is stored in the local and profile folders, respectively. In this article, we will mainly check the following contents.


  • settings.cfg / Mainly saves mouse sensitivity, keyboard, controller binding settings, etc.

  • videoconfig.txt / Save video settings such as image quality

<< profile >>

  • profile.cfg / Save controller sensitivity and other in-game settings

By the way, there are two ways to adjust the sensitivity in this game, and either Enter the value directly or Move the sensitivity adjustment slider . It will be.

First of all, the method of Enter the numerical value directly . Click the value of each sensitivity next to the slider and type directly from the keyboard. For example, if you enter 1.0 here, the internal data will also be 1.0 . Although it is a detailed specification, in fact, it is possible to input up to the second decimal place at this stage, and if you enter 1.05 , the internal data will also be firmly 1.05 **. It will be reflected.

Next, how to adjust with Slider . If you adjust this method, you can imagine that the numerical value changes in increments of 1.0 / 1.1 / 1.2 and 0.1, but This is just a rough numerical value, and it is only displayed. In reality, there is an intermediate number. **

The sensitivity of this work is specified up to 6th decimal place as far as it is confirmed on the internal setting data, and this specification is common to mouse sensitivity and scope magnification aim sensitivity.

Even if the sensitivity 1.0 is entered on the in-game setting screen, it is often not written as 1.000000 in the internal setting data, and the value fluctuates between 0.950001 and 1.050000. I understand. Even with the same 1.0, the range of 0.099999 is created between the minimum and maximum values. The following are the values verified for each 1.0 from 1.0 to 5.0.

  • 1.0 notation / 0.950001 to 1.050000

  • 2.0 notation / 1.950000 to 2.050000

  • 3.0 notation / 2.950000 to 3.050000

  • 4.0 notation / 3.950000 to 4.049999

  • 5.0 notation / 4.950001 to 5.049999

Although there are some variations, the range is about 0.1 as a whole.

Based on this, for example, the case of I changed the sensitivity from 1.2 to 1.3 using the slider, but I returned it to 1.2 because it does not fit well. However, it feels different from the past is unnatural. Instead, it is possible that the phenomenon of sensitivity different from the past actually occurs. It’s just a tentative story, but The internal data was changed from 1.240000 → 1.260000 → 1.160000 ……, so it wasn’t a mental problem and the numbers were actually different. There are surprisingly many players who do not know this specification, and I introduced it because it is the basis of this article.

I mentioned that it is roughly displayed in the Slider item, but let’s see an example when it is set to 1.06 in How to enter a numerical value directly. In this case, immediately after setting, the notation remains 1.06, and when the game is restarted, it goes to 1.1. If you enter 1.05, it will be displayed as 1.0 when you restart.

Even after the notation is changed on both sides, the actual internal data remains 1.06 and 1.05, and the mechanism for converting to the first decimal place and displaying it seems to be working here as well…

How much does it actually deviate?

If you make adjustments with the slider and a deviation occurs, how much difference will actually occur?

In this verification, Logitech’s gaming mouse G502 is used as the main device. In order to check if there is a difference with G502, we also prepared G302 made by the same company as a sub device and set the DPI to the same value. Rewrite the mouse sensitivity (hip fire) to 1.0 (1.000000, details will be described later) and the minimum and maximum values 0.950001 and 1.050000 written as 1.0, and actually measure in the game. I did it.

The measurement is performed after setting the screen resolution in the game to 1920 x 1080 and setting the viewing angle (FOV) to 110 by numerical input. At the shooting training ground, the action of moving the viewpoint horizontally by 180 degrees (turning around) in the state of hip fire is repeated 10 times each.

In addition, after trying each of the listed values, the average value is calculated and the value closest to the average value is adopted.

It should be noted that the mouse movement is manual and the measurement is analog using a ruler, but the following results were obtained.

In addition to this actual measurement, the site Mouse Sensitivity where you can check the sensitivity of various shooter games also inputs the values as follows and confirms the results (this is the value of 360 degrees around).

