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Author: Max Payne

All we know about Jojos Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle R?

If you are a jojo fan, then it’s time to take your favorite pose, because the main fighting game from Jojo undergoes large-scale changes. Although you still be able to recognize the All Star Battle, the developers made it smoother. There is also a lot of new characters for which you can play.

All new in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle R

Here are all the changes that you can expect, playing Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle R.

  • Voice of anime actors.
  • Ten new characters.
  • Recycled combat system.
  • Updated graphics.
  • New game modes.


The game has installed 50 game characters from Manga and Anime Jojo. It gives you the opportunity to fight with many of your favorite characters in several modes of the game. It is also important to note that many characters are processed so that they are voiced by their anime actor. This is especially affected by part of the sixth in roles.

The original game was small criticized by the Fighting Communities when released, but the remake adds additional mechanics for the balance of the game, such as stops and Jumping jet . This, along with a wider set of game modes, makes the game mandatory for new and old Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure fans.

To learn more about Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle R, look here, in the game manual for professionals!

ASUS, Gyeongsangnam-do Office of Education, 28 million units

Global Consumer Laptop and Gaming Laptop Market Leading Brand, ASUS (Aasus) announced that the Gyeongsangnamnam Provincial Office of Education has spread 28 million units of its educational smart terminals, and it would be expected to spur more at the on-offline education preemption. ASUS has signed an agreement for the dissemination of its educational smart terminals (Br1100fka, ExpertBook B1400, Chromebook Flip C214mA) on the Gyeongsangnam-do Office of Education (BR100FKA, ExpertBook B1400, Chromebook Flip C214MA).

CNN Report :: Gyeongsangnam-do (Province)
Through this Convention, ASUS will deliver BR1100FKA to the Gyeongsangnam-do Office of Education, BR1100FKA about 260,000 units, ExPertBook B1400, and 1 million chromebook flip C214MA. Smart terminal is scheduled to be spread to the entire school to the entire school with the Pearl Rainbow Elementary School, and the primary supply amount is from the third grade of the elementary school, the first grade of the sixth grade, the middle and high school students, Written by a million.

On January 25, the Gyeongsangnam-do Office of Education and the LG Consortium were committed to establishing a smart terminal delivery and A / S support centers for students. Asus, Asus, as a manufacturer of educational products, consult with LG Consortium, a service provider, and all students in Gyeongsangnam-do establishes a service center for convenient use of ASUS products, and high quality A / S services such as product maintenance We plan to provide.

BR1100FKA is a Windows-based 11.6-inch notebook optimized for on-offline educational environment. With a touch screen and a built-in charging stylus pen on a flip-type design, AI-based noise cansling technology applies to support a natural remote class environment. It is advantageous that students can use MIL-STD-810H milleta certification as well as MIL-STD-810H milleta certification, as well as MIL-STD-810H milleta certification, and that students can use MIL-STD-810H milleta certification. In addition, a blu-light reduction screen with a keyboard and TUV Rheinland certification with a bacterial guard was applied to a bacterial guard so that students can use more comfortable and securely. Furthermore, BR100FKA boasts excellent compatibility with all similar cloud-based learning management systems as well as LMS (learning management system) platform ‘ITokko’ as well as LMS (Learning Management System) platform ‘ITokko’ which is being developed by the Gyeongsangnam-do Office of Education.

The ExpertBook B1400 is a 14-inch laptop with portability and performance, and is a model that allows you to focus on learning at home, schools, at least 1.45kg on a wide screen. MIL-STD-810H Military authentication has been durable with durable durability and optimized for students’ education devices. Chromebook Flip C214MA is a flip chrome book optimized for a classroom environment with a touch screen that rotated 360 degrees. In tablet mode or tent mode, you can use a stylus pen that is included as a basic component to use a drawing and digital handwriting.

These ASUS educational smart terminals are characterized by excellent cost efficiency and excellent performance and reasonable prices in the on-offline educational environment of the school, such as early in high school. In particular, BR1100FKA has been selected in the background of Claude-based Study Solutions, which is self-developed in the Gyeongsangnam-do Office of Education, In addition, it is a fear of high-cost products, theft of theft, there is no appropriate for students, while 3 kinds of educational smart terminals of ASUS were optimized for educational environments to meet all performance, price and portability.

ASUS Korea Peter Giang’s chairman said, “As we are changing rapidly in the educational environment with a recent non-infrastructure trend, they are very pleased to spread the digital conversion of the learning environment,” I am very pleased to make it very pleased, “ASUS While leading to the composition of the on-offline future education environment, I will spur in the B2B business, including public institutions including the education industry. “

Meanwhile, the details of the three kinds of smart terminals for ASUS can be found on the Chromebook ASUS official website.

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