For the positive on Corona Eric Frenzel and Terence Weber, hope for use in the second single competition of the Nordic combiner at the Olympics in Beijing on Tuesday. “The values ​​are improved, but unfortunately not yet in an area that would allow the competition,” said team doctor Stefan Pecher on Saturday. Physically, they both go well, mentally the situation is “getting harder,” says Pecher.

Both Frenzel and Weber had been sent in quarantine immediately after arrival in Beijing. “We are more good hope, Eric Frenzel and Terence Weber, of course, that they can still participate. Whether they are also capable of participating in a sports medical point of view, I would first decide if they are released from quarantine,” said Pecher.

Nordic Combined - Ski Jumping + 10km Cross Country Skiing | Highlights | Beijing 2022 Olympics

Bundestrainer Hermann wine book are currently available only normal-Schanzen Olympic champion Vinzenz Geiger, Johannes Rydzek and Julian Schmid, and Manuel is faired as a substitute man. In order to secure the season on Thursday in the event of another failure, there are also considerations to leave team Olympic champion Fabian Rießle to China.

Weber was briefly hoped for a release from isolation last week and was even on the start list for the first decision before the values ​​deteriorated. This did not change to that until Saturday.

“Unfortunately, it is still so that the values ​​move very stable in a framework that does not allow release for sports in China. There are other standards in Germany, but here it is now,” said Pecher.

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Both Frenzel and Weber needs two negative tests at a distance of 24 hours or three days in a row where the CT value is above the limit of 35.