The Xbox Series X is thanks to the built-in SSD damn quickly when it comes to loading times – but actually the cheaper Series S in some situations is even even flotter than her big brother. Even the Xbox boss was surprised by this phenomenon, but has a statement in stock.

Loading time surprise: Xbox Series S is faster than the Series X

With the Xbox Series S Microsoft offers potential customers a cost-effective alternative to expensive Series X. But the “reasonable price” console is not only cheaper and smaller than the big brother, but in some playing even faster – the confirmed Xbox Chef Phil Spencer in an interview with Kotaku.

Spencer refers to the loading times of the two consoles. Here the Series S in some play actually the nose in front. But how do the console manage to overtake the Series X despite slimmed hardware? This is mainly due to the significantly lower resolved textures loaded by the Series-S version. Since these are smaller, they can be loaded faster from the SSD. According to Spencer, the players do not have to worry that the textures on the Series S visibly poor appearance (Source: Kotaku).

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What does not show out of the interview: how big is the difference in speed in the games where Xbox Series S has the nose in front? This question remains unanswered. However, the difference may be quite marginal.

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While the Xbox Series X costs proud 499 euros, Microsoft requires only 279.99 euros for the Series S (look at Amazon). The inexpensive Xbox has a 512 GB SSD and dispenses with an optical drive. So games can only be acquired digitally.

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Otherwise, the Xbox Series S offers almost all functions, which also offers the Series X. Among them, among others, VRR count up to 120 fps in selected games, Quick Resume and playback of video media in full 4K resolution. Only games are not calculated natively in 4K. This makes Xbox Series S for the true highlight of the current console generation.