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Price explosion at Nintendo & Co: Old games are now worth a fortune

You want to make a few of your old things to make money? Then look for retro games in any case – because they are currently worth a real asset. Who calls the right games his own, can dust hundreds of euros at once.

Pokémon & Co: Old games are becoming more valuable

Anyone who got rather late into gaming and now later in Lockdown wants to catch up on a few old classics, who must grab deep into the bag. Not only old consoles are now on eBay and Co. traded on moon prices, even retro games have become damn expensive.

Especially old Nintendo games seem to have won properly in recent months. The perfect occasion to take a look at the loft of the parents and look for the lost estimates of their own childhood. Well-preserved pokémon games of the first generation with original packaging are now traded for around 150 euros . Even more valuable are the games of the second generation: Collectors create around 180-200 euros for this purpose.

Top 21 Worst Nintendo Games of Each Year (2000 - 2020)

But SNES classics are incredibly valuable. For Super Metroid with OVP prices are called from 250 to 300 euros , Secret of Mana costs proud 90 to 120 euros (Source: BusinessInsider).

If you are already in the attic for treasure hunting anyway, then look for the following things: _

Retro games will appreciate: demand is high, the offer small

But not only old Nintendo games have become more valuable over the last few years. The site calculates an average sales value of all vintage games and represents the development in an interesting graph:

While the relevant games only more than 10 years ago brought on average about 7 US dollars, the purchase price has risen to more than 27 US dollars . No wonder: Finally, the game offer is always smaller over time. The age sets the modules and packages so strongly with non-professional storage so that they are breaking. Added to this is the increased interest of the Corona pandemic, which also ensures a price increase (Source:

So if you have a few old Nintendo or Sega games in stock, you can do it rightly ashes. A look in the old nursery cabinet could be worthwhile – and your parents are certainly happy when they come past them.

The colts breaks the unvaccinated quarterback Wentz

The Super Bowl [Sup Bowl] is the last of the Championship organized by the National Football League (NFL), American Football League. Conclusion of the playoffs, it opposes the victors of the two league conferences, the American Football Seminar (AFC) as well as the National Football Conference (NFC). The suit shuts a season of about 5 months, from September to February.
The meeting was developed as an outcome of the merging in between the NFL as well as AFL organizations in the mid-1960s. Both champions agreed that their respective champs contend in a final to establish the champion. The United States. The merger is main in 1970, as well as if each organization is renamed in meeting, the suit remains in the NFL as the meeting that identifies the champion of the period.
One of the most victorious franchise business of the Super Bowl are the Pittsburgh Steelers and also the Patriots of New England with 6 wins.
The Super Bowl is one of the most popular sporting activities occasion in the United States, and among one of the most tracked sports occasions on the planet. TV networks benefit from the conference to market advertising and marketing areas at record rates.

In mid-February, Carson Went had separated from the Philadelphia Eagles after successful years including a Super Bowl victory and had come to the Indianapolis Colts in internal quarrels. Here, in the last few years, the playmaker injured in recent years developed back to old form, pushed up his stamp to the team and increasingly increased its own performance.

With the 22: 16-Christmas victory at the Arizona Cardinals, Went led the Colts in Week 16 to the ninth season win at six defeats, conjured up large and improved its good values ​​on a total of 289 out of 460 (over 62 percent), 3230 yards and 25 Touchdown litters with only six interceptions (three fumbles). For comparison: 2020/21, the 28-year-old had still fabricated for the Eagles from Philly in addition to manageable 16 TD passports proud 15 interceptions (six fumbles).

But now that: in the middle of the hot play-off race of the AFC, where Indy is currently standing with the 9: 6-balance sheet on a wild card sport, Went breaks away the team. The quarterback has infected with the Coronavirus and definitely misses the coming and at the same time very important home game (Sunday, 7 pm CET) against the Las Vegas Raiders fighting for the finals (8: 7).

Went refuses to vaccine

Why Went will definitely miss the game: after a few days, he can not just eat, he has to remain in quarantine for at least ten days after his positive test. Finally, the playmaker is not vaccinated against the virus yet.

After a small coronavirus outbreak before the season, Went had already taken and communicated that this was a purely personal decision. I’m not going on here now why I’m not vaccinating. It’s just a personal decision for me and my family, said the professional according to The Athletic to several US journalists. I respect any other opinion and just demand that the other people also accept my opinion.

Lifts Rivers and says?

One thing is clear: Went throws the Colts-Bossen with his infection a heap of work on the desks. Because these must now superior together with Head Coach Frank Rich, which quarterback should be sent to the field. Currently, only Sam Eh linger, a rookie from the sixth round of this year’s drafts, is a possibility. The Training Partners Brett Huntley and James Morgan should not be a serious alternative for the 60 minutes of football against the Raiders, they should rather be as a non-nail on the bench.

Carson Wentz is DANGEROUS! - Marcus Spears has evidence to prove the QB is a liability | First Take

US media therefore already report that the makers are planning in Indianapolis, to call Philip Rivers. The 40-year-old Routinize was retired after the last season as Colts professional. But if the Oldie really defenses? Unlikely. Rather, it is only that the colts suddenly reinforced around the play-off ticket. Several teams lurked behind them.

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