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Cod: Coda Shop Challenge Invitational The Content Creators event you need to see

The face-to-face events are going back little by little within the video game community and thanks to the mobiles there are a lot of new contenders to make tournaments, such is the case of cod mobile that has given a large boom at what Length of these years. April 21 will take place Coda Shop Challenge I NVITational where creators of content and some figures of the football world will be measured between them to demonstrate who is better their portable device.

The event will be held at Guadalajara, Jalisco , is organized by the Coda Shop brand and by All Glory Gaming, bringing figures as José Covarrubias, Oqueioquei, Arvix, Envy_EZ and GhostMX, and Futbal players Fernando ‘ Nene ‘Beltrán, Miguel’ Pocho ‘Ponce and Luis’ Bone’ Reyes.

The competition will be held in the Battle Royale mode, where participants arrive at the battlefield without a team and must find weapons and equipment to get an advantage in the game. Four games in single format will be played and the winner will be the one with the highest total score of the four combined rounds. Players will compete for large prizes, which include a bag of $ 30,000 MXN E N effective between the first three places, in addition to one ZV-1 camera and headphones TRUE WIRELESS Courtesy of Sony.

OpTic Formal is INSANE!! ???? | $75K FaZe Clan Halo Invitational (DAY 2)

Codashop Challenge is carried out within Codashop Global Series, one of the circuits of competition and entertainment of Call of Duty: Mobile more important in the world.

An event that is going to give a lot of what to talk about because of the personalities that participate, with a very striking bag, great exponents and brands that are protruding, the Coda Challenge will be the first of many events that the brand has planned, Expected that it expands to other games due to the popularity and boom that mobile games are winning.

DYING LIGHT 2: Should you go to Aitor for Sophie? Answered

In Dying Light 2, players will face many difficult decisions. Due to the nature of the characters and the scenario of the game, many of these elections will end up in a group of people who will love you and another will hate you. As such, it is useful to know which side you are throwing your loyalties. Here is all you need to know about if you go to Aitor or Sophie in Dying Light 2.

* Spoiler warning: This guide contains spoilers from an important point of the story of Dying Light 2. If you have not reached the The Raid section of the game and you do not want them to spoil, come back when you take this decision. ***

Go to Aitor or Sophie at Dying Light 2?

At a point of Dying Light 2, players will undertake a mission called The Raid. During this mission, you will see you forced to make a decision that will have a great impact on history, since the game presents you the option of choosing between Aitor or Sophie.

Choose Sophie.

If you are going to see Sophie, you will first have to defeat her bodyguard, which gives you a beautiful rare weapon as a reward. After beating her sequaci, you can calm Sophie or shake it.

The first will align it with the survivors and give you a new mission, while the second will worsen her relationship, although he can still save things later if he wishes.

Choose Aitor

Choosing Aitor at The Raid is the fastest of the two options in terms of completing the mission and, once you do it, a new search line will begin. Basically, you just have to choose this option if you know you want to align yourself with pacifiers for narrative or reward purposes during this point of the game.

This choice is one of many in Dying Light 2, so do not worry too much about your decision, since the game allows you to change a side several times. However, if you want to stay loyal to one side at all times, now at least you know the correct way to do it.

That’s all you need to know about if you go to Aitor or Sophie at Dying Light 2 . **** If you are still looking for more information about the game, be sure to check the rest of Light Environmental or go to our wiki, since you will surely have all the tips, tricks and frequently asked questions you may have. about the game.

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