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New plans for Super League? Uefa

New excitement around the Super League: Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Juventus Turin, apparently want to introduce revised plans of the project failed last year. But UEFA President Aleksander Cefer is already threatened with significant words.

“It is clear to organize their own tournaments, but they should not expect them to participate in the tournaments organized by UEFA. They used a pandemic, now use a war,” Cefer said at Financial Times’ “Business of Football Summit”. He did the plans as “nonsense”.

According to Gazzetta dello Sport, the three remaining Super League initiators want to introduce their new ideas on Thursday.

Javier Tebas, the President of the Spanish League, also reported that the Presidents of Real Barca and Jue last week have met in the House of Juve-Boss Andrea Agnelli. “If Andrea does not clarify that, he is a liar,” Tebas said the Agnelli present on Thursday: “They believe that the clubs of the national leagues are stupid.” All this is an insult. ” And Tebas added: “The clubs of the Super League lies more than Putin.”

In the spring of 2021, twelve European top clubs had introduced plans for a Super League outside the UEFA competitions and put together massive criticism. While the English teams distanced little later from the controversial ideas, initiators Juventus, Real and Barca did not fully ad act days.

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Reports suggest Juventus, Barcelona and Real Madrid want to revive European Super League plans
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In addition, the Trio prepares a lawsuit before the European Court of Justice. This reports the Telegraph. Accordingly, the clubs want to complain against the monopoly position of UEFA in Europe. This will be driven a new fortification of the Super League.

New Dying Light 2 Gameplay running on PS4 and Xbox One

The last year, Techland finally showed us a lot of new gameplay of _ Dying Light 2 _. Obviously, most of this material had been captured in PC or new generation consoles, which certainly sowed some doubt between the community about the state of the game at PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Good, your authors are sure of They have done a good job with the optimization of the title for the past generation of hardware, and have shown a new progress as proof of it.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human Old Gen Console Gameplay
Via your official channel of YouTube , Techland has shared a look of almost five minutes where we can see _ Dying Light 2 _ Running in speech consoles generation. Obviously the game will not have the same performance in a ps4 that in a ps5 , but apparently, it seems that you will not have so many problems either by running it.

One of the main differences between both versions is that _ Dying Light 2 _Corre at a lower resolution and 30fps in ps4 and xbox one , while at ps5 and series x it is possible to run A 4K and 60fps. But out of that, it seems that those who are thinking of acquiring this game in the past generation of consoles should not have so many problems with him. Fortunately, you will not need so much space in your storage to install it.

_ Dying Light 2 _ reaches consoles PLAYSTATION, XBOX and PC on February 4, 2022.

Editor’s Note: Techland was certainly scared of damaging your reputation, as it happened to CD Projekt Red with the versions of Past Generation of Cyberpunk 2077. Fortunately, the case of Dying Light 2 seems to be much better, and There is no longer a long time for all we can see it on your own.

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