From this week, gamers can immerse themselves in the Harry Potter universe and function as witches and wizards-or simply view it.


In keeping with the launch of Hogwarts Tradition, all gamers who look at the streams on Twitch and connect the account there to the WB Games profile are rewarded.

The campaign runs from February 7th to 24th, 2023 and needs the following actions:
Watches at a streamer who plays Hogwarts Legacy on Twitch with activated Twitch drops for at least thirty minutes.
As quickly as you discover the particular benefit in the Twitch inventory, it can be requested.
Calls the connecting page of the WB Games account page and links your Twitch account with your WB Games profile.
As soon as the accounts are linked, the actions follow to ask for the reward in the video game.
There is a second option to get to Twitch drops for Hogwarts Tradition: gamers who likewise follow the Twitch channel of the responsible designer Avalanche software application and view the streams as quickly as they are on February 10th and 7th at 17
Start: 00 a.m., can unlock another product after 20 minutes.

these benefits are available

In total, spectators can protect five drops through Twitch.
This includes:
Silver kite goggles-facial clothing
Carmine red lightning scarf-neckwear
Lilac-colored ensemble-outfit
Merlin’s cloak-cosmetic item (Avalanche stream).
The drops are awarded in the order noted at intervals of 30 minutes.
An exception is the stream from Avalanche, the gamer rewarded with the drop after 20 minutes.
All more indications of the Twitch drops and a prolonged explanation for the connection of the accounts are summarized in a substantial FAQ.
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Hogwarts Tradition appears regularly on February 10, 2023, for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.
Purchasers of the Deluxe Edition can already start today thanks to the preliminary deductions.
Variations for the last-gene consoles follow at a later date.
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