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All the new weapons you can manufacture in Destiny 2 Season of Plunder

One of the most great novelties of Destiny 2 Season of Plunder has to be all the new weapons you can manufacture . To be exact, almost everything, from the dares of eternity loot, is now available for you to do it yourself through the elaboration of this season. If you do not have too much knowledge of what weapons make up that, do not worry, since we will break it down.

All Eternity challenges that can be manufactured

In total, there are 25 new pieces of equipment that you can create in Destiny 2 Season of Plunder, which are part of the 30th Anniversary Pack Dares of Eternity. You can see them all in the following table:

Name Rarity slot Guy
Forgive our dust legendary Kinetic Grenade launcher
Yermo m5 legendary Kinetic Shotgun
BXR-55 combatant legendary Energy Pulse rifle
Path traced legendary Energy Tracking rifle
Half truths legendary Arch Power Sword
The other half exotic Empty power Sword
Concha del Ecuador exotic Shell ghost Ghost shell
Unixursal traveler exotic Boat Boat
Inspired eidolon legendary Gorrión Vehicle

Deimosborn layer | legendary | N / A | Universal hunter ornament
Deimosborn fists | legendary | N / A | Universal hunter ornament
Deimosborn mask | legendary | N / A | Universal hunter ornament
Deimosborn strides | legendary | N / A | Universal hunter ornament
Deimosborn Vest | legendary | N / A | Universal hunter ornament

Pfhorian glove compliments | legendary | N / A | Universal Titan Adorn
Pfhorian grebbas | legendary | N / A | Universal Titan Adorn
Yelmo Pfhoriano | legendary | N / A | Universal Titan Adorn
Pfhorian brand | legendary | N / A | Universal Titan Adorn
Forian plate | legendary | N / A | Universal Titan Adorn
S’phthish link | legendary | N / A | Universal Witch Adorn
S’phtish boots | legendary | N / A | Universal Witch Adorn
Cover of s’phthish | legendary | N / A | Universal Witch Adorn
S’phtish gloves | legendary | N / A | Universal Witch Adorn
Dresses s’Hhtish | legendary | N / A | Universal Witch Adorn
Sweaty confetti | legendary | N / A | Weapon mode

That is all you need to know about ** All the new weapons you can manufacture in Destiny 2 Season of Plunder. And news, including all the information you need to know about the next release date of DLC and its unique subclass.

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Monhanrise: Sunbrake Fight monsters whose strength fluctuates! The largest additional element Puppy Discussion Quest is further powered up

Capcom has announced a new element, Puppy Discussion, which appears in the Nintendo Switch/PC’s hunting action Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbrake on the distribution program held on August 9.

In the first free title update (Ver.11), which will be held on August 10, new monsters will appear, and puppet quests will be even more powerful. In addition, a puppet-related research quest that is deeply involved with the puppet quest will be implemented.

■ Power-up puppet quest and puppet study quest to fight stronger opponents

[Extension of puppet quests]

In the previous version, we were able to play puppet quest up to EX ★ 4, but EX ★ 5 has been newly introduced. You can fight new puppetization monsters such as Luna Gallon and Oromidro subspecies.

It is said that the monster of EX ★ 5 will be released by promoting the puppet study quest.

[Publishing Discussion Quest]

This Puppy Discussing Quest was introduced as the most exciting element in this update. The level is set in the Publishing Quest, and the monster is enhanced according to the level. The rewards that can be obtained also change.

In addition, the play conditions such as target monsters, fields, and number of participants are randomly combined, so we will fight in various situations. Flexible response may be the key to victory.

In this puppet-based research quest, you can get special materials to enhance weapons and armor, so that hunters’ weapons are even more powerful.

[Puppet-creation: Enhancement of weapons]

Weapons enhanced to rare 10 can be puppet adaptation. A special slot is given to the puppet adaptation weapon, selecting enhancement items such as attack power and critical rate, and combined to customize it.

