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How To Get 108 Bocce In Vampire Survivors: Legacy of the Moonspell


In Vampire Survivors: Legacy of the Moon spell 108 Bonce, one of the most difficult objects in DLC.
That’s all you need to know in order to unlock McCain and how to add the starting weapon of a new character to your collection.

How to get 108 barrels at Vampire Survivors?

You can unlock the 108 Bonce weapon after you survive for 15 minutes on the run with McCoy-on.
However, first you need to get a new unlocked character Vampire Survivors.
Unfortunately, the new hero requires a lot of work to become playable, since you will need to go through most of the DLC Legacy of the Moon spell.
Below is a complete list of steps necessary for unlock MCCOY-ONI and its weapons 108 BONCE.

How to unlock Macaroni in Vampire Survivors: Legacy of the Moon spell?

You will need to get four symbols and also develop several types of weapons to unlock Mecca.
To start a long process, go to the new MT. Moonspell card and find a coffin located in a dojo east of the map.
After you open the box and get Ming Moon spell, you can hit the road to get McCoy-Ooni.
Here is every step you need to perform to add 108 Bonce to your collection:
Step 1: Find and open the coffin on the map MT.
Misspell to unlock Ming Misspell.
Step 2: Strive for 15 minutes with Ming to unlock the weapon of the silver wind.
Step 3: Turn the silver wind into festive winds, combining it with the maximum passive object of Summary.
This will open Kenya Misspell as a game character.
Step 4: Strive together with the men of 15 minutes in running to unlock the weapon Seasons.
Step 5: Turn the Four Seasons into Jodie Shuffle, combining it with the maximum number of spinach and Candelabra items.
This will open South Misspell as a game character.
Step 6: Strive for 15 minutes with South on the run to unlock the weapon of calling the night.
Step 7: Turn Summon Night into Echo Night, combining it with the maximum passive object of Duplicator.
This will unlock Babi-ONNU as a game character.
Step 8: Strive for 15 minutes with Babi-Onnaya on running to unlock the weapon of Mirage Robe.
Step 9: Turn Mirage Robe into Moore, combining it with a passive object with a maximum magnet.
This will unlock Macaroni as a game character.
Step 10: Strive for 15 minutes with McCoy-onion in the race to unlock the 108 Bonce weapons.
108 Bonce does not evolve in another weapon, since it reaches the 8th level.
However, you can strengthen the subject if you have X Arcane at the beginning of the race.
However, the starting weapon of McCoy-onion is quite powerful in itself, since it launches a fatal avatar with beads, which bounced down the screen.
Since you first need to unlock each new character and weapon, 108 Bonce, in fact, is the last reward for the completion of the DLC Legacy of the Moon spell.

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Bobs World – Review of the Great Adventure

Bob’s World – The Super Adventure Mobile Game is basically a game of Super Mario Improved for mobile. It even has identical or similar sound effects. It’s a ruthless platform and lateral scroll game, which has taken over the concept of Super Mario and has changed slightly, just so we’re even more afraid of playing it.


Okay, the game has its own moments, without a doubt. You can say that the experience considerably expands Mario’s experience because it has different weapons, effects, animations and enemies. But the sound to pick up the coin… When you hear it, you will know it. Bob’s World – Super Adventure is published by Onesoft Global Pte. Ltd. And so far, it is only available for Android. However, given the fact that it is the literal quintessence of the famous plumber of everyone, it is surprising to see how received it. On Google Play, Bob’s World Android has 4.5 stars and is usually evaluated positively and voted by users.


Bob's World - Super Adventure Android Gameplay

It is a lateral scroll platform game, end of description. Okay, it’s actually an adventure that brings you back to childhood when Super Mario gave you a heart attack. It is even to save the princess for the love of God… However, the game offers a great variety of new mechanisms, enemies and super boss, and it looks very smooth.

Players control Bob and guide it in a mysterious jungle. As it is a platform game, you skip naturally, avoid, avoid and find your way through countless dangers and puzzles. Saving the princess is your last quest for the end of the game. You eat mushrooms, but you also drink potions and other objects to become stronger, larger and to win remote attacks to kill monsters.

BOB’S WORLD – List of Features of Super Adventure:
  • Jump and cross obstacles and platforms
  • Fire on the enemies
  • Consume fungi, potions and objects to become stronger and bigger
  • Collect parts to spend them in the article store
  • Superb high resolution graphics
  • Music and sound effects similar to those of Mario
  • No minimum age for the game
  • Telephone and tablet support
  • Intuitive and easy to learn control system
  • Hidden tracks, bonus levels and other contents
  • Destroys bricks and blocks, as in Super Mario
  • A wide variety of worlds to explore, like the jungle, submarine funds, etc.


Ok, it’s a compliant copy of Super Mario, but as everyone’s favorite plumber is not counted in Google Play or iTunes App Store, it’s good to have something similar. In all honesty, the game has improved gender and mechanics. It’s a nice game to give someone who does not like video games, like your parents, grandparents, loved ones, etc.

  • Atmosphere 7

  • Charts 7

  • Gameplay 7

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