More than a year after its launch, _ marvelgators continues to receive support from Square Enix. While the game has seen a series of additional characters and masks since its launch, Crystal Dynamics also continues to make adjustments in the game. The developer has revealed that fanatics can expect to see “a general update of many advantages related to body-to-body combat”. The goal is to make the body-to-hand combat more attractive to players, with Crystal Dynamics insinuating that the changes will be “huge” and that a series of minor modifications will be added to the great.

“These updates include a general percentage increase in the advantages, increases in the duration of benefits and the addition of types of state attacks to characteristic attacks of Kate Bishop and Ms. Marvel. This is not the total scope of the changes; We are already taking measures to add other advantages and features centered on the body to body. This is combined with a large influx of specific advantages of hero linked to Hero Gear, adding many offensive and defensive options “, wrote the developer at an entrance on the blog.

(Updated Description) Hero Set Gear Changes EXPLAINED | Marvel's Avengers Game

Some players may prefer remote combat to avoid serious damage, but Crystal Dynamics is making changes to further promote body-to-body combat. Players can expect «the introduction of many defensive advantages». The improvement of damage is also adjusting in excess, which allows players to inflict more damage, with a greater chance of advising critical blows and astonishing opponents. The developer also stated that players can expect to see changes in the enemies of the game, including their composition and frequency, but specific details were not provided.

In general, these seem very promising changes in the game combat system! It remains to be seen if these alterations will be positive for _ Marvel_visors but it is great to see that Crystal Dynamics is working to offer a more attractive experience for current fanatics, as well as for newcomers!

_ Marvel_visors is currently available at PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Google Stadia and PC. You can check all our previous game coverage here.

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