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This bug has caused anger to Call of Duty players: Warzone 2

For some days ago Call of Duty: War zone 2 was launched on the different platforms, thus being the long-awaited evolution of Battle Royale with mechanics of the iconic franchise. However, not everything has been happiness for players, since apparently there is a rather annoying bug that has benefited from some and others harmed.

The problem is a mistake that returns to invisible users, and although it can be interpreted as a hack from users to make early, apparently many do not do so with that intention. In fact, they do not realize that his character does not look on the map until they are practically reviewing the videos with the video repetition of other users.

The first time the users noticed the BUG, was when they died at the hands of other players without knowing where the shots came from, because some defeated them face to face without realizing it. Then they have contacted Activision to see if there is a possible solution, but so far the complaints have not been treated by the company.

In news related to Call of Duty. It was recently mentioned that Microsoft proposed a deal for Sony, and that is an agreement in which the franchise will remain a number of years active in PlayStation. This time it is a considerable series of days. If you want to learn more about this interesting news, we invite you to click on the following link.


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Editor’s note: The game has just left the oven, so it is no surprise that these types of errors are presented, surely activation will solve it soon. However, we cannot deny that it is fun to watch these video bugs.

Spelunky 2: Update 1.26 supplies full cross play

We are discussing full-fledged cross play support for all systems. Despite whether you must call your Spunky 2 for the PC, the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One or the Nintendo Change, thanks to the brand-new update it is currently possible to make on your own in journey setting and the sector with players to dive into adventure on other systems.

  • Missing designers and also QA contributed to the credit ratings.
  • Improvements in network synchronization.
  • Server-side latency improvements for sessions with low latency.

  • Steam/XB1/PBX/ Change player can currently have fun with PS4/PS5 gamers.
  • Sudden rollbacks taken care of when a player divides the link to the video game.
  • Fixed that inputs were duplicated in the brand-new game of a client after a host left the video game.
  • Repaired several desynchronization in arena mode that brought about various sectors.
  • Repaired a number of crashes and also a predicament that could take place during on the internet video games.
  • Fixed numerous desynchronization in Volcano that led to various globe generation.
  • The wandering of the watch due to a heterogeneous hardware efficiency when billing displays by bound deterministic watch synchronization was remedied.
  • Several issues were settled that happened when the game finished when playing online.

Further, records on Spunky 2.

Around two years after its official launch, the Rogue lite experience Spunky 2 was supplied with the update to version 1.26, which, according to the programmer, makes up a long-demanded feature.

Along with cross play assistance, the upgrade 1.26 brings further renovations to which the equated changelog take care of.

Spunky 2 is readily available for the PlayStation 4, to name a few.

the update 1.26

Xbox game pass subscribers cheer: Now Microsoft is truly switching on

** Microsoft goes right into the complete. In a main blog access, Xbox employer Phil Spencer reveals that you are intending to incorporate Call of Duty, Diablo as well as Overwatch right into the Game Pass in the future.

Call of Duty, Diablo & Overwatch land in the Xbox Game Pass


Given that the announcement of the requisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft, one concern has been in the room: land the firm’s large video game brands in the Xbox Game Pass? Currently we understand the answer. As component of an official blog entrance, Xbox manager Phil Spencer invested his say and also nearly delicately stated what the specific plan appears like:

The Xbox Game Pass video game directory will certainly be broadened to include Diablo, Call of Duty and also Overwatch in the future. Some time earlier, the business made it clear that Call of Duty will continue to be released on various other platforms in the very same version on the same day .

( Source: Microsoft Blog).

We intend to make the popular video game collection from Activision Blizzard-including Overwatch, Diablo as well as Call of Duty – in the game pass as well as enlarge them gaming areas.

_ End October appears the following CoD part: Modern War 2. The video currently has 8 mins gameplay: _.

Xbox Game Pass: What about Wow?

Xbox game pass subscribers enjoy regarding brand-new video games.

In the blog access, Phil Spencer additionally goes into that you intend to deal with mobile users with the Xbox Game Come on the future . Because Candy Crush developer King is also part of the bargain with Activision Snowstorm, you definitely have the right know-how in the team for this project. We are excited to see what Microsoft’s advancement of the mobile video gaming market will certainly look like in the future.

The users of the Xbox Game Pass are absolutely anticipating the combination of Call of Duty, Diablo and also Overwatch into the game registration. On Reddit, the equivalent statement thread has up until now over 550 upvotes and 90 comments .

However, a particularly huge blizzard game is missing out on in the list of Phil Spencer: Globe of Warcraft . The currently almost 18 year old MMORPG does not seem to be component of the game pass-at the very least not yet. Until now, whether this can transform in the future remains open.

Lots of players have already seen this action from Microsoft, a lot of subscribers seem to be particularly satisfied regarding Diablo-but the Game Pass currently has some intriguing video games that probably just understand really few of you:.

