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Rise of the Ronin: Koei Tecmos 7-Year Project for the PS5

In the most recent version of the Fujitsu publication, Goa Team has validated that Rise of the Robin has been under growth for around seven years, which indicates that this video game can be considered enthusiastic.
The exclusive PS5 title is a collaboration between the Nigh programmer Group Ninja and also Sony’s DEV workshop.


A launch day has not yet been discussed, but gamers can get ready for a launch in 2024.

with elements of Japanese background

The story of Rise of the Robin puts gamers right into the late 19th century at the end of the DO period.

The focus is on the Tokugawa Shogunate, which is in war with the anti-shogunate forces.
In this video game globe, players will slip into the role of a Robin, a fighter without a permanent master.
It is necessary to make your very own choices as well as to come to terms with numerous characters, each with your very own goals as well as motivations.
Gamers will utilize tools such as Bananas, firearms and a get in hook in the fights.
Inevitably, Group Ninja intends to stand for the history of Japan with all its facets, including the dark and undesirable.
In an interview released later, Team Ninja described Increase of the Robin as the following huge action within the firm.
In this feeling, a convincing activity RPG is to be created in an open world.
More reports regarding Increase of the Robin:
Manufacturer of Nigh 2 defines the spirited direction
Advancement is sustained by the PlayStation workshop DEV

Goa Team clears reports aside

Somewhere else, the Fujitsu post states that reports on the strategies of Team Ninja to restart the Alive or dead as well as Ninja Garden franchise are based on misinformation.
Fiumicino Masada from Goa Team said: I just stated that I actually appreciate these two series.
At this factor I can not say anything more concerning her, but when the moment has come, I desire to be the initial to speak about it.
Additional records on Surge of the Robin.

Yakuza 8: First growth material when you check out workshop

A first brief take a look at Yakuza 8 is available in a video of the Japanese mixed martial arts fighter Mirai Asakura.
Asakura saw Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio as well as was asked by Masayoshi Yokoyama and also Sega President Haruki Satomi if he didn’t intend to have an appearance.
Asakura, that raised a video clip of his see to YouTube, naturally concurred and also made a detour through the advancement division a little later.

On one of the screens, a cutscene to Yakuza 8.
We tape-recorded some screenshots of the filmed material for you and put listed below.
We additionally incorporated the equivalent placement in the video.

Satomi and Yokoyama additionally pointed out that Yakuza 8 would certainly play in a brand-new city and also that one has a different game than Yakuza 8 in growth.

Street Fighter 6: New as well as old boxers dripped out of the roster

With Street Fighter 6, the collection of boxers will go back to the Xbox next year, as Capcom announced a couple of hours ago.
The initial boxers from the roster were received the trailer, yet a leakage already notes more numbers unofficially.

In Street Fighter 6, the well-known personalities Cammy, Dee Jay, Juri, Rashid, Ken, Zangief, Akuma and also Ed are claimed to return.
Along with the old ones, the roster might likewise be supplemented by brand-new blood.

According to the leak, Lily, a Mexican fighter, Kimberley, an US fighter with Dreadlocks and also A.K.I
. A mysterious Chinese claw hunter.
In the coming months, Capcom, as the accountable developer, will disclose a lot more regarding the competitors offered in the game.
After that it will be shown whether the above exist.

V Rising Octavian the Militia Captain Boss Guide

Octavian, the captain of the militia, is a boss of the 58th level and a strong close combat fighter. The next leadership will help you track down and destroy Octavian, the captain of the militia in V Rising.

V ascending Octavian, captain of the militia location

Octavian can be found in the Danly bastion, north of the Danley farm. Like other bloody bosses, you can track Octavian through the blood altar, and the trace will lead you directly to his whereabouts.

There are groups of mobs throughout the Bastion, as well as inside the room with the boss. You can easily kill this mob without activating the boss.

There is a minimum shadow in the boss room, so it is recommended to deal with it at night.

Recommended equipment to win the captain of the Octavian militia in V Riding

There are two things that you need to have if you have good chances to defeat Octavian.

  • You need to have several therapeutic objects to meet him face to face.
  • You will need a couple of healing and protective spells to protect yourself from its strong attacks and heal the chance that you have.

How to defeat the police captain of Octavian in V Riding

For this, the distance is recommended, but it can rush at you if you are not careful. In total, Octavian uses five types of attacks.

As soon as you fight him, in the beginning he will mainly use two basic attacks, one of which on top which affects the enemies in front of him and shoots a shell of a rolling sword. If this shell amazes you, you will be stunned.

The second basic attack that he uses is horizontal oblique feature which hits him, throwing back and releases four rotating swords that cause damage and discard.

When the boss loses a little HP, he will begin to call militia long archer what will be a problem later, so it is first recommended to deal with them.

Octavian The Militia Captain | V Rising Basic Boss Guides (#22)
He also shouts which causes casting damage, and then commits the subsequent attack, attacking you. If he gets into you, he will inflict significant damage.