Units: Centimeters
Location: Config File
Convert from: Apex Legends
Sensitivity 1: 0.950001 / 1.000000 / 1.050000
DPI: 800/1600/2400/3200
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
FOV: 1.55 (internal value when viewing angle 110 is set)

《DPI: 800》

0.950001 → about 27.3 cm
1.000000 → about 26.0 cm
1.050000 → about 24.7 cm

0.950001 → about 27.4 cm
1.000000 → about 25.9 cm
1.050000 → about 24.5 cm

Mouse Sensitivity
0.950001 → 54.6889cm
1.000000 → 51.9545cm
1.050000 → 49.4805cm

《DPI: 1600》

0.950001 → about 13.7 cm
1.000000 → about 13.0 cm
1.050000 → about 12.5 cm

0.950001 → about 13.6cm
1.000000 → about 13.1 cm
1.050000 → about 12.3cm

Mouse Sensitivity
0.950001 → 27.3445cm
1.000000 → 25.9773cm
1.050000 → 24.7403cm

《DPI: 2400》

0.950001 → about 9.2 cm
1.000000 → about 8.7 cm
1.050000 → about 8.3 cm

0.950001 → about 9.1 cm
1.000000 → about 8.5 cm
1.050000 → about 8.2cm

Mouse Sensitivity
0.950001 → 18.2296cm
1.000000 → 17.3182 cm
1.050000 → 16.4935 cm

《DPI: 3200》

0.950001 → about 6.8cm
1.000000 → about 6.4 cm
1.050000 → about 6.2 cm

0.950001 → about 6.9cm
1.000000 → about 6.5 cm
1.050000 → about 6.1 cm

Mouse Sensitivity
0.950001 → 13.67 22cm
1.000000 → 12.9886 cm
1.050000 → 12.3701cm

From this result, it can be seen that the deviation of the 5th or 6th decimal place is probably not something that can be experienced, but if it is up to the 2nd place, the deviation will occur at a level that can be fully experienced in some cases. increase.

In addition, if you set by method of directly inputting numerical value, the internal data will also be set as ○. ○ or ○. ○○ (not set to the 6th decimal place)., Again, when the same verification as above was performed with 1.0, 1.00 (directly input in the game) and 1.000000 (direct rewriting of the file), no difference was found between them. I can’t say for sure, but from this result, it’s probably natural to think that it is processed like OO00000 or OO0000 internally.

In order to prevent such a deviation in sensitivity, it is necessary to use a method of entering a numerical value directly in the game or overwriting the setting file directly as in this verification.

For those who have adjusted the sensitivity with the slider so far, it is a result that feels a strong sense of discomfort, but in the future, if you want to prevent the difference between the displayed value and the actual internal data, Enter the value directly in the game It is recommended to set by the method of Yes. For many players, setting up to the second decimal place should be sufficient, and in most cases this is the solution.

By now, you should have understood the two points of Sensitivity adjustment with the slider causes a deviation and If you enter a value directly, the deviation does not occur . However, this is just a story with PC version keyboard & mouse player . What happens in the case of PC version controller player ?

The sensitivity settings of the PC version controller can be divided into normal settings and detailed viewpoint operations . In the former case, you can change the sensitivity etc. in a stepwise manner, and in the latter case, in addition to increasing the setting items, you can make neutral adjustments that are not stepwise. As far as I checked the internal setting data, There is no deviation in the stepwise adjustment of normal setting. I would like to pay attention to the latter Detailed viewpoint operation .

If you turn on Scope Magnification Aim Sensitivity in Custom Operation when Aiming, you can finely adjust the sensitivity in the same way as keyboard & mouse. As introduced earlier, the adjustment with the slider will cause a deviation, but the countermeasure is the same, and if you enter the numerical value directly, the deviation will not occur.

If you turn on Detailed viewpoint operation, you will be able to set dead zones and input range limits in addition to this, but if you adjust this item with the slider, it will also be misaligned.

