CD Projekt Network mentions that the game SKU is the reason for the issue This might be an unimportant trouble for those gamers that do not respect this feature of PlayStation, but at the very same time, effort and time Of several others who invested each obstacle imposed by the game, it will be entirely neglected after making the change to the PS5.

Other titles, such as Undiscovered, did not have this trouble after passing from one console to an additional, which clears up that the scenario is totally workable. PlayStation, for its component, Recognizes All trophies seekers spend numerous hours attempting to invest 100% many games, as the firm introduced a couple of months ago an update for PS5 totally concentrated on this area.

How To Fix PS5 Trophies Not Showing Up Or Syncing To PSN - (2022 Tutorial)
Cyberpunk 2077 is definitely not in the difficult scenario that lived after its launch at the end of 2020, and also with sufficient enhancements that make us see with good eyes the Next-Gen variations, the CD Projekt Red title was not saved from being ** criticized.

The community did not take long to reveal its unhappiness in socials media, released its temper not just for the extra job that is forcing this modification, but by the impossibility to obtain specific trophies for those with things saved in really sections Advanced ** of background, putting the hard choice to proceed without such trophies, or begin the game from scrape.

Why are the trophies not transferable in between both variations of the game? According to CD Projekt Network, the mistake drops in the SKU (Recommendation code/ article) of the title, which does not match the current variation in PS4, and for that reason the prizes can not be updated.