[Puppet-creation: strengthening armor]

You can use Public Quest Reward or Materials obtained from puppy monsters to puppet adaptation. Furthermore, by using the Publishing Quest Reward, it is also possible to enhance puppet that randomly grants defense, resistance, and skill points.

In addition, although the material is consumed, it can be seen off without looking at the random results, so it is possible to repeatedly seek equipment skills that match your style.

[Opening of a puppet research institute]

Researcher Bahari has opened a new puppet research institute. Here, you can exchange dedicated items obtained by rewards for the Publishing Quest as items that are useful for puppet-creation.

In addition, if you clear the puppet’s research quest, you can get research points, and if you accumulate a certain number, the research level will rise. This research level affects the level of the obtained puppet study quest.

Publish quests related to the implementation of Publishing Quest and strengthening further weapons have been further digged. The ranks of the puppet quests, the types of monsters that can be challenged, and the upper limit of the puppet-based quests will be updated at any time with the title updates scheduled in the future. While fighting a new strong enemy, please wait for further reports.

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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak sold 2 million copies, and the main game

The aggregate sales of the action-RPG Monster Hunter Rise have reached 10 million copies, while the fresh addition of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak has already sold more than 2 million copies. Recall that the release of the latter for personal computers and Switch took place on June 30.

Capcom published the previous values of sales of the main game in May of this year, when it was reported about 9 million copies around the world. Recall that initially the Monster Hunter Rise was an exclusive Nintendo Switch console and reached personal computers relatively recently.

If you are interested in learning more about Monster Hunter Rise, then NVIDIA DLSS technology was added to the PC game on PC on June 30, which, as it turned out, causes its activation a rather strange bug, which you can read about here.

The best incoming to choose from in Coromon

Coromon is the newest monster tamer game that reaches digital stores and, like many games of the genre, it can be difficult to decide which initiator to choose when your adventure begins. If you ask what choose, we have information to help you with that decision. This is what you need to know about the best incoming to choose from in Coromon .

Who is the BEST Starter in Coromon? | Full Version Guide!

What starter to choose in Coromon?

Of course, there is no correct or incorrect answer, but we will describe the strengths of each initiator to influence a bit in its decision. In Coromon, the headlines are a ice-type lubber, corugate fire-type and water type water type.

Beruga specializes in a high attack power and will eliminate other coromon easily from the beginning. He becomes a great volcanic turtle called Volcadon. Nibblegar has a high defense and a special defense to survive even the strongest attacks. It will become a giant shark, megalodon, in its final evolution. Toruga and Nibblegar are perfect if you want to focus on the attack or defense.

Cubzero is more an apprentice of all the trades that has even distributed offensive and defensive capacities. If you are looking for the most balanced option, Cubzero and its evolution of the Bearrealis Polar Bear are the right option for you.

Along with all the above information, it is important to keep in mind that the beginning of the game presents a main zone full of Electricity type, which means that Nibblegar is at a disadvantage in battles for a while at the beginning.

That’s all you need to know about the best incoming to choose from in Coromon . Be sure to search at monster tamer to get more information about the game if you are looking for more suggestions.

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[Yoshidas picture diary] What kind of feeling is the experience of PS5? “Anchored Treasure Hunter Collection”

When you play a series of many works, what order do you start from?

In order of launch, the order of time series in the work, I am a type that does not emphasize the story too much, so I will play from the latest work!

This time, Sony Interactive Entertainment Gives Software Software Software “ Antitid Treasure Hunter Collection “. This work is a remastered version of the action adventure “ Anti-charted Pirate King and the Last Hidden Treasures ” and “** Anchored Ancient God of Ancient God of Ancient God”..

In this picture diary, we will play the completed edition of Nathan’s last adventure “Anchated Pirate King and the Last Treasure”! … Even though, I only know that Nathan is a great exercise nervous a good thing.

# Natesan was amazing from the time of child….

Neisshan seems to have ever been adventures around the treasures around the world so far. This time, along with his brother’s Sam, I asked for a treasure of Pirate King Henry Avley, and it seems to go to a ship on the Pirates’ country.

