In FIFA 23, the search for suitable players to create a team can be of great importance in game modes, such as Ultimate Team and Career Mode. You may not have resources for buying players with a high rating, instead try to buy promising young players. Young players with high potential are developing rapidly during the season to become the best in the team in appropriate positions. FIFA 23 has a number of young central midfielders and central supporting midfielders. Players can purchase these youths at an early stage in order to fully reveal their potential. Here are the best young CM and CDM in FIFA 23.


Best young Wunderkind CM in FIFA 23

To find the best young attackers, winger, midfielders and defenders, go to the Club Transfers section on the Settings tab. Add a detailed search and filter the search results between age groups 16–19 and 20–23 years. This allows you to see all the best young talents in the game. Although some of the best young central midfielders may have low ratings, a regular game with them quickly improves these players. The factors on which you need to focus when buying the best central meter are their skills in the pass, dribbling and protection. Central midfielders associate the game from defense to attack, which means that they should have worthy game skills. Here are some of the best young CM in FIFA 23.

Best young Wunderkind CDM in FIFA 23

Central supporting midfielders have a different style of play and, in fact, remain behind during attacking crossings. They act as a wall behind the protection line, acting as deeply lying playmakers, which are fixed in the center of the field. These midfielders, who won the ball, must have high protective, physical and ration characteristics to succeed in the CDM position. Here are the best young CDM in FIFA 23.

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