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“Phantom Kingdom” and “Absolute Hero Remodeling Plan” to Nintendo Switch will be released on March 31st. Makai Realization SRPG and Heros Special Training Dungeon RPG Transplantation

The Japanese Software announced on March 24, “ Phantom Kingdom ” and “ Absolute Hero Remodeling Plan ” to be released on March 31st. Both prices are tax-included 2178 yen. It is scheduled to be released as a download dedicated title.

“Phantom Kingdom” is a simulation RPG launched as a software for PlayStation 2 in 2005. The main character Zeta of this work is the universe the strongest and famous devil. A time gemeta receives a prediction that his own devil’s collapse is given, and to prevent his intellectual virtue to prevent his prophecy. However, in the book of all-intellectuals, it was noted that the devil Zeta himself disappears the devil world of his own foolishness. Zeta who got angry in his description is to burn the entire knowledge of all-intimality, but somehow he and his devil will start collapse. All-intelligent books are like a so-called acacious record. As a result of burning a book written by all the magicies, it also affected the world itself. Zeta, which has fallen, is manually prevented his own collapse by entering the full-time book. A battle aims to play the devil and body playback of the demon king, which has become a written full-acreless book, on the stage of spacing and spreading.

Since Zeta burned the full-time book, only a limited thing is left to the world immediately after the game start. Therefore, he writes new sentences to the full-time book, built a new text, and creates a new building or character, such as built a building directly or blowing the soul into an object. He also borrows the power of the devil of the other world and revitalize the devil. In addition, some enemies exist in the Zeta’s devil world, and combat will be unfolded. In the battle, basically the simulation battle of the turn system is developed. Each turn is operated with the ally unit to attack the enemy, and if you exceed the score required for capture, the battle will be clear. In the battle, we have introduced an invite system for summoning buildings and characters and a mechanism to get on a tank located on the map. In addition, EXTRA scenario “dad is the strongest devil”, and it seems to be a PLAYSTATION PORTABLE version-based porting released in 2011.

“Absolute Hero Remodeling Plan” is a dungeon RPG launched for PlayStation Portable in 2010. In the world of this work, a fierce battle was unfolded between the Hot Blood Hero Absolute victory Makeren no jar and the devil General Tanaka Descit who brought the earth conquest. However, while refreshing the final battle, Makerennoja will die due to the runoff. The main character of this work is a boy who witnessed the screw on the return of a convenience store and entrusted a strange belt from a dying youth. The main character will be a beginner’s hero, and will challenge the last battle against the evil organization.

The boy who became a hero with the making is first trained his thief at the hero training center. The training center is a random dungeon that changes the structure every time the training site is changing, and enemies and traps are waiting. Battle against the enemy and earn experience points and capture the dungeon while avoiding traps, we will grow as a hero. Elements are equipped with five or right hand / left hand / legs / options of customization, and customization of secret base. Human body remodeling can give special abilities to the main character, and even if it falls down during capture, it is possible to bring up items, or improve the capacity of the possessed product, such as the ability to capture. Hero’s fight is drawn, aiming to overcame Lasbos while death many times.

“Phantom Kingdom” and “Absolute Hero Remodeling Plan” Nintendo Switch Edition will be released on March 31st. The price is tax-included 2178 yen. In addition, “Phantom Kingdom” and “Absolute Hero Remodeling Plan” will be released on May 11th.

The development of independent games is becoming more and more expensive

Rebekah and Adam Salesman are major players in the independent play area. They helped develop games, they helped publish, they were everywhere. Pretty prolific to get a hand in bugs, Night in the Woods, and more, we can say they know what they talk about when it comes to the stage of the independent game.

The 6 Roles That You Need to Build a Great Indie Dev Team

Thus, when, in a recent interview with IGN, Rebekah talked about some current problems encountered by independent developers, it’s something to take seriously. According to the interview, the old independent game exit methods simply work more. You can not just get out a game, spend the next few years tinkering a project, then you expect to publish it so easily.

… From the point of view of commercial development or publishing, it is actually very difficult to disappear for two years, then to return to the industry and to say: Hi, guys, I have a Game. Because you missed all these small gradual changes that occurred. And at some point, the game industry has turned around and goes now in a different direction… it has completely changed three times since your last launch.

Salesman adds later that another problem aggravates the situation of independent developers. While large publishers can charge full price for a new game version, independent developers should almost come out of the games at a lower cost. The new independent title is not a big budget game at $60, it is supposed to be in the range of $10 to $20 — and when independent game budgets skyrocket, it’s a problem.

Budgets are ridiculous now, she says. It’s been five years old, I said to myself: ‘Oh, I can do a game for a million dollars.’ And it was crazy then. And [Now] I tell me ‘I can not do that for less than four years [Million]’. »

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