The troublesome thing is Adjustment is impossible with the slider only , so it may be possible to set the value as close to the target value as possible, and it may be the last-minute value to which the carry-up / carry-down is not applied. There will be. Unfortunately, due to the specifications of the device, it is not possible to measure like a mouse, so it is unknown how much it will actually affect it, but it is quite possible that there will be a slight difference in the numerical value and the operability that accompanies it. increase.

For this reason, rarely common situations such as I changed the sensitivity but I returned it are substantially forever with the current aim sensitivity, whether or not you can experience it. It means break up with . To solve this, it is necessary to record or back up the setting values inside profile.cfg of the save file C: \ Users \ \ Saved Games \ Respawn \ Apex \ profile. There is no choice but to rewrite according to. However, it is not a recommended method for everyone.

Apex Legends problem child slider

I’ve written this for a long time and refused, but it doesn’t mean that there is a clear discrepancy with the in-game notation. The mouse sensitivity of the notation 1.0 is actually 3.0, or the 10% dead zone is actually the 20% dead zone *, not at the no help level * You need to keep that in mind.

The content of this article is something that players who want to adjust or change the sensitivity should remember, but the sensitivity that they are already using is suitable for me. If you’re a player who feels yes or easy to use, you don’t have to worry too much about it… I would like to say, but unfortunately that may not be the case.

Some of you may have already reached the truth, but as long as you check the internal setting data Almost all items to be adjusted with the slider of this work The notation and the actual value may differ. It seems that the phenomenon of is there will occur.

I thought that the setting item that would be most affected by this problem would be Aim sensitivity, and as I showed it in the title of this article, it can be said that the slider is a problem child of Apex Legends. In addition, it has been confirmed that the above problem occurs in both the Origin version and the Steam version. In addition, the post FOV scale problem was a hot topic on Reddit.

  • In the various in-game settings of the PC version of Apex Legends, it is expected that the notation and the actual value will often differ when adjusting with the slider. **

  • To solve the problem, enter the numerical value directly without using the slider. **

  • If you want to check and record the sensitivity adjusted with the slider, you need to refer to the internal setting file settings.cfg or profile.cfg. **

  • For items that can only be adjusted with the slider, it is necessary to check or rewrite the internal setting file to check the current status, record, and eliminate the deviation. **

The topics in this article can be summarized as above.

It is also a problem that this internal data group can be confirmed only for the PC version. These phenomena were actually confirmed only in the PC version, and the same phenomenon may not occur in other models.

However, if another model version of Apex Legends was operating with the same internal specifications, at this stage, it is not possible to directly input various numerical values (confirmed with PS4 Pro), and the error overlaps with the error. It can be considered that there are more players playing in the state of being in the state compared to the PC version.

At the time of writing this article, the Game * Spark editorial department has contacted Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment to confirm the facts and questions regarding the internal setting data.

Apex Legends will give you three heroes next month

Undoubtedly, Apex Legends Is one of the most popular free-to-play, however, those who want to unlock new heroes should prepare to disburse real money. However, EA and Respawn will give you the opportunity to get new characters completely free to celebrate the third anniversary of the game that will be held next month.

According to a new publication on the official site of EA , in February you can unlock the heroes Octane, Watson and Valkyrie . How? It is enough to initiate session at Apex Legends on the following dates to claim them:

– 8 to February 15: Get octane plus three thematic packets

– 15 to 22 February: Get Watson plus three thematic packages

– 22 to March 1: Get Valkyrie plus three thematic packets


If you already have unlocked these characters, then do not worry because you will still receive the thematic packages and one legendary.

In other news, the February 8 will also mark the date for the arrival of the most recent season of Apex Legends , which includes the new heroin Mad Maggie. You can throw him A look at your disclosure trailer at the following link. Unfortunately, we still do not know when it will debut the NEXT-GEN version of the game that was filtered last month.

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