The skill system of Dying Light 2: Stay Human is a bit frustrating. Because many skills that you can unlock there does not feel like a bonus, but rather like a necessity. Others, however, are so pointless that we hardly used them after unlocking. Therefore, we looked closer to all skills and tell you what your valuable points really earn.

The best fight skills

With points in the combat skill tree, your opponent does more effective and can also be better defended.


  • Mind. 180 Health requires skipped kraft

Thanks to this ability, your opponents fall on the floor can add the rest with a brought to the ground. This accelerates struggles immensely, as the skill causes massive damage and done almost every opponent immediately. He also works against the ground crawling zombies or enemies that caught her with the next ability.


  • Mind. 140 Health, requires perfect dodging

If enemies on your reserves, a button will now be displayed to skidize it into any direction. Either they stumble then and can be used for parkour moves, their shipyard over edges into the abyss, or they go to the ground. Then you can take them to the hereafter with a skull. The litter gives you an advantage in every combat situation.

Perfect Dodge

  • Requires Spring

Here your second skill point should hike. Because only so you can also escape unblockable attacks and counter these counterparts. In addition, you have the opportunity to position you better through this ability, especially in struggles with several opponents. Otherwise, you will quickly be taken from several pages in the defect.

Exact destinations

  • Mind. 160 Health requires Spring

Even if you only want to use ranged weapons now and then, you will not get around this ability. The zooming facilitates head hit unemopolitan and it covers a much larger area with your bows or the crossbow.


  • Mind. 180 health, needs air entertainment

Thanks to Dropkick, your enemies can finally come with kicks either over roof edges or against walls, without you have to jump over an anesthetic opponent or a low object. The kick also meets several goals, which then helpless on the floor, which makes them vulnerable for subsequent skulls.

The best parkour skills

With points in the parkour skill tree you move faster through the city and reaches new heights.

Active landing + firm handle

  • Requires high jump

Never underestimize how often you fall out of great height in Dying Light 2. Whether at a quick escape, a risky jump or simply mistaken: active landing or firm handle can save you life here. Without these two skills you will not come far in the game.

Next jump

  • Mind. 120 perseverance requires high jump

We did not use parkour ability as often as much as the game is as often as a jump. Many challenges between buildings can not overcome this skill. In addition, the escape from zombies to make a breeze, as they can even use cars, redefighted street lamps or hydrants to break away.


  • Mind. 160 stamina, requires snappy runner

Why we have to learn that at all, will probably stay a secret of Techland forever. You need slides to experience liquid parkour, because otherwise everyone gets a little too high wooden latte. Have you played only ten minutes of Dying Light, you understand what we mean immediately.

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  • Mind. 160 stamina, requires high jump

Running on walls is not just a lot of fun, but is the most effective way to additionally collect Parkour points. For example, if you run along a juggling, this takes 50 points each time. Revolves around and run along the wall again. Again 50 points. So you lean faster than by quests.

Secret movement

  • Mind. 160 stamina, requires snappy runner

The shock jump, which you learn through the skill, you can forget again. But the faster movement in the snake is quite noticeable. Zombies are attentive to you if you stay in your area too long. But thanks to this skill, your entire group of sleeping Undead can easily cross, even if you are closely related. What is your favorite ability in Dying Light 2?