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CD Projekt: With The Witcher and CyberPunk 2077, the studio reaches exorbitant sales figures!

For a period, everything seemed to smile for the Polish studio. It must be said that the adaptation of the literary saga of Andrzej Sapkowski has propelled Cd Projekt to the summit, which made the fall even more difficult to cash at the time of the launch of CyberPunk 2077. On the way to the Redemption for the Year 2022 – and certainly the following – the studio takes advantage of it to unveil faremous sales figures for its two flagship licenses!


Adventures of Geralt, a huge success

The History of Cd Projekt has been marked with great tops, but also large down. The three components of The Witcher had the merit of putting the Polish studio under the spotlight, crystallizing great expectations on its future productions. Unfortunately for the teams, the last two years that have elapsed abyed the image of the company, which forces him to launch a big business reconquest around CyberPunk 2077 , but not that! * At this time of the year, the time is at the balance sheet for videoludic companies and Cd Projekt has decided to make the accounts to restore a little confidence and reassure players on the good health of the company. *

For this, nothing like a small communication around the sales figures of The Witcher. Just recently, the Polish studio has announced that has upset over 65 million video games stamp WITCHER . However, the one who wins the palm is undeniably The Witcher 3 since it counts itself alone more than 40 million copies around the world and on all platforms! A crazy success for the third adventure of Geralt – which can rely on PS5 and Xbox Series, still delayed – but also for the saga in general who will expand, in the next few years, with a new opus.

CyberPunk 2077 in the Steps of The Witcher 3?

For CyberPunk 2077 , the pressure is huge face to numbers of this size! But despite a chaotic launch and a global follow-up of the game that plays with the nerves of the players, the last creation of CD Projekt is doing well. According to the studio, CyberPunk 2077 has elapsed, all media combined, more than 18 million copies since its exit , in December 2020, either in the space of 16 months. Nothing, the title caught up the scores of The Wiccher 3 and if the game blessed, over the updates, it could perhaps even make him shade, eventually.

On the numbers, these are not the only data we offer CD Projekt today. According to the financial director of the studio, Piotr Nielubowicz, the economic aspect is not a sensitive subject, on the contrary. Last year, studio revenue amounted to more than $ 207 million for a net profit of $ 48.79 million . A pretty precious nest that has made it possible to inflate financial reserves: The latter increased by $ 65.3 million, despite a colossal amount of 116.7 million allocated during the payment of the dividend.

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Cyberpunk 2077 Nine Months Later... Studio Head Quit, 99% Players Gone & Witcher 4 Concerns

There are 3 minutes

The tronch that the haters must draw on these numbers
CD Projekt tastes your tears well.
The numbers spoke, the Notes Steam told: CyberPunk is a success.

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Borussia Mönchengladbach: Max Eberl is praised after resignation as a “model”

Max Eberl’s resignation is a reaction to the excesses of professional football – has not changed anything? After all, the industry shows a lot of understanding.

Anyone who wants to be a professional football one who needs them urgently, Oliver Kahn has placed this once. “Eggs, we need eggs,” the former World Tower Houser called for a defeat in the TV micro, it became the winged word. Almost 20 years later, however, not only the case Max Eberl reminds: courage also needs who no one wants to be in this industry.

Eberl namely a “type with really large eggs,” Writtered ex-world champion Toni Kroos, when Eberl’s memorable press conference was just finished on Friday – and was one of many prominent representatives of the professional football, which expressed their respect.

His resignation as a manager at Borussia Mönchengladbach had connected Eberl with clear system criticism, he could not work out of a “simple reason”: “Because I’m exhausted and tired, I just want to do anything to do with football.”

He described this as a hamster wheel, as a place where public expectation, the race for athletic and economic success lead to great pressure. The social media would be the rest, so Eberl: “I may be a good example of what happens to this world.”

And the feedback from his club also describe the permanent state of the industry well. The Borussia had “not recognized that for him is such a strong burden,” said President Rolf King. And as Eberl now announced his decision? Since the club has “not accepted, but respected”.

Reactions to Eberl resignation

However, the reactions from the profile bearing show that maybe something does in the perception and in the evaluation of supposed weakness. In addition to Kroos, countless other players expressed their respect, numerous Bundesliga clubs agreed, old international such as Lothar Matthäus and Dietmar Hamann.

And Stefan Effenberg, basically rather one of the traditional blow, devoted the topic even a column. “Caution, people!” He wrote at “T-Online”: “Fits your health.” Eberl is “a role model because he talks open about how the burden and football have made ill. That’s a sign of strength and not weakness.”

About it is still “much too little talk about – even if it has certainly been much better.” Earlier, so Effenberg, you have “broken, if someone talked about exhaustion, missing power and emptiness.”

Laughing was not on Friday. Eberl has shown “how brave, strong, far-sighted and intelligent he is,” wrote Borussia-Profi Christoph Kramer at Instagram: “What it means to put the right priorities! No matter how much overcome it costs.”

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