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Billy Villy Beautiful Girl New Attery Gear, 1 million pre -booking

Billy Billy announced on the 10th that its mobile collection RPG Athery Gear: Fusion (hereinafter referred to as the Atler Gear) has exceeded 1 million pre-booking.

The Atle Gear is a mobile RPG that collects and nurtures armored girl AG. In the worldview that the human camp Otoruna and Frontier, who survived the destroyed civilization, develop a new weapon AG (Attery Gear) to fight the puppet corps, the user becomes the commander of the Allied forces.

Last month, the union fleet theme song ‘Fighters’ was released, followed by a new theme song ‘SATELLITES’. The song was sung by Japanese singer Kokia, who sang OSTs such as Brain Powd, Silver Baby, Tales of InnoSense, and Gunslingger Girl.

On the other hand, a special booking ticket that allows you to definitely obtain a 5-star AG with a reward of 1 million pre-booking, a niio combat skin ‘Crossing Star’, a crystal stone, a preliminary power source, and a cherry cake.

Find Dying Light 2 Paraglider: Tips for Paraglider

In this Guide to Dying Light 2 you will learn:

  • Where you can find the paraglider
  • How to use the paraglider correctly
  • How to improve the paraglider in Dying Light 2
  • Where your military technology finds

In the Zombie Open World of Dying Light 2: Stay Human you are on foot for a long time. Although you can count on the spectacular parkour skills of protagonist Aiden, yet the footpath can be quite long. In this guide we show you where you find the paraglider and as you explore the city from the air.

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Where can I find the paraglider in Dying Light 2?

Really, you do not have to be in Dying Light 2 after the paraglider. It is much more important that your Lawan meets how to initially instruct the story of Dylan. That succeeds you in the run of the main quest . You have to find out for the Peacekeepers who is lucas’ killer and penetrate into the central ring. During this mission, she meets on Lawan, which helps you through the ground and brings to the first subway in Dying Light 2. Shortly afterwards, she handles the Nightrunner tool paraglider.

Dying Light 2 paraglider: How do I control the paraglider?

With the paraglider you can cover wide routes by crashing you from a roof and goes into the sink flight. Hold down the square button (PS5) during the case to open the paraglider. To stabilize the case **, you pull the left stick backwards. You want to land, pushes him forward.

Be in the air, let go of all buttons and focus on the control. Pull the left stick back and directs the paraglider to the desired direction. Fits the landing that loses early enough to height, otherwise you quickly miss the targeted roof and kisses the concrete.

Dying Light 2 Paraglider: Why is perseverance so important to paraglides?

The paraglider in Dying Light 2 exhausted aidal endurance. If the blue beam gene sinks zero, you lose control over the paraglider and crashes. In order to improve aidal endurance, you have to supply it with inhibitors. The stuck in the GRE containers hidden in the Open World by Dying Light 2. As you find her, you read in our Dying Light 2 skill guide.

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Dying Light 2 paraglider: What are ventilation openings?

But you can also equip ventilation openings during the flight to replace the endurance again ** and extend the flight time. The ventilation openings do not recognize the gray, outgoing fog on the roofs. Redirects the paraglider into an airflow and AIDEN gets extra momentum.

They are also suitable for taking off with the paraglider. Provides you on the airflow, keep the square button (PS5) pressed and AIDEN goes into the air. If you later assign building to the survivors, you have the chance a surviving reward , which produces more ventilation openings in the urban area and improves their effects.

How do I improve the paraglider in Dying Light 2?

With the first paraglider you get from Lawan, you also get a corresponding design. With the right resources, you can improve the paraglider from this time from the master craftsmen . An upgrade costs you military technology (2 pieces) and 1,000 coins from the old world.

Overall, you may improve the paraglider three times. Military technology is a very rare resource. Featuring past old parachutes, which hang on the roofs of skyscrapers. Up there are GRE packages landed in which you find military technology.

Dying Light 2 - How To Unlock The ParaGlider + Upgrades And Tips
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