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How to win skill points at Sonic Frontiers

In addition to an open world turn in Sonic’s experience, Sonic Frontiers also has a deeper fighting system than any other who has seen the series. This combat system includes a small but powerful skill tree, and to progress through it, players will need a currency called skill points. Here is How can you earn skill points at Sonic Frontiers .

Winning skill points at Sonic Frontiers


There are enough ways to win them in frontiers, but The main methods to gain skill points are to defeat enemies, destroy objects in the environment, draw a circle using the Loop ability and succeed in the fishing mini-game. . However, perhaps the most important thing that players must take into account to gain skill points is the existence of Air Trick ability.

Air Trick can be achieved very early in the game and can be found as the third ability in the second row of the skill tree:

Image source: SEGA through

Once he has spent five skill points and unlocked Air Trick, all he needs to do is launch Sonic from the closest cliff. From now on, whenever Sonic travel through the air for a long period of time and shine light blue, the player can move the left analog joystick in different directions to make style movements.

Every time you move the analog joystick and make a trick, you will gradually advance towards your next skill point. Since there is no limit on the number of times that tricks and certain platform sections can be activated, they will launch Sonic up regularly, Air Trick’s ability provides a constant flow of progress towards your next skill point during the whole game. The sooner you get this ability, the better.

And that was everything you need to know to gain skill points in Sonic Frontiers . If you are looking for more information about the best ways to spend these skill points, you can read our classification of the five best game skills. Otherwise, you may want to learn to increase Sonic statistics.

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