It is such a Nathan, but he has been chased from the enemy’s ship.

I am not good at ships. I just went to the ship and just went to his grandson, just going to talk to his grandson.

Because I think that the ship is sinking and I think it would be a scary….. 海 っ… っ….

Nathan’s ship will be overwhelmed by the enemy bullet.

The screen darkened when I thought “How to get over this crisis?”

I was switched to the scene of Nathan’s boyhood who was an orphan. Apparently this chapter seems to scratch your nun’s eyes and escape the facility.

How many Matcho Toughgai, Nathan knows the series unplayed me.

How was the boyhood.

Naturally, it is natural to climb it in places over your height…

If you have a little bit caught up, it will be a wall. It is a horrible physical ability from the time of a child.

It is a big difference with me who strikes the waist just overcoming the steps of 30 cm!

# Stealing and jumping! Type-rich situation

It is the next chapter if you finish the boyhood re-hardship escape show.

This time, prison is the stage.

Suddenly tight prisoners will begin to fight. “ It is still early to do Onenne! I’m 100 dollars Bet! ” It seems to be able to hear Yaji.

Among them, it seems to be a flow to learn about the operation of the close battle.

Speaking of which, in the prison, the guards were encountered where the prisoners shake violently.

…… “When I think I’ll stop hitting it.” I was just looking at it, but my guards continued to beat the prisoner.

If I leave the spot, I will stop the game specification. Sorry.

Since the chapter changes, the stage changes and the new operation also appears, so it is always a fresh feeling during play.

דודה דינה והבלשים הזעירים- חדר חקירות 41'
At the party venue, you will be thrilled to get the card key. If you match the cursor to the target man’s ass, it will be completed in Sri.

And in battle with the important enemy, you can get down the enemy while being faded, and you can take down the enemy while hiding.

I was shooting a gun without much concession action. Because in this work, the DualSense wireless controller function “adaptive trigger” is applied to the trigger button by the scene, and the R2 trigger is pulled when shooting a gun Goki! It is because I can taste the feeling that I can not say. This was a pleasant and shot the gun bang!

If there is an automatic aiming function, it will automatically aim to aim at enemies, so it’s a bad thing like me! Even if the game is defeated and becomes game over, the ultra-high-speed SSD of the PS5 body is a non-stress because the retry is a blast.

If you were dying through such an active place style, I noticed that there were many lines when I die.

It is built up to such a fine place….

# Members from things! The treasure collected is…

In the attic room, a treasure that would probably have appeared in past work could be appreciated. If it is a series fan, it will be a point to be a nig. However, Nathan has tweeted that there is no attachment to the past treasure.

What I did with my best, I will suddenly come when I’m out of time.

Nosan would have had such a feeling. No difference….

Besides treasures to obtain in the story, there are collecting elements that find treasures hidden in the field.

I could not go back after going back the chapter, so I thought I was not able to miss it, but I’m going to leak it somewhere soon…….

Well, when this adventure is over, it seems to say “Collect such strange things”, Nathan……

I played leisurely and cleared in about 17 hours. I think that the story can be enjoyed well with only the recognition of “ athletic nerves are great and a great adventure “. Next time, Chloe and Nadeen, which was recorded in this work, will also try to play the protagonist’s spin-off “Anchated Ancient God’s Treasure”!

I’m addicted to the “Anchored” series, but even though I’m not Nathan, I think “I can not climb the wall with a scaffold and climb it.”

…… If you look at the side, it is a lower-to-law of the underwear thief.

In this work, the function “3D audio” of PS5 that can enjoy a three-dimensional sound, and the function “adaptive trigger” of DUALSENSE wireless controller resistant to trigger button by scene is increasingly a sense of reality. However, I did not understand how the “haptic feedback”, which is another function of the controller, and “haptic feedback” that the various vibrations are transmitted in detail is different from the vibration function of PS4 DualShock 4. You may eat shoulder watermarks when you expect an experience like “Astro’s Playroom”.