Finally, Octavian has ultimate ability in which he will begin to rotate and throw rotating swords in all directions, causing huge damage. It is best to run around than engage in battle with him. It will use this ability several times, so you must be careful with this.

V Rising Octavian the Militation Captain Boss Rewards

After you defeat Octavian, the captain of the militia, the next booty will fall out of it.

  • Mirror blow, vampire power
  • The structure of the anvil
  • Recipe for creating a pick of dark silver
  • Recipe for regalia of a dawn spike
  • Recipe for creating weapons from dark silver

Nexon, Dungeon & Fighter Mobile released 1 million people

Dungeon & Fighter Mobile - Gameplay (Android) | Official KR Launch

The ‘Dungeon & Fighter Mobile’ of Nexon (Representative Lee Jung-hyun “has been made by 1 million users of the first day of the first day and wrote its own record.

Dungeon & Fighter Mobile was ranked first in Apple App Store sales in 5 hours from 8:00 am on the 24th. Dictionary downloads 12 million cases, Dictionary characters generated by 1100 million users, and the number of users who have accessed the game on the day of launch is 1 million.

This is the largest number of the first day of the mobile game released by Nexon.

Google Play and Apple App Store The popularity of popularity is to sweep the summit, and the explosive popularity is to be exploded, and it has also been to record 4.6 Google Play rating and a high assessment of stable service environment and game performance. After the release, we are taking a pleasant server environment without checking the present.

“The appearance of the adventures filled with Elven Guard,” said Nexon Lee, said, “The appearance of the adventures filled with Elven Guard has given a great impression and pride to all of his employees,” he said, “I am thankful to the high interest and support of the high interest and support that I have shown, and to provide stable service I will spend. “

Dungeon & Fighter Mobile is a 2D action game that is a 2D action game that has been a 2D action game that is a 2D action game that is a manual manipulation, which was a ‘action pleasure’ and enjoyed a manual manipulation in the past entertainment room, and a journey of adventurers on the Arad continent that the beautiful legend and miserable war coexist.

Meanwhile, the Dungeon & Fighter, which was released in August 2005, is 850 million cumulative users, 5 million in China simultaneous users, and 5 million in China, and $ 18 billion, It is a work that is reported a game as a representative culture contents of Korea as a record of Korea.

Rogeleike SRPG “Im sorry for the adventure of the wolf” save data handover correspondence trial delivery delivery. Survival dungeon capture that eats monsters and hunger hunger

The Japanese Software has started delivering the free trial version of 喰 Adventure Messi on January 20th. The corresponding platform is PlayStation 4 / Nintendo Switch. The contents of the game introduction are recorded in the trial version. Save data to the product version is supported.

Sorry, adventure Messi is a survival simulation RPG, aiming to be raised to the ground while procuring food in the dungeon. The stage of this work is a dungeon sealed place, which is familiar with the place of the region gate and the degree of chest tests between the newcomer adventurers. The adventurer of the protagonist will step into the seal that the seal of the seal is for the newcomer adventurer. But they distressed in the dungeon. Water and food brought into the water are exhausted and fall into the limit state. Survival in the dungeon and an adventure aiming for raising to the ground will open.

The newcomer adventurers gather food in the dungeon to outer and dry. Kill the monster and get the meat, explore the map and collect plants. By combining a plurality of aggregated ingredients, we aim at the ground while replenishing calories and moisture. The ingredients you got are transformed into different adventure messages depending on the method of cooking even if it is the same ingredients. There are more than 50 cooking recipes, and from Meat Stew that monster meat has fallen from Meat Stew, various dishes are available up to creative skewers.

At the time of contact with the monster in the dungeon, a battle of the simulation RPG type is expanded. However, in this work, the survival element seems to be involved in battle. Adventurers get cuisine and get skills and temporary status enhancements. On the other hand, while the merits are obtained, efficient behavior is important because calories and moisture are consumed during battle. In addition, when you eat monsters and ally’s ne phones falling during the battle, HP etc. will recover and earn the special skills for that place. For example, if you hit a man drama with a characteristic of attacking twice, the adventurer who ate temporarily makes attacks twice. By 喰 屍 屍 屍 喰 喰 喰 喰 喰 屍 屍 屍 屍 生 生 生 生 生 生 生 生 生 生 生 生.

In addition, in the system, when the leader of adventurers dies, the released recipe and equipment are inherited, but the level and ingredients are lost. Analyst mode is also prepared to make the four stage difficulty level and the representation of the geteguno cuisine.

Today, the trial version delivered on January 20 can play the game early in the game. It is said that the introducer class or appearance of the appearance can be selected in the character makeup and the search part in the dungeon, and the preparation of the adventure using the collected ingredients can be played. In addition, the trial version of save data corresponds to the product version.

Sorry, the adventure Messi is scheduled to be released on January 27 for PlayStation 4 / Nintendo Switch. The normal version is tax-included 7678 yen. In the NIPPON1.JP shop, a limited edition with a two-picture soundtrack CD and setup material collection is sold for tax-included 19178 yen. The trial version compatible with the handover of save data can be downloaded from each store.

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