The stars of sonic the hedgehog 2 have revealed what other videogame films would like to see and possibly even be part of them. Sonic the Hedgehog films have been some of the most successful video game adaptations. For years, Hollywood has tried to discover how to unify the videogame industry with film adaptations. Some have been fine, but many of them have been quite horrible. However, it seems that the studies are beginning to discover the formula now, with better adaptations such as aureola and to a certain extent, inexplain. Although these are not perfect, they are not as bad as things that Hollywood was doing in the 90s and early 2000.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (2022) Spoiler-Free Movie Review

Sonic the hedgehog 2 The stars James Marsden and Ben Schwartz revealed some of the games they would like to see on the big screen. Surprisingly, none of them are the great narrative games that one may think they are most prepared for a live action translation, the two stars deepened and jokingly suggested games like apestar and the infamous adaptation of the ATARI video game of HORA EAST. Marsden also suggested rana, which led Schwartz to throw the name of him in the hat to be chosen as the frog. Ironically, there is already an rana television series on Peacock. Schwartz also coincidentally mentioned the zork text adventure game that has no images of any kind beyond the words on the screen, but quickly realized that it actually has some potential for a movie.

Currently there are numerous adaptations of videogames in development. Amazon is developing a series of Fallout with Jonathan Nolan, who has already chosen a couple of actors for the main roles. According to reports, the study is also looking to give life to God of War, but nothing has been confirmed directly. It is expected that HBO will transmit its live action version of The last of us in 2023 and, according to all reports, it seems to be in good hands. It remains to be seen if something like Sonic The Hedgehog will inspire studies to make new versions of other old school games franchises.

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