Rebekah and Adam Salesman are major players in the independent play area. They helped develop games, they helped publish, they were everywhere. Pretty prolific to get a hand in bugs, Night in the Woods, and more, we can say they know what they talk about when it comes to the stage of the independent game.

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Thus, when, in a recent interview with IGN, Rebekah talked about some current problems encountered by independent developers, it’s something to take seriously. According to the interview, the old independent game exit methods simply work more. You can not just get out a game, spend the next few years tinkering a project, then you expect to publish it so easily.

… From the point of view of commercial development or publishing, it is actually very difficult to disappear for two years, then to return to the industry and to say: Hi, guys, I have a Game. Because you missed all these small gradual changes that occurred. And at some point, the game industry has turned around and goes now in a different direction… it has completely changed three times since your last launch.

Salesman adds later that another problem aggravates the situation of independent developers. While large publishers can charge full price for a new game version, independent developers should almost come out of the games at a lower cost. The new independent title is not a big budget game at $60, it is supposed to be in the range of $10 to $20 — and when independent game budgets skyrocket, it’s a problem.

Budgets are ridiculous now, she says. It’s been five years old, I said to myself: ‘Oh, I can do a game for a million dollars.’ And it was crazy then. And [Now] I tell me ‘I can not do that for less than four years [Million]’. »

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