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FIFA 22, MOTP cards, match man

Here is the list of players who make up the new MOTP team, man of the match for the mode was on FIFA 22. As usual, the selection is performed by EA based on the results of the last week’s matches. As a reminder, the different cards will be Loofables in the packs from Saturday 19h until next Wednesday.

FIFA 22 - Liverpool Vs. Manchester United - PS5 Next Gen Gameplay - Premier League Full Match | 4K

MOTP card list, matchman

You can find the full team of MOTP on Futhead (in English).

Among the selected players to get new Motem Cards on FIFA 22 we find players from all walks of life. Among the best cards this week we will distinguish in particular Dybala, Lukaku, Jota or Romero among the players selected by EA. As a reminder, MOTP cards count for boost on live cards like OTW and Headliners.

As a reminder, MOTP cards on FIFA 22 will be unveiled on Saturday at 19h.

How to get MOTP cards?

Motm cards are rarely interesting high level because they will rarely fall on META cards. However, it is possible to get interesting cards, so it is necessary to know how to get these MOTM cards on FIFA 22.

The first source is obviously the market for transfers , where you can find the MOTP cards of a player in the special versions of his cards. Attention against against because IF cards are selling much more expensive than the basic version.

A second source remains the gold packs of the game , which have these special cards for a few days (from Saturday to the following Wednesday at 19h). Attention so because once this period has elapsed, it will be impossible for the drop in pack.

Finally, MOTM specific packs could be present during the season in DCE, although they are often unprofitable because totally random.

This is our list of the MOTP team, match man, up-to-date for FIFA 22. You can find all the news, solutions to the DCE and our advice on the FIFA portal of MOTP cards.

Google affirms that Stadia will move on

Today in the morning, a new report came to light indicating that Stadia had stopped being a priority for Google , and instead, the company would devote this type of Technology for whoever was interested. Well, now they have come to deny the above and affirm that the future will be promising for the users of this platform.

Via the official account of stadia at twitter , the company published the following message:

“If you are going to listen to something, listen to this: the Stadia team is working really hard at the incredible future of Stadia and Cloud Gaming.

BIG Article Claims Stadia Is MOSTLY Focused On White Labeleling - Stadia RESPONDS | My Thoughts

I hope you agree, and we know that the test is in the game. “

Stadia Promises that in this 2022 more than 200 games will be added to the service, as well as a lot of free tests for users. Finally, they say that they have many interesting things to share, but they are still not ready to give us more information about it.

Editor’s note: Honestly, Stadia has lasted more than I thought. Considering that there are not really many people using the service, in addition to the little or null coverage that is being given, it seems that Google has no interest in moving forward with the project, but it seems that we are wrong.

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