Apart from the apparent, the Super Bowl LVI ISO needs to offer the little, nice stories again in its 57th edition.
This year, to name a few things, a heart-warming.
There are two bros in the fight for Vince Lombardi Prize opposite Hence Bowl for the very first time with Jason (35) and Travis Hence (33).
As a center, the older of the two brothers becomes part of the Bären-strong offensive line of Philadelphia Eagles, while the somewhat younger brother serves as a leading anti-playing station at the Kansas City Chiefs.
Travis Hence and Quarterback Patrick Mahomes (27) have actually been with the most feared duo of the league and long ago that the Tight End will be one of the very best in its guild in NFL history.
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# 44: Review of the season with the Icing Honors

Awards, awards, awards!
Prior To the Super Bowl, the crowning magnificence of the season, the league will offer its NFL Honors its NFL Formality in the course of next week.

Michael, Jan and Death make their forecasts ahead of time: Who will end up being MVP, who will win the rookie costs, who will be a coach of the year?
In addition, there is the solemn premiere of the Icing Honors!
The 3 kids present you the amazing award winners, who were figured out in an internal coordination of the editorial team.
Get on something!
The next episode Icing the with the most important matches in the Super Bowl will be readily available next Thursday.
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# 43: Brady withdrawal!

Super Bowl chiefs and Eagles under the magnifying glass

# 42: NFL Preview-Alles or absolutely nothing!

Who can do it in the Super Bowl?

# 41: NFL Previews Best weekend of the season!


# 40: NFL Preview-so wild is the playoff start!

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In their particular positions there is currently no better than Hence and Hence and the support for their respective quarterback is among the decisive consider the duel on Sunday.
One who understands both Kelles is Chiefs coach Andy Reid.
In 2011, he was still Travis as a coach of the Eagles Jason Hence, two years later on quickly after transferring to Kansas City.
I have actually invested a great deal of time in both of them, so I feel a small role of the household, the coach joked at an interview.
Both live in the gene, truly passionate, but also compassionate, Reid continues.
Jason was a bit more fully grown when he came to the NFL, the big bro, Reid compares the 2 today.
Travis got here a bit of an unripe, however he has actually grown up. I believe his big bro safeguarded him so that he might do the crazy things.


To leap or something.
Foolish pranks are at a lot of digital today, Jason and Travis are tease once again by means of social media-and they understand that a person of the 2 will crown themselves from Sunday to Monday to the Super Bowl winner.
Incidentally, both Jason and Travis Hence have actually already won the champion with their teams, Jason with the Eagles 2018, Travis with the Chiefs 2020. What is also safe has already acknowledged Travis Hence beforehand: A cool one
Situation that we can not lose mama.
Mother Donna Hence, who frequently uses a co-sewn mix jersey with her two offspring, also believes something to know: It is your hopes and dreams that become a reality when your children get that far. They are also your worst
Since you know that somebody will go home as a loser, worries…. And none lose really well.