The latest game is released a lot of daily life. Maker and store game introduction only “I don’t know what kind of game!” And I am not a GAME * SPARK reader. Therefore, it will be “explosion play repo” that delivers the contents of the game of game as soon as possible.

This time, I would like to deliver live content about “Winning Post 9 2022” released from Kohe Tecmo Games, April 14, 2012.

# “Winning Post 9 2022”

A simulation game that can enjoy various horse racing life, such as raceholes and racing race and racehorse, production, sales of breeding mares and stallions, and management of ranch facilities. It is a work that continues to evolve by introducing history from the 1st series “Winning Post” of the 1993, and introduces a marriage system with historical areas and characters with a historical event and character.

The latest work appeared as the fourth work of the Winning Post 9 series. The new system “Yusuke” is one where you can build a relationship between a training partner or race exit, and you can earn a variety of bonuses by deepening your bond. There was a race horse that became a “rival relationship” even now, but it is greatly increasing dramatic by making a different relationship between partner and close friends.

In addition, elements such as the “start year event” that can be played on the stage where the real people who appeared in the previous work can be played on the stage, and the special event “World’s Best Battle Determined Battle” that Implemented by powering up. Of course, the latest horse racing data of 2022 will also reflect the strong horse data of the 1970s newly added in the new starting scenario.

Besides, it is added to the “Special Breeding Morama” function (previously implemented for stallions) that appear as a breeding marama as a breeding marama, and you can create more and more freely create a dream horse racing history It is.

# Close to the contents of “Winning Post 9 2022”!

At the start of the game, first, the “Start year scenario” stage is determined. Every year, you can check the famous horse list active at that time in the layout of the headline like horse racing newspaper. In 1976 newly added in this work, “Ten Points” and “To Show Boy” and 2012 appeared in history, such as “Orfevre” and “Goldship”.

In addition to basic settings such as difficulty levels and “the appearance horse appear in historical year as the starting year, the edit data can be applied, and saved data up to the previous work can be handed over. There is also detailed data such as the opening area of the ranch, but I think that it is not difficult because the explanation is explained at the start of the item.

Data without handover starts from the initial funding ¥ 3 billion (debt). In order to give up three years old horse at the stage of the tutorial, let’s first debut in the horse racing world while raising this horse. By the way, there are many horses that you can give here, and there are a lot of real name, and you can follow their lifetime at the “Normal Normal Retain” when choosing. This series is also interesting to view huge data.

The flow of this work is basically a method of managing a horse or a ranch every one week. In the early stages, treatments such as training and race exit as tutorials can be promoted automatically, so they can be advanced while remembering even people who are not familiar with the series. There is also a meeting with many people, and it will be overdorcing.

It is a horse owning life that started this way, but the first few years are also poor facilities. It may be difficult for the three-year-old horse to give me a lot.

# Enhance the ranch! Aim for the best horse owner

In order to grow as a horse owner in this series, “Bearing with characters” “Production and development of strong racehorses” “Extension of facility” is an important element.

# # ■ The bond with the character is a treasure

This work has five types of person categories, a rancher, trainer, jockey, horse owner, acquaintance, and a lot of people from realist to fictional characters appear very many characters. Each character has a great deal of benefits by configuring friendship and deepening relationships through exchanges and events.

If you become a friendship degree or more than a certainty, you can earn a “絆 command” that will be advantageous for fostering racehorses. The horse’s condition and ability is raised, and the degree of friendship with other characters is raised and the type varies, but has a great effect that can not be done with normal development. You may also get a new personal connection through the people who get along well.

Of course the series familiar “marriage” is also possible. The fun of making a home-based figure that is active in a large race and is active in a large race, and a family picture that helps trace racehorses as a trainer or a ranch staff is the best part of this work.

■ ■ A strong racehorse!

In addition to the three-year-old horse that received first in the game, we also experience events that can obtain horses before breeding mares and debuts. This alone can operate a minimum ranch, but it is not enough to make a strong horse.

There is a city where there is a city for a year, and the player can get a new horse. If you get a good quality pedigree horse, you can be active even with breeding mares and stallions after retirement. Personally, I think that you will be stable to buy good quality pedigree mares in Seri city as much as possible.

The production of racehorses, which is the best of horse racing simulation, can be very finely carefully because of the huge data in this work. The “blended diet” that can be acquired with various conditions is increasingly powered up with the latest work. Many data seems to be difficult, but please rest assured that sorting such as compatibility can be d1. Since the start year can be set, it is also fun to challenge the blending of the dream generation, such as inbreed and knicks.

# # ■ Earn with sightseeing? Are you focusing on fostering?

A player who is a horse player also has an important task of managing a ranch, its own castle. If you have enough funds, you can also build facilities that are convenient for training and managing horses. Facilities include things about health and growth of yoyoga, things about rest horses and faults, and those who are useful for the growth of the horse before debut, and various types are available.

If you build a space for sightseeing facilities and Augawa horse, tourists will increase and earn monthly money. However, as the number of facilities that can be installed in the ranch is limited, there is also a risk of delaying the growth of young pieces if it is a tourist destination. Of course, it is also interesting to choose for roll play such as “I want to put a force on sightseeing!”

In addition, this series that can also challenge overseas races can also have a ranch overseas. Conditions are tough, but the world’s scale is large enough to play, and it is a content that you want to challenge.

However, I can not forget to be a $ 3 billion debt life immediately after the start of the game. Fortunately, it is a very kind way that should be returned little by little, but be careful not to consume funds too much with the purchase of horses and facilities.

# Horse spinning the story is interesting!

The new system “Yosuke” of this work changes the relationship between racehorses and other horses at four paces a year. I spend in the same stables or fight in the same race, and there are various conditions in various conditions.

Relationships include “good friends”, “Love Nakai” and “dog monkeys”, etc. If the relationship is deepened, each other’s fighting will increase, and it will be effective such as reducing the disadvantages of overseas expedition. It is not a bad thing even in the dog monkey condition, but it may lead to a good result that each other stimulates.

絆によっては馬同士の健康値をフォローし合ったり、調教時に苦手な項目を克服してくれることも。 Such a “Horse of Horse” is built in the game, and the story of his horse owner will be created more clearer than ever.

In addition, by specifying the same stable, it is possible to spin a relatively easy bond by specifying the “practice partner”.

“Winning Post 9 2022” introduced here. Game design and steady evolution and steady evolution of stable series, and new systems that become more dramatic of horses are very attractive. There are very many items such as fostering and skills, but with a fulfilling tutorial and official manual, the series experienced persons can not play new players from this work.

In addition, although it is a main work in which the amount of data and function are further increasing, it is also a good impression that the operation is lightly felt compared to the previous work. I think that the UI part is also easy to play due to detailed improvement and backlog function. However, it is a part that you want to improve the word reference in the backlog.

It is not a flashy game, but this work can enjoy the joy of growing the pedigree of ranch and Ama. Horse racing lovers, people who like fostering simulations, those who like to spin the character’s bond, and those who can enjoy various people.

“Winning Post 9 2022” is delivered for PC (STeam) / PS4 / Nintendose switch. Various DLCs to add various factors are also available.