In a main blog site entrance, Xbox employer Phil Spencer announces that you are preparing to integrate Call of Duty, Diablo as well as Overwatch into the Game Pass in the future. Given that the announcement of the takeover of Activision Snowstorm by Microsoft, one question has been in the area: land the business’s big video game brands in the Xbox Game Pass? The Xbox Game Pass video game magazine will certainly be broadened to consist of Diablo, Call of Duty and also Overwatch in the future. A specifically huge snowstorm video game is missing in the checklist of Phil Spencer: World of Warcraft . In the blog entrance, Phil Spencer likewise goes into that you want to deal with mobile customers with the Xbox Game Pass in the future **.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II latest game play video released. Arashi Premonition mission on a container ship swaying in the rough waves

Activision released the latest gameplay video of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II on June 10.

This is the sequel to the reboot version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare released in 2019. The campaign mode of this work depicts the activity of the special unit task force 141 led by Captain John Price. The video released this time is the content of the mission called Dark Water in the campaign mode.

The mission DARK WATER, which was unveiled, is set on the sea. With information that there is an enemy missile in the oil platform facility, members of Task Force 141, such as Simon Ghost and John Soap, and Mactabish, cooperated with the soldiers of a private military company’s Shadow Company. And challenge control. However, although the missile existed, it turned out that the control device had already been taken away. The team rushes to the ship, assuming that the missile is controlled by a nearby container ship.

In the latter half of the video, there is a battle from boarding a container ship and heading to the bridge, which is probably controlling a missile. Containers are sparse on the deck, and close combat with many enemies awaited. While using the container as a shield, you can also see how you go around the enemy’s side or climb on the container to attack. The sea on the site is quite rough and heavy rain. It is also a characteristic of this mission that the object on the deck moves to the right to the left according to the hull that sways greatly by the waves.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II will be released on October 28 for PC (Steam/ One/Xbox Series X | S. In addition, a new work of the battle royal game Call of Duty: Warzone, which will be developed in cooperation with this work, will be released in 2022. In addition, Call of Duty: Warzone is under development.

Warzone 2 will be attracted with “groundbreaking innovations”, says Activision

Thanks to its new game engine, the “later this year” is revealed with tension, the continuation of Call of Duty Warzone, which is revealed “later this year”, has confirmed Activision Blizzard.

In its earnings report for the first quarter of 2022, Activision Blizzard says that net income declined in the first quarter of the company compared to the same quarter of the previous year and declined from $ 2.28 billion in 2021 to 1.77 billion US dollars in 2022 are. The publisher also reports this part of this decline was due to “lower results” for the Call of Duty franchise. This includes the general gaming commitment in Warzone compared to the first quarter of last year and the sales of Call of Duty Vanguard are lower than that of the previous title of the main series, Black Ops Cold was. This combination has led to less net searches in the entire Call of Duty Franchise on both the PC and the console.

Although this ensures disappointing reading, Activision seems to be optimistic about the future of the franchise. The game of the main series of 2022 will be a continuation of Modern Warfare of 2019, and a complete unveiling of Warzone 2, the continuation of the free-to-play battle-royale, will also take place later this year, has confirmed Activision.

“The development of this year’s premium and warzone experiences under the direction of Infinity Ward is progressing very well.” Activision says. “This year’s Call of Duty is a continuation of Modern Warfare from 2019, the most successful call of duty title so far, and will be the most advanced experience in franchise history.

“The new free Warzone experience, which was developed in addition to the premium game from the ground up new, offers groundbreaking innovations that will be revealed later this year.”

This reflects the feelings of Activision from the first confirmation that a continuation of warzone is being developed in which the company said that players should expect “a massive further development” of the Battle-Royal Experience.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 Sequel And Warzone 2 Officially Announced - IGN Now

Although Activision has not yet revealed, which will be one of the “groundbreaking innovations” of Warzone 2, the game will probably be equipped with all the graphic upgrades and functions that are expected from games that appear on the current console generation.

The next season of Warzone, Season 3, will arrive later this week, which will also include the expected Warzone Godzilla event.

Sid Meier believes that video games should concentrate on fun rather than money

Meier thinks, that developers ought to proceed assuming regarding Excellent quality enjoyable for their video games, as well as not get lost in other elements that typically call the gamers’ interest. “We remain in a good setting, yet we need to make certain we understand just how vital the gameplay is, and also just how it functions as the engine that truly preserves happy to the players,” Meier wrapped up.

If the video game does not concentrate on a great gameplay, it will not work Sid Meier “People can presume that a game will certainly be fun and also what they require are more cinematic, monetization strategies, or whatever,” he claimed Meier “Nevertheless, if the game does not concentrate on a great gameplay **, after that it will certainly not function.”

The Trouble with the Video Game Industry | Philosophy Tube

The Legend Human being recently celebrated its 30th wedding anniversary honoring the neighborhood that delights in the games. A new shipment has actually not yet been officially validated, but some work uses in Fireaxis, the research study in fee, purpose that Civilization 7 could be en route.

The outstanding number behind the Games of Human Being, Sid Meier , shared his viewpoint concerning the existing state of the videogame market, being even more particular, talked about increasingly frequent words in titles, such as ‘microtransractions’, ‘Booty boxes’, as well as ‘DLC’, sharing that video games ought to focus on enjoyable as well as not on monetization.

“The part of the layout of the game is vital and crucial, however it does not require a cast in between thousands as various other elements that require it,” Meier continued. “After that, perhaps it is simple to ignore just how important the financial investment ** in the direction of the style and also playability of a title”.

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