In addition, graphic mode is a television corresponding to 120 Hz display, as well as “performance mode (target frame rate 60 fps),” with the image quality priority “fidelity mode (native 4K resolution, target frame rate 30FPS)” and frame rate priority. / A “Performance + mode (target frame rate 120 fps / 1080p)” is available. However, since the original version of the graphic is high enough, I did not think that there was a difference in graphic in “fidelity mode” and “Performance mode”.

It is load time that the most important difference was clear. As I wrote on the above, I was almost no load at the time of retry, and it was surprised that I thought that the screen was dark even at the start of the game.

Anti-charted Treasure Hunter Collection is on sale for PlayStation 5.

Dying Light 2 Tips: Beginners should pay attention to this

In this Tips Guide to Dying Light 2 you will learn:

Dying Light 2 5 MAJOR MISTAKES To Avoid! - (Things It Doesnt Tell You)

  • Where you can find many resources early in the game
  • How to fight for people and infected
  • Why endurance is so important
  • How to get to prey faster
  • Why your co-missions should do it immediately

In Dying Light 2: Stay Human is a huge Open World full of infected and human monster . So that your Zombie Apocalypse is as unscathed as possible and are prepared for the endgame, we give you six useful tips for the perfect entry.

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Dying Light 2 Tips: Grand the roofs after resources

The rooftops of Villedor are a huge playground where you can lie down on the production line ** Dear Stunts. Especially at the beginning you will find there a lot of materials, which you need later for crafting. So take the time and explore the roof groves after honey, plants and booters of the survivors. Until you are strong enough to avoid military convois and Dark Zones, the roofs contact point number one for money, weapons and material finds.

Have you filled your wallet, equips the dealers in the bazaar a visit. There you can buy resources at very good terms. In addition, it is clearly safer away from the streets. On the buildings are rarely infected during the day and they lay back relatively long distances in a short time.

Fight against infected: relies on endurance

In the course of the game you will always be involved in crisp near vapors . Especially in clashes with infected frolic, opponents quickly frolic around you around you. If the number of counterparties is increasing, it is all the more important that aidal fleet can react. Every dodge and beats cost valuable endurance points.

When the third zombie goes out the puffs, Aiden can barely defend himself. therefore improves the endurance . It takes a while until you meet for large and strong opponents that require more health.

Variates your attacks with human opponents

In contrast to zombies people act clever in a duel. Read you only on your opposite and beats stubbornly, you will swop quickly. Most bats are then blocked or parped, their loses perseverance and cashed unnecessary hits. So brings some variance in your attacks.

Deviates after two quick hits and surprises the puzzled counterparty with a power slot from behind. The opponent also reflects the first thief and parsed at the right moment to bring him to stumble. Will you be driven into the narrow, often helps a kick (L1 + X button on the PS5) to free you.

Pay attention to noise and exposes explosions

If you threaten the infected to overrun, save you Gas ​​containers and Molotovcocktails in Dying Light 2 fast life. Nevertheless, you should be careful with explosive objects. Detonations made infected attention to you from the surrounding blocks. With a gas explosion, maybe you do the first evil, but it may attract a much greater danger. If you are infected in the way or lagging valuable resources, it takes best to breastfeeding baits.

Dying Light 2 Tips: Values ​​the Dietrich

In Dying Light 2, you often stand by locked doors or containers that you can only open with a Dietrich. The design for the useful tool you get in the course of history early and can build it from there at any time. However, the locks cry is often fumbling and costs time ** – especially in the later game, when the locks become more difficult. So invest early in the game resources and improves the Dietrich. Your nerves will thank you later.

Crashes to the co-missions

Like every Open World game, Dying Light 2 bulging is filled with co-missions. The first optional orders will be obtained from the people in the bazaar, to which you receive access during the quest the only way out. Take time for the co-missions time and does it immediately. You often get valuable rewards and enhances aidens character level. In addition, some of them are bound to a temporal limit or are no longer available after completing the main story.

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