Gaijin Entertainment and Darkflow Software Announce the publication of the large content update Battle for Stalingrad for the WW2 online shooter enlisted. The Stalingrad campaign offers a new monetalization and progress system that allows easier and faster access to new weapons and vehicles.

  • Enlisted – “Battle of Stalingrad” – Full Access Bundle – 29,99 Euro

“Battle of Stalingrad” Update / Enlisted

  • Enlisted – Invasion of Normandy: “Automatic” Bundle – 49.99 euros

Other new features include the adaptation of soldiers and vehicles, bomber attacks, legendary Stalingrad snipers and pilots, flamethrower tanks, sanitary tanks and more.

The Battle of Stalingrad was one of the decisive moments of World War II. Enlisted’s Battle for Staling Wheel contains carefully reformed iconic structures such as the headquarters of the German Field Marshal Friedrich Paulus as well as authentic weapons and equipment used by both sides, such as FlamenWervierpanzer. Players can even use the legendary snipers Vasily Zaitsev and Erwin Koenig or Tatyana Sumarokova and Mariya Smirnova (the Pilotes of the Historic Night Hexas Season) and pull them into battle.

The campaign is available for free, but some levels are exclusive to owners of the access pack. Owners of this package receive soldiers and weapons that are already trained and improved to the maximum level, so they can progress faster and without additional costs in the campaign. The players can optionally pay for cosmetic items for the soldiers, such as: B. fur hats, belts and bags to adapt their appearance to their taste without neglecting the historical accuracy.

The new weapon types and equipment include the Hungarian Kiraly Machine Gun, the French falling bomb Potean 633 under Romanian flag and the ampoulting cannon, which gives flammable liquid capsules, and the legendary Maxim Machine Gun, which was presented for the first time in 1910.

Bomber attacks can now be requested from the radioers as an alternative to existing options such as an artillery watch to the destination. The bomber squads need 2 minutes until they arrive, and they can be shot down by enemy flakges or fighters.

Paramedics are a new class of soldiers in enlisted. You can help both wounded directly on the battlefield as well as distribute first aid boxes on allies so that they can supply themselves. Any direct and indirect help in treatment will be rewarded with experience points.

Other campaigns from enlisted like the Battle of Moscow or Normandy invasion have also received new missions, soldiers